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13 Tips to Organize the Small Environments

Tips to Organize the Small Environments

The mess of tiny houses and apartments will end with these simple and handy tips. Check out!

Tiny houses or apartments demand from their residents an extra dose of creativity to accommodate everything without clutter. But, with good organization tips, small spaces can become enough to order and still give a personal touch.

Walls above doors and windows can accommodate books on shelves, and stairs can serve as a bathroom cabinet, for example.

Many features make the organization more straightforward, such as boxes and shelves. But it knows how to correctly explore all the corners of the rooms that the possibilities multiply.

To keep all your things in their proper places and have an always organized home, check out the solutions below.

1. Suspended dish drainer

1. Suspended dish drainer 1

1. Suspended dish drainer 2

If you have little space in the sink, a great solution is to choose to nail on the wall as much as possible, from knife holders to drying racks. That way, you optimize space and keep it tidy.

2. Door hooks and organizers

Door hooks and organizers 1

Door hooks and organizers 1

Need a place to put towels or clothes, but the room is too cramped? Then explore the space behind the door. If it’s a door with a good opening, put hooks or brackets and make everything more organized.

3. Wall lamp

Wall Lamp 1

Wall lamp 2

In a cramped room, having a nightstand can be a luxury. But if space fits, don’t occupy the surface with a luminaire. Place the light spot on the wall in sconce-type fixtures, which are perfect for lighting and decorating.

4. Multipurpose Magazines

4. Multipurpose Magazines 1

4. Multipurpose Magazines 2

4. Multipurpose Magazines 3

Magazine racks that are usually on the floor can be adapted to the wall. Make yourself a multipurpose pocket nailed to the wall that can be used to store various objects, from magazines to toys.

5. Designed furniture

5. Designed furniture 1

5. Designed furniture 2

If the kitchen doesn’t give you many options, consider occupying the spaces with planned furniture. Even though it is more expensive, it will be an investment that will provide you with comfort and practicality, in addition to optimizing every corner. Worth it!

6. Corner shelves

6. Corner shelves 1

6. Corner shelves

In tiny houses or apartments, all spaces can be helpful. Therefore, think about placing triangular shelves in the corners of the walls as well. It might be a good idea to put the products in the shower stall. 

7. Bike support

Your bicycle can be your primary means of transport and is therefore very important. But it can also be a hassle when storing. If you don’t have a balcony or garage, bet on supports that can accommodate you suspended in a room without getting in the way.

8. Vertical garden

Vertical garden

Ideal for those who have a tiny terrace or backyard but would love to have an organized garden. The vertical garden is simple to make and perfect for diversifying plants and decorating the space.

9. Suspended shelf/niches

9. Suspended shelf niches

Niches are great options for organizing books or placing decorative items. But if put together harmonically on the wall, they can form a bookcase. And having the floor free can be a good idea to give more space to the environment.

10. Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets

Wicker Baskets 1

Towels, sandals, magazine Wicker baskets can be handy to organize the mess that accumulates around the house. Therefore, invest in baskets to sectorize objects and keep everything tidy.

11. Wall hanger

11. Wall hanger

Ideal for hanging towels, bags, and clothes, the hooks on the wall are essential to eliminate mess in small spaces. They can be placed at the house entrance to accommodate umbrellas or coats or in other rooms.

12. Drawers under the bed

Do you have an idle space under the bed? So take the opportunity to put organizer boxes or drawers with shoes or other items that do not have a specific place in the house. In small environments, all areas must be used!

13. Stackable boxes and chests of drawers

These drawer modules available on the market are a great solution to organize the environment. In addition to having different sizes and styles, they can be assembled according to your needs.

With these organization tips, it will be easy to have a tidy house even with a few meters. The important thing is to take advantage of each corner and know how to optimize each space. Explore every room!