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30 Beautiful Ideas on How to Use Sunflowers in Decor

Beautiful Ideas on How to Use Sunflowers in Decor

Discover some ideas on how to use sunflowers in your decor while maintaining good taste without overdoing it.


The flower that follows the sun has gained a lot of attention in recent years; after all, it absorbs a bit of light and hope if we need something new. Therefore, it is worth investing in cheerful decor.

The yellow and orange hues of the sunflower symbolize warmth, loyalty, enthusiasm, vitality, and the sun’s positive energy add incredible and unique beauty and power to environments. Also, the flower itself means happiness, so it’s all the more reason to invest and scatter sunflowers in every corner.

Sunflower in the decoration

The sunflower is the ideal flower to liven up the atmosphere and perhaps revive some more abandoned house corners. Sometimes, just a vase with a single flower on a bedside table completely changes the atmosphere of the place.

However, as with all decoration, you must be careful not to overdress and end up causing a huge mess and visual pollution. Even more when it comes to floral decoration, especially with colors that represent that flower expressly, despite being cheerful, yellow and orange are solid colors and may not be interesting for spaces that should be a calm environment, such as the bedroom, for example. A good solution is to use shades and overtones of the primary colors, such as light yellow or pastel. Brown and beige also work a lot, as they refer to sunflower seeds.

To insert the flowers in the decoration correctly and without exaggeration, we decided to make a list to help with using the sunflower in the decoration. Check out our many tips and photos to inspire you and help you decorate all the environments you want with the moment’s flowers.

30 ideas on how to use sunflowers in decor

1- Mirror painted with sunflowers


An option for those who are more artistic and like to be adventurous. How about painting the mirror with sunflowers yourself? There are some tutorials on the internet for sure.

2- Sunflower window curtain


A subtle, delicate, and beautiful decoration is a thin curtain with small sunflower images.

3- Table center decoration


A decorative watering can with artificial sunflowers on a wooden table. The good idea is to decorate a little, as the flower colors are solid.

4- Handcrafted crochet


A handcrafted crochet centerpiece adds a special touch to the decor. Handmade items are a great bet.

5- Bedroom with decorative pillows


As mentioned before, like a solid color, yellow may not be the best choice for bedrooms. So, sometimes, betting on more pastel and light tones can be a great option. In this photo, only the pillows have sunflowers. The rest of the decoration follows the color pattern.

6- When with decorated wall


Unlike the previous option, in this room, bright yellow stands out. A cloth or a kind of decorative quilt with sunflowers has been hung on one of the walls, and only a few pieces of bed linen are yellow. Note that the white, gray, and beige cushions break the intense color but do not clash with the sunflower decoration.

7- Study corner


Discreet, friendly, and minimalist. A few simple yellow details and just a vase with some flowers are enough to decorate the place. After all, your work and study space should be as clean as possible to maintain your concentration.

8- Curtain / bed net


It gives a super romantic tone to the room and is also very minimalist.

9- Mirror decorated with sunflowers


If you can’t paint your sunflowers in the mirror, a much simpler idea is to stick some artificial sunflowers on the side of the mirror.

10- Decorative frame


A decorative frame serves to complement a heavier decoration and be the only discreet decoration in the place. Having some motivational phrases adds even more meaning to the decor.

11- Strong colors in the decoration


Decorating by breaking the intense colors or choosing lighter colors, overtones, and pastels, we’ve already seen that it works. However, who says it doesn’t work with bright colors too? Of course, it’s a more complicated mission as it’s an excellent line between getting good and getting overdone and heavy. Here’s an example of decor with bright colors and lights that worked.

12- Dining table


Sunflower decor is also great for events. This dinner table, for example, was lovely and hasn’t lost its elegance.

13- Table and shelf decorations


Loose ornaments scattered around the house on tables or shelves are also a good option, and don’t leave the decoration overdone.

14- Room with decorated walls


The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtones and overtones is well represented in this room. Note that the color that appears the most is intense yellow, but a beige shade of orange brings a more neutral and calm idea to the room.

15- Tapestry/quilt on the wall


One idea that is being used a lot is to hang tapestries on the wall. Some examples of rooms here already showed this type of decoration, but this photo makes it stand out, and notice that it is practically the only reference to sunflowers in the room. And super works.

16- Table decoration with aquarium or bowl


Another super delicate and minimalist table decoration that looks super elegant.

17- Table decorations with lights


These decorations are another idea to be mirrored around the house without exaggerating. The lights reduce the amount of information in the flowers.

18- Bed linen


The decoration can only be in the bed linen as well. This is a good option.

19- Wall ornament with lights


An exquisite and different way to decorate. Besides being very simple using some artificial flowers.

20- Decorations and Candles


The yellow/orange light from the candle flame matches a lot with the sunflower flower, but be careful when placing the fire near plastic flowers!

21- Painted dresser


Another idea for the artistic. If you don’t have this skill, you can paint the dresser in colors that resemble the flower. Or even try to find drawer handles that are little sunflowers!

22- Wall with a giant sunflower


Most of the images here showed tapestries with sunflowers on the wall, not paintings. This particular painting is imposing, but the shape of the black details around the flower and the gray walls break the ‘exaggeration’ of the vast sunflower, bringing a perfect balance to the room. And the rest of the room follows the wall color palette without exaggeration.

23- Carpets


Another decoration that works a lot is the rugs. This, in this case, is another handmade article. However, be careful before betting on carpets; think about the safety and practicality of the thing as well. If you have older adults and pets, the best option is a non-slip or rubberized mat to avoid accidents.

24- Frameset


Framesets have already become a much-desired decor option and one that many people are firmly committed to (even though it is already out of style). In the case of sunflower-inspired decor, a set of frames works too!

25- Several sunflowers on the wall


Another wall painting option also worked great.

26- Unpainted walls


Instead of painting or hanging a tapestry, you can decorate your walls with various decorations in the colors that refer to the flower.

27- Mirror with sunflowers and lights


Do you know that dressing room mirror you always wanted? So how about adding some flowers? This was a spectacle!

28- Bathroom corner


Did you think there would be no sunflower decorations in the bathroom? Missed. And this corner of the towels is a treat.

29- Double room


A double room can also be decorated and inspired by sunflowers without going overboard. Look at this idea.

30- Bathroom curtain


To finish, keep this bathroom inspiration with a sunflower curtain and accessories in colors that refer to the flower.