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5 Ways to Expand Space in a Small House

5 ways for small space

It’s really difficult to maintain the house or apartment, especially when it is small. Trying to fit everything and make it look spacious is a big challenge. When space is limited, you need to think before buying big sofas or big chairs and Home decor items too. It definitely requires a clever mind to set up everything perfectly and pick wisely. People do face many issues while setting up small spaces. Here are the 5 ways to maximizing small spaces and make them appear bigger and classy.

1. Avoid Big Furniture

No matter how good the bedrooms are but the centre of attraction is always your living room, so always be clever and smart when you choose the furniture for small spaces, always go for smaller furniture instead of the larger ones.  Choose strategic furniture and decor for a smaller space to look spacious. The small couch or sofa can make the room look bigger. You can keep the combination of a small sofa and bean bags or club chairs. In fact, if you don’t have much space you can go for two cosy armchairs. You can also go for a sofa cum bed or you can also call it sleeper sofa it is thin and flexible, you can fold it and use it as a sofa during the day time and you can unfold it and make it bed again during the night time, so it can be used as both sofa and bed. For the bedroom, you can go Hiddenbed Majestic Desk-bed or murphy beds.

There are different options for sleeper sofa like a queen, leather, modern, sectional, full size and many more, you can choose as per your room size. And if you want, you can go for bean bags, club chairs or mattress.

Small Furniture

2. Use More Mirrors

Mirrors look always attractive and classy in the living room. They are not just designed to decorate the interior, but also they’re the perfect solution for making space feel brighter and larger. It’s definitely easy addition to any room and gives different look to your living room. Most importantly, mirrors will make your space feel bigger and lighter. It adds both additional lights and gives space into rooms by reflecting natural lighting. Mirrors will add modern glamour to your walls. You can hang a mirror opposite to a window, on the wall above the furniture, across from another mirror or opposite the front door. 

There is a mirror for every home and budget, so can choose as per your budget and choice.  You can choose, Decorative Sunburst Mirror, a Mid-century style sunburst mirror, a Modern Accent mirror, a black decorative mirror and many more.


3. Prefer Storage Bed

Since beds are major space-takers in bedrooms, it’s clever to find ways to save bed space. Storage Beds are the best for small bedrooms, as they will make it easy for you to store everything in the bed. You can keep clothes, suitcases, blankets even shoes and everything in it. Normal beds are really outdated and it does not provide any shelf, you cannot even keep anything in bed as it won’t look good in fact you will require more space to keep your belongings, but storage bed can save half of the space and your room will definitely look more spacious and big. You can store many unwanted things too in it. The good thing is you got many options and variety in storage bed, so you can choose as per your taste. 

Other than storage beds, there are also other space-saving beds like sofa sleeper with storage, convertible chair, Murphy bunk beds, hidden sofa bed,  Bookshelf bed and many more that will leave a small footprint in your home. So, just in case you don’t want to go for a storage bed you can also go for these options.

Folding Bed

4. Use Smart Lighting

Smart lighting always adds a different spark to your room as the living room is a reflection of your identity and colours add more layer of beauty to your room. So, make sure to choose smart lighting in smaller spaces as it will make or break any room. You can choose the light which can be attached to the walls. You can use chandeliers and pendants as they are the centrepieces of attraction, it will give your room an elegant look. You can use the LED lights, LED floor lamps it can be as effective as a chandelier. You can use the lighting that can be hung from above or which can be attached to the ceiling. Smart lighting gives a different effect to your room. 

So, smart lightings also have many varieties like up-down light, Floor-level lights, Table lamps, ceilings lights,  ambient lighting, and, many more. So, you can choose as per your liking. Smart Lighting will definitely make your room look charming.

smart lighting

5. Paint Your Walls White

The colour matters a lot in any house, especially in a small space or apartment. To brighten up space you should definitely keep the walls and ceilings all white. The light colours always make your small room look big and brighter. White paint is a sign of peace and it gives your rooms a natural shine and light. Undoubtedly white is common but it never gets old, you will never get bored with white walls it’s always trending and make your home look more elegant and classy. You can even decorate the walls with a mirror, painting or anything you like.  Even white does come in different shades, you can choose the shade as per your choice.

In case, if you don’t like the plain white shade on your wall, you can even go for lighter shades like based on light cream, light blue, light green that will also look amazing on the wall. Lighter shades also make your room look big and spacious.

White wall