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30+ Classy Home Office Decor Ideas for You

home office decor ideas

Discover how to spice up your workspace at home by giving free rein to your imagination.


Everyone knows that decoration is undoubtedly an essential factor when planning an environment. To transmit the desired sensations, it is necessary to invest in colors, object layout, and many other factors. And this is also true for the workplace, especially for those who have made their home their office during the quarantine. Home office decoration, in these cases, gains an even greater prominence.

Be careful not to suffer from the position.

Although decor is essential to the mind, furniture should be in keeping with your body. Thus, you avoid short and long-term muscle, back, and other pain. What can you do:

  • Use efficient luminaires. The lighting of the workplace is essential, especially if there is a monitor involved;
  • Invest in comfortable, ergonomic chairs that fit your body and offer comfort. Since you should probably spend a few hours sitting, nothing is fairer (and healthy) than in a comfortable chair. Choose a model that offers armrests and pillows for the neck and spine;
  • Avoid working in bed, lying down with a notebook on your lap. The position can strain the spine and develop severe pain over time;
  • Tables should also provide comfort and convenience. Position your computer keyboard in a place that makes them parallel to your body and resting on a stand. Also, try to lift the monitor up to your eye level so that your neck is not forced to twist to maintain a comfortable position, thus creating additional pain.

Discover 31 ways to spice up your home office decor:

1- Small space? No problem


Space is the first obstacle usually encountered by those who choose the home office. However, even if your home doesn’t offer many spaces, it’s good to optimize the existing ones: under the stairs or in the corner of the room, just a little creativity to organize.

2- Choose the colors


Don’t hesitate to bet on the colors you like. Choose vibrant colors that bring energy and are invigorating. If your office is in the bedroom, it may be surrounded by pastel shades, which are unfavorable, as they induce relaxation.

3- Adjust lighting with decorative fixtures


Poor lighting can cause discomfort, cause problems with your eyes, and significantly disrupt your work. Therefore, lighting fixtures are essential items for those who work in a poorly lit place. If that’s the case, look for options beyond the classic light fixture: choose lamp styles or install a self-made light on site.

4- Don’t underestimate the power of plants


Plants usually appear in any home and can also be included in home office decor.

If you have a small plant that you like, like a cactus, for example, make it complement the table’s look! The sight of plants in the environment helps to relax, in addition to inspiring and increasing creativity. But beware, some plants, such as valerian, can have the opposite effect, as they can induce sleep! I prefer bright colors and soft aromas.

5- Seek comfort with sofas


If space allows, bring a sofa to your home office! In addition to creating a unique style, it can offer a moment of comfort during a break. Choose models that match the rest of the decor and see how it changes.

6- But if space is smaller, opt for armchairs and ottomans


It is also possible to customize the space by including some armchairs or ottomans. That way, you can get out of your chair position and sprawl out for 15 minutes of rest between tasks, and on top of that, spice up your home office decor with some beanbags like the ones in the photo above.

7- Watches can help doubly


Many home office workers using a computer can quickly tell what time it is just by looking at the corner of the screen. But wall clocks add an extra touch to the environment depending on the model. Choose a wall clock that matches the style you want to give your workspace.

8- Clean up your table by creating sections


A cluttered desk can disrupt your workflow and hamper your creativity! No one can stand needing a pen and not having one handy or not knowing where the last one you used is. For this reason, restrict areas of your table for certain utensils, such as storage racks of your choice, to combine business with pleasure.

9- Invest in your style


Everyone has their style. And the advantage of the home office over offices can also be this: you can print your style to space without significant problems. So, the tip here is the following: don’t measure efforts to include objects and colors that have your face. But beware: too much distraction can lead to a lack of productivity. The ideal is to remain sober when decorating with your style.

10- Dedicate space to shelves


Shelves are necessary items for the home office. In addition to increasing the space by valuable housing objects, they can also give a more dynamic and modern look to the workplace. Try to include shelves of various shapes, playing with the layout.

11- Glass tables and furniture can raise the scene


Glass is a material that can offer vibrant possibilities, especially in home office decoration. If you work in places at home where a glass table matches the rest of the room, don’t be afraid: add it to your list.

12- Brick walls give a different look


The famous brick walls give a more youthful touch to a home office environment. If you want to build a workplace of your own at home or have a room that allows renovations, why not bet on the idea?

13- Use books to spice up the scenario


Books are very versatile objects: while they offer information, they can also give the environment a unique appearance. Arrange some on the table or shelves or shelves.

14- Contact the exterior with windows


Locating your workspace next to a window or balcony can yield a beneficial air change, especially if the view is of a garden. Having contact with a more comprehensive, outdoor environment, as long as it’s not noisy, will undoubtedly improve your work-at-home experience.

15- Use  posters


Posters of your favorite movies or other types can add a new look to the environment and personalize your workplace. You can choose whether you want to frame them or not, although posters have the advantage that they can be glued directly to the wall.

16- Stuffed animals and photographs give the environment another face


Looking at a photograph of someone you love at work is like recharging a phone. Stick some photos on the wall or buy framed pictures to distribute on your desk. In addition to creating an even more intimate environment, it will help you to work better.

17- Or opt for a neutral decor


But if you want to focus on work, neutral, distraction-free decor can maximize your productivity. But even in this case, it is possible not to leave out the decoration: opt for a minimalist style, with each object in its proper place and softer colors.

18- Strong colors also improve the look


The tip here is to choose a set of colors that speak to each other but still give the space various striking tones.

19- Hang pictures on the walls


Frames offer numerous decorating possibilities. If you’re a fan of landscapes, choose one that’s prettier and hang it in a visible place. There are even small tables that can be organized and filled with phrases that motivate you.

20- Choose the chair well


The chair is an essential item to be taken into consideration. After all, this is where you should spend most of the day. Choose comfortable models, preferably well padded, with armrests and lumbar, and neck rests, as well as adjustable ones. But don’t forget about the decor: you can find chairs in different models and shapes to make up your workspace.

21- Bring pillows from the living room (or buy new ones)


Bringing pillows into the workspace can add comfort and still give the scene a new face. Choose colored or themed pillows, for example.

22- Hit the table or desk


The table or desk used in the home office should serve its purpose without harming the decor. Many computer workers prefer the famous desks that contain printer shelves and keyboard trays, but some flat desks can also provide standout and comfort.

23- If space is tight, use only a French top and hands


In some smaller rooms, adding another table can compromise space and decor. Therefore, invest in French tops and hands, which are cheap and easy to apply, in addition to offering an easier time to organize the wires of any electronics you may have.

24- Bring a fridge to the home office


This is a bold idea and perhaps not that accessible to most people, but if you can, why not? A mini-fridge near your workplace can shorten space for the kitchen, and you can put in a variety of things — from water to hydrate yourself to quick snacks.

25- Or a coffee maker!


Coffee is one of the main allies of the home office and one of its symbols. So why not put it on stage next to your desk? If you have space, a portable coffee maker can provide fresh coffee at any time without distracting you from your duties and add a little extra touch to the decor.

26- Don’t spare drawers


Drawers are there to help you. Therefore, enjoy its functional and decorative capabilities: choose furniture with attractive models. You can also decorate them with stickers or other items. It is also possible to buy portable chests of drawers that fit into the available space, with the advantage that they can be relocated elsewhere.

27- Organize your work materials with trinkets or bins


Gizmo holders are simple and valuable objects that bring more life to home office decor. Invest in some themes, in addition to bins, to facilitate your paper organization.

28- Put mirrors close to you 


Mirrors give the room space and can help you feel in a less cramped space, if at all. Find angles that allow for placement.

29- Enjoy any space


The golden rule in the home office is to optimize any existing space for your purposes. So, whether you have a specific room for your activities or just a tiny area in your bedroom, try to optimize every inch to include plants, paintings, chests, or other items that can—and will—improve your work-at-home experience.

30- Adopt notice boards (cork, chalk, or metal)


Bulletin boards are helpful to reduce the amount of paper on the table and give a new face to the work area. You can find them in some stationery stores, and you can choose from cork, chalk, or metal boards with a magnet to hang your memos and photographs.

31- The wood tone guarantees a differentiated look


Want to bring a rustic and natural tone to your work environment? Invest in unpainted wooden furniture. There are several types on the market; choose a lighter or darker model according to your tastes. Add to this tip the inclusion of a previous one: plants on the table or wooden furniture always gain a natural touch.