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Chic Spring Fireplace Mantle Decor Ideas to Brighten Up Your Room

When fall and winter give way to spring, your fireplace may feel a little useless. Even with fewer roaring fires to keep your fireplace the focal point, you can still light up the room with springtime décor elements on your mantelpiece. Not sure how to style a mantel with a fresh look for the new season? These ideas can give your creativity a boost and breathe life into your room.

Vertical Spaces

The place above your fireplace mantel is a clean slate; take advantage of the vertical space to create movement and an open feel. Mirrors are an easy trick to reflect light and make a room look larger, while a fresh wreath or repurposed windowpane can add a rustic touch to a farmhouse or transitional style. With home accents at different heights, your mantel plays a bigger role in your space. Do not be afraid to experiment; if you do not like it, you can start over with a new arrangement for the summer.

A Springy Accent Wall

Some homeowners forget that a fireplace, like any other part of your room, can stand a little sprucing up. Since most fireplaces function as the room’s focal point, why not turn yours into an accent wall with a fresh coat of neutral paint, like bright white or muted gray, or something livelier, such as pink wallpaper? Paint and wallpaper are easy ways to update a stale fireplace without committing to a major overhaul with new stone or tile work.

Flowers or Foliage

Springtime turns the outside world into a vibrant canvas, with fresh green leaves, budding trees, and colorful flowers right outside your window. Bring some of that color inside with houseplants or fresh floral bouquets on your mantel. You can aim for a classic, symmetrical look with small topiaries or go with a random assortment of mismatched vases clustered in front of a mirror or framed wall art for a more casual style.

The Latest Trends

Speaking of flowers and greenery, you may want to consider floral wallpaper for walls for a fresh take on chintz. This style is known as grand millennial or granny chic, and it is growing in popularity with its modern yet vintage feel. Imagine a floral backdrop with heirlooms and collectibles taking their place along the mantel; if that does not scream spring, then what does?

Layers for Days

Stark minimalism has given way to a softer, more personal feel that emphasizes textures, patterns, colors, and dimensions rather than a flat, monochromatic look. Scope out the items you have in your house already, from candlesticks and mirrors to abstract art and books. From there, the arrangement is up to you. Experiment with your collection of objects, adding or removing items until you decide you like it.

Hopefully, these ideas can motivate you to try a springtime update for your fireplace mantel. Check out interior design magazines and websites for more inspiration. Most people do not think twice about changing out décor for the holidays, but by making small changes throughout the year, you can give your home that warm, inviting feel with the best of each season.