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Tips on How to Choose Elegant Round Dining Table

Elegant Round Dining Table

Charming, this table replaces the rectangular ones changing the face of the dining room

Changing the look of the dining room might seem a little difficult. After all, it’s a very straight and straight decor: table, chairs, rug…how to get around this formula and personalize the environment? The solution is to look for furniture with design or any other element that departs from the conventional. Our suggestion, then, is to change the star shape of the environment. Do you know what we’re talking about? Instead of rectangular and square models, bet on the round dining table!

Choosing the perfect table

Choosing the perfect table

Saarinen dining table with marble top and vintage decoration

There’s not much mystery about choosing a round dining room table to call your own. The great advantage of this furniture is that it adapts well to any type of space, being an unexpectedly simple touch that transforms the decor. Furthermore, it exists in so many different styles that it has no space – be it contemporary, industrial, retro, Scandinavian, minimalist… – that it cannot benefit from it.

Its versatility, in part, has a lot to do with most models having only one foot. This facilitates the insertion of chairs. So, when there’s one more visit than usual, the table’s composition accommodates one more while it’s still comfortable.

Everyone sitting at the table is close together, they can see and hear each other – a little different from what can happen with a rectangular table, where one end sometimes can’t communicate as well with the other. It is guaranteed that with a round table meetings are more cosy and enjoyable.

Choosing the perfect table 1

However, of course, there is a recommendation for the number of people per table size so that it has maximum beauty and comfort, considering both the space around the person sitting, the movement of chairs, circulation and the top when it is full of dishes and foods.

Dining table measurements

Dining table measurements

Small table for four people. If necessary, you can still place another chair

The size you choose for your round dining table will always depend on the environment and how many people use it for meals – both during routine and on special occasions. Generally, the tables that best adapt to people’s homes are 120cm in diameter. They comfortably hold four to six people on special occasions, perfect for a small family that welcomes friends or other family members from time to time.

Dining table measurements 1

Six people fit comfortably at this round table

For larger families or those who socialize more often, tables with 135cm in diameter, for six chairs, and 150cm in diameter for 6 or 8 chairs, are more recommended. With a larger top, they can hold more food and more people – and you can be sure that 15 cm between the 120cm and 135cm tables make a difference in ergonomics! The type of chair also needs to be chosen carefully. Those with arms require more space around the table due to the extra inches on the sides.

Don’t get too attached to the desires of throwing parties and having a lot of people at home when setting the measures. Even if your table is small and doesn’t support a nice buffet for 10 people or more, we always need and trust support furniture.

Sideboards are your best friends, an elegant way to dispose of food without occupying the table, ensuring more comfort for those who are seated. The same goes for kitchen islands or counters, which are very common with today’s integrated layouts. Alternatively, at parties, there is always the option of renting tables and support boards. So don’t give up on your roundtable dream for the reasons above!

Check out the list of the most common sizes, related to the number of people, so you don’t have a mistake when choosing:

  • 100 cm – comfortably holds 4 people
  • 120 cm – can have 4 chairs or be adapted for 6, still in the comfort
  • 135 cm – ideal table for 6 chairs, but no more
  • 150 cm – used for both 6 people and 8
  • 180 cm – large table, seating 8 to 10 people

Dining table measurements 2

Remember: when buying a round dining table, you can’t just take into account its size. It is important to pay attention to circulation measures. They represent a minimum amount of footage that must exist around certain objects and furniture, so that people can move freely between them, walking or in wheelchairs.

Usually, this type of care avoids, for example, the constant discomfort of trying to get behind a chair and needing the person sitting to get up or squeeze against the table. Around the furniture, the value is at least 90cm. Ideally, if there is space in the environment, this measurement can be 1.20m.

The carpet

The carpet

The round rug is charming for its perfect harmony with the table, but it is not the only option.

A common question when it comes to a round dining table is: which rug matches this shape? Solving it is not a seven-headed beast. The answer is anyone! As long as it is bigger than the table, either a round, square or rectangular rug can be part of the composition.

The carpet 1

The rectangular rug has a more relaxed feel, even without the perfect symmetry. This mood gets even more interesting with uncoordinated chairs and the vintage pendant.

As a rule, it is recommended that it extends at least 50 cm beyond the top, ensuring visual balance and covering the space for movement of the chairs.

The illumination

The ilumination

When it comes to a round table, the pendant is so prominent that it tends to be oversized or sculptural

Often, when we see inspirations from environments with a round table, something beyond it also stands out: the chandelier or pendant. This element is typically installed just above the centre of the table, and easy-to-copy harmonic configuration. They are usually very special, according to the style of the environment, ranging from industrial-looking pendants made of glass and iron to extremely delicate lamps made of rice paper.

Get inspired

The only way to understand the beauty and functionality of a round dining table décor is to look at examples. After all, there is no shortage of models on the market, with so many variations that you will lose your breath checking them out: with minimalist, sculptural, geometric feet, glass top, finished wood, marble…

In the photo below, for example, the table is made of very dark, striking wood. In the centre, a rotating plate of the same tone built into the cabinet, which facilitates serving the dishes.

Get inspired

The use of rugs is versatile, as long as they have that minimum measure established. They can even occupy a much larger space than this pre-established one.

Get inspired 1

Why not bet on more eccentric material? Metallics are a big trend this year, mainly steel, industrial style, and variations of gold. A table whose main feature is the metallic sheen of the structure will impress any visitor.

Get inspired 2

It is not because the table is round that it cannot follow the trend of different chairs. Quite the opposite! Taking advantage of the format to unite coloured chairs and structure without pairs makes the decor fun, a great atmosphere for an environment like the dining room.

In a smaller, equal-sided room, whether square, round or hexagonal, the dining table can literally become the centre of the room. The symmetry of the space, emphasized by the central chandelier, round carpet and wall niches, is pleasing to the eye.

Get inspired 4

In some cases, when the intention of having a round dining table has existed since the renovation or construction of the house, an architect can take advantage of it and create a lighting cutout in the ceiling. The feature helps you create different scenarios, from a romantic dinner in the dim light to well-lit family lunches.

Get inspired 5

Entering the list of elegant and different tables, this piece of furniture has a basted central foot and a marble top, both references of a more classic style. the plush carpet and surrounding furniture break this pattern, a successful mix by bringing more contemporary references to the environment.

Get inspired 6

The apartment in the photo is 61m², looking bigger with the abundance of white in the decoration. To maintain the lightness and spaciousness of the kitchen, which is integrated with the living room, residents chose a charming round table with a glass top. She is also not at the centre of the environment. If it stayed, it would interfere with the use of the kitchen – the solution was to leave it more to the side, before the corridor that leads to the bedrooms.

Get inspired 7

The different detail of this table is its feet, which are not central like most and bring the modernity of metal.

Get inspired 8

To shake even more conventional room models, replace two chairs with a bench. This configuration is very common in the “breakfast nooks” of international architecture. They are spaces in the kitchen with a generally rectangular table, benches and chairs, intended for simpler meals. Two tables are a rare thing these days, so there’s nothing to stop you from turning your table into one of these corners.

Get inspired 9

If it’s in front of the window, space benefits from abundant natural light.

Get inspired 10

If you’re betting on a large round dining table, make the most of the centre. It can be occupied either by a rotating plate, which facilitates the routine, as well as by beautiful vases and floral arrangements.

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