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30+ Wondrous Chairs and Armchairs for Balconies

Chairs and armchairs for balconies that make the decor amazing

Check out a selection of chairs and armchair options that combine comfort, practicality and beauty to create the perfect balcony

Chairs and armchairs for balconies that make the decor amazing 1

In summer, there is a unanimous desire: to spend time resting in a nice corner of the apartment, with a breeze and where you can enjoy the sun too. This place is the balcony, for many a retreat from city life. The decor is responsible for creating this cosy setting and, to complete it, it is more than necessary to have the most comfortable chairs and armchairs for balconies possible. Not only should they look good, but they should also match your lifestyle and personal taste. There are so many options that we have listed some to make your choice easier!

The Small Porch Dilemma

When we decided to design a balcony, one of the first obstacles we encountered was its size. Before thinking “oops, I can’t put a chair here!”, think carefully about the following topics:

  1. Space size
  2. The role you want to give it
  3. Number of people who will use it at the same time

These are three practical questions that can help you define a leaner furniture composition that fits your space and fulfils your desires. Knowing the size of the space, you can come up with configurations that do not harm circulation or fluidity.

The function helps to define which and how many objects, in addition to chairs and armchairs that match balconies, will be placed there: if your intention is not to have a gourmet balcony, you won’t go out looking for barbecue grills and dining tables, right? Finally, with the number of people who use it daily in mind, you can now refine your search.

If you want to sit with friends in the place, but it is a little smaller, the solution may be to opt for an L-shaped bench, for example. If the environment is going to be used by you alone, you don’t need more seats beside your favourite chair.

We come to the main point: which chairs are best suited to small spaces?

Iron chair

Iron chair

You may not remember, but you’ve certainly seen an iron chair on someone’s porch. With the metal curving its seat, the piece brings a unique charm, which can be combined with the tables of the same style, with a round top. In fact, they are great for those who want to have coffee in the early morning, or tea at the end of the afternoon, in a quieter space, disconnected from the common areas of the house.

Iron chair 1

Chairs and armchairs for balconies made of iron combine with plant pots, mainly terracotta ceramics, wooden floors or bricks.

Iron chair 2

In addition to the round version, there is the straight, more contemporary type that would be seen in a food truck park, for example. Accompanied by the right elements – like burnt cement and other metals – they are great for those who don’t let go of the urban look. The kind of chair for an evening beer or, why not, even a more romantic dinner?

Iron chair 3

Speaking of romantics, that’s where vintage iron chairs come in, with curved iron on the back. Accompanied by a bistro-style table, in the same style, they lend their delicacy to the environment.

Iron chair 4



At first glance, not everyone is considering a futon as a balcony seating option. If it’s glazed, why not? Appreciating the cleanliness and beauty of the space, all he needs is a wooden platform.

Anyone who likes DIY tutorials in the decoration area can even use a pallet for this function, creating a futon armchair – just cut it to size, preferably with a jigsaw, and sand it. Beside him, bet on the pillows for comfort. The bonus is being able to play with colours and patterns, changing them as often as you like.

This option matches perfectly with more relaxed homes and apartments, focused on fun decor; or else someone connected to nature. Combined with hanging plants or green walls, it is a refuge in the middle of the city. Place a scented candle with a cosy scent and you get a perfect reading and meditation corner!


This area doesn’t have to be just a zen space. It is also possible to set up a cool environment. The tip is to opt for a fabric with a more neutral tone and materials that complement this intention well, such as wood with a lacquer finish. Instead of a pallet, it is possible to invest in bespoke support that fits on the balcony and even has a niche for storage.

Futon 2

To get even more daring, you can create an upholstered half wall on the futon-coloured table or pillow. With a different tile floor or patterned rug, the balcony is sure to make an impact!

Futon 3

Armchair without arms

Armchair without arms

Nicely, even an armchair fits well on a small balcony. The trick is to opt for the models without arms, reducing the space they occupy a little. Because they are upholstered, they ensure maximum comfort, emulating a reading corner or a sitting room.

Armchair without arms 1

In place of the arms, some have an L-shaped backrest that fits into the corners of the room, saving space.

Armchair without arms 2

The great advantage of this model is the possibility of choosing a nice print, according to the desired look for the environment. The colours present in it can be the starting point for defining the other elements of the space: a rug with complementary patterns, comics and bibelots.

Armchair without arms 3

Small, medium and large: chairs for all spaces

While small balconies most often fall into the category of an intimate and personal retreat, medium and large spaces are ideal for entertaining friends and enjoying lively afternoons – including taking advantage of the gourmet areas that many new apartment balconies already have. This is not to say that a large space cannot be a refuge or vice versa, but role reversal is not so common.

In environments with more space, only creativity limits the project. It is possible to create from long benches accompanied by futons to armchair circles around a designer table. There are many possibilities:

Armchairs with or without support

Armchairs with or without support

When the footage is larger, you can invest in several chairs and armchairs for balconies. Without the limitation of searching for models with or without arms, for example. Colours aren’t an impediment either.

While it is small spaces, the preference is for light and light colours, the larger room can receive other tones without harming the decoration harmony with a too strong visual weight.

Armchairs with or without support 1

With more than one armchair, you can even play with a mix of colours and prints. When space is more intended for relaxation than for socializing, another element comes to the fore: the footrest. It represents an extension of the armchair so that the body is comfortable, really embraced by the furniture. Who doesn’t like it?

Armchairs with or without support 2

Armchairs with or without support 3



With more generous space, it’s easier to play with other elements, such as coffee tables and ottomans. The latter are versatile to intersperse between the indoor and outdoor environments of the house, depending on the need.

Puffs 1

They both replace footrests and are stools in their own right. Also, they can make support paper for trays. They compose the environment very well next to a larger piece of furniture, such as a hammock or a love seat, becoming a wild seat among all the options for chairs and armchairs for balconies.

Puffs 2

Rocking chairs

Rocking chairs

Movies, drawings and grandma’s house are responsible for the nostalgia around the rocking chair. At some point in life, it’s possible that you wanted one. Good news: the porch is a perfect space for her. Imagine, enjoying the sunset swaying slowly and comfortably?

They require a little more space around them for movement, so they are recommended for larger locations. But it all depends on the circulation analysis – so don’t give up on your dream without checking the footage first.

Rocking chairs 1

Today, there are several models in addition to the always imagined classic of the wooden rocking chair. Therefore, they combine with different environments, from contemporary to vintage. Just play!

Suspended chair, hammocks and swings

Suspended chair hammocks and swings

In the same category, these pieces of furniture need space as they tend to be larger, like rocking chairs, or perform a movement that requires space.

An environment with a hammock is usually quiet, with handmade elements, macramé, ceramics and plants. Terracotta and boho prints go well with a balcony equipped with a hammock.

Suspended chair hammocks and swings 1

To simplify the decoration, just invest in wood and white to create a pleasant ambience.

Suspended chair hammocks and swings 2

Swings are more fun, as are hanging chairs. Perfect for those looking for a more cool space, or suddenly have a balcony integrated into the living room, without much separation – you can even use the swing as a divider between the rooms.

Suspended chair hammocks and swings 3

Suspended chair hammocks and swings 4

Suspended chair hammocks and swings 5

Suspended chair hammocks and swings 6

Suspended chairs, in particular, are available in the market in multiple styles – but they tend to be more modern in the decor.

Wicker and rattan

Wicker and rattan

These two materials are popular among furniture designed for the outdoor areas of homes and apartments. With them, people create charming compositions due to the delicate handmade braiding. Configurations can influence loveseats, tables, ottomans and chairs in the material.

Wicker and rattan 1

Signed design

Signed design

Last, but not least, are the signed design chairs and armchairs for balconies. If the intention is to enhance this environment through this furniture, why not bet on a name piece? The mole, by Sérgio Rodrigues, is a favourite for the task, with its structure that embraces those who sit and its ergonomics.