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12 Modest Decorating Pallets Ideas for You to Have at Home

The pallet decoration is booming! Reused material can become a great way to make your home more modern while spending little. The use of pallets in decoration is a timeless trend ! No wonder, the material is super economic and can be used in the manufacture of incredible furniture. For fans of the do-it-yourself wave, it’s possible to build your own items at home — just use your creativity.

As they are used in fairs and factories to transport food, for example, pallets (or pallets, in English) are easy to find and often even available for free. From there, you can create furniture with a more rustic look for all areas of the house, or bet on painting the material for differentiated results.

We list below some options, one more charming than the other, to include the pallets in the decoration of your corner. Check out!

Get inspired by pallet decor ideas for the whole house

1- Couch

The pallets can be used in the construction of the most varied sofa models, even for those with small rooms. By joining several pieces of material, it is possible to assemble a sofa for the whole family or even a private movie theater. All the best!

2- Bed

A very economical option for the bed is to place the mattress on top of a pallet structure. In addition to providing a modern and differentiated look to the room, the furniture is even more charming if completed with a set of lights or a side table made of the same material.

3- Headboard

For those who already have the mattress and the base of the bed, but lack the headboard, it is possible to give a special touch to the decoration of the environment with a pallet piece at the back of the bed. Depending on the size of the material chosen, it is still possible to use it as a decorative bookcase. The tip about the lights is also a charm in this case!

4- Center table

To complement your living room decor, you can invest in a coffee table made from pallets. The options are many, depending on the space available in the environment. Just use creativity.

5- Panel

A panel to position the television is an item that also makes all the difference in the room. This is a different way to decorate the walls of the house without the use of paintings or traditional bookshelves. The result is beautiful and modern!

6- Shelf

By themselves, the books are already an extra grace in the decoration, isn’t it? Then imagine placing them on a pallet shelf next to other decorative objects. It’s worth betting on the lowest furniture, or even those that occupy the entire wall.

7- Counter

These pallet counter ideas are amazing and make the kitchen look like those in an American movie. The center island is great for quick meals, such as breakfast, and to support cooking.

8- Desk

Need a new home office desk ? The good news is that you can make the furniture using pallets and spending little. Your working day will be much more modern and comfortable, as it is possible to adapt the material according to your needs.

9- Shoemaker

One of the recommendations to stop the transmission of the coronavirus is to leave your shoes at your door when you arrive from the street. So that these shoes are not spread out and interfere with the entrance, the pallet shoe rack is a useful and economical solution.

10- Bathroom organizers

An organized bathroom requires the presence of niches and shelves to store all objects and products of daily use. Pallet organizers are perfect for this function, especially in smaller spaces.

11- Pets

This tip is for those who have pets at home and want to improve the animal’s corner without spending too much. With creativity, it is possible to use the pallets in several functions. Good examples are the bed or climbing toy location.

12- Garden

Who said pallets can only be used indoors? As they are normally used as fair crates, the material is extremely resistant and can be used in all corners of the house. How about taking advantage and making your own home garden or a vertical garden? Enjoy!