20 Elegant Decor Tips for a Double Room

The double bedroom is one of the most special rooms in the entire house. It is there that we rest and spend great moments with those we love and, for this reason, it deserves to be decorated with the same care, so that it is always receptive, unique and welcoming.

Conquering this relaxing and affectionate atmosphere that we dear so much becomes a mission of decoration, which is the only tool capable of generating feelings and sensations with visual experiences provided by a set of furniture and objects, as well as colors, shapes and their dispositions.

Decorating with mastery, like the professionals in the field, is indeed a task that requires a lot of knowledge. However, for everyone who has two eyes and a good perception, decorating can be a simple and pleasant activity.

Today, we are going to show you the basics of this art, so that you can assemble your decor for a double room in a beautiful and coherent way, while carrying your signature personality.

Decoration for a Double Room: PHOTOS AND TIPS TO INSPIRE!

1- Look at the Big Picture to Understand the Set

Decorating goes far beyond buying a pretty vase or adding a fancy rug to the room. Decorating is not limited to one or two items, but the result of the whole set. When an environment is decorated, it means that all the items that are present were designed for it.

In other words, the colors of the walls, the tapestry, the bedding, the furniture, the shapes. the windows… absolutely everything is designed to generate a kind of visual impact, a feeling, an impression. You can add elegance, sophistication, tranquility, joy, calm or peace. No matter the objective, it is in the ornamentation of all the items and details in the room that the atmosphere is gradually formed and coming closer to what you think is ideal.

See some examples:

Neutral room with colors applied in details. See the contrast you get.

See here how the mild colors, in conjunction with the mirrors, expand and harmonize the decor. The pillows, along with the textures of different fabrics on the bed is the “icing on the cake”.
Double Room Decor

Despite having several rules, it is possible to mix concepts and create your own style. See how industrial style blends and fits with modern, elegant elements in this double room.
Double Room Decoration

2- Combine Comfort, Beauty and Functionality

Note how simple yet charming this rustic room is! Absolutely everything planned and thought to be functional. No excesses.

See how the minimalist decor style is simple to apply to get the best results. This type of decoration always offers spacious and functional spaces.

Even though small, the corner-to-corner headboard and well-placed framed set made for beautiful ornamentation for this room.

Even with little space, plants are present, as well as a nightstand and a beautiful chest at the feet. No losing functionality. Compact but well-designed space.

The reality of many Brazilians is in small double rooms and, aiming at decoration, it is impossible to choose furniture and objects looking at just one feature, because soon the scenario would turn into a mess without any coherence.

Therefore, for an item to be present, always think in the following way:

Does this item add comfort to me?
If yes, is it a beautiful, stylish item?
And finally, is it functional?
If so then it fits the picture. Otherwise, it’s probably an item that will just overwhelm and break the harmony of the environment. Keep in mind that less is always more in decor.

3- Bet on White Walls and Colored Objects

It is predominant to see the white spread throughout the interior of the rooms. Perhaps this is for a notable reason, as light colors such as white, beige or gray are much brighter and more beautiful.

In addition, this atmosphere with a mild tone is conducive to creating visual points in the scenario, such as investing in colorful paintings, rugs, pillows or bedding. At these times you can apply different styles of decoration to create the final result.

Examples of this are Boho and Modern. In boho the influence is hippie and, therefore, more colorful elements, tapestry and other items are added. In a scenario aimed at elegance and greater sobriety, it is possible to maintain it by adding contrast and life only to specific objects, such as cushion covers, back walls, or eccentric and personality objects.

4- Sophisticated Double Room

The details take over the scene. Notice how shapes talk to each other, from the frames to the geometric shape of the bedclothes. It is essential that absolutely everything has consistency.

5- White Double Room

Betting on details does not mean overloading or taking contrasting tones. See in the scenario below how the white tones were gently blended with more neutral canvases and plants.

Also notice how it is possible to add a single color to the environment and leave it with more life and personality. White in the background always goes well with any color.

6- Understand How Colors Influence Decoration

For those who like the Scandinavian style, characterized by its cooler and warmer colors, this room is an inspiration. Shades of gray and white, with roses in evidence, converse very well with each other in this play of colors.

Here, the presence of a room with not many colors is obvious. It is very monochromatic, except for the contrast in the tone of the wood, the floor and other elements. This image elucidates how details and wood tones can contrast well within the setting. Anyway, the white shines!

Colorful frames, accent lamps and curtains that converse with bedding and absolutely everything else in the set. Notice how colors can converse and provide a striking visual effect without leaving your own personality signature.

Even in the face of few resources, it is possible to create great combinations that, even simple, add a lot to the room’s decor. Emphasis on pillows, pictures and headboard.

Decorating requires attention to detail, especially the colors, as they provide many of the sensations we feel when entering an environment. Red, for example, is seductive, engaging and draws a lot of attention. Green, on the other hand, refers to health, harmony and balance, as it refers to the elements of nature.

Knowing how to choose and apply the ideal colors is one of the best ways to achieve success in the decoration of a double room.

7- Beds are the mainstay of Room Decor

Not only in the next ones, but all the present examples have beautiful beds, well arranged and inviting, as they are the base of the double room decoration. In the image below, highlight the tapestry and its different textures. From the rug to the pillows, everything is well planned for the best enjoyment.

Sophisticated and very elegant bed. Room with Scandinavian decor features, with cool colors, the presence of tapestry to warm the environment and wooden elements.

Look how nice it is. Black and white photos hanging on the wall also serve well as decorations. The bed does not always need to appear or have headboards. It just needs to be well ornate, cozy and inviting. For this, they opted for a “short” model and made great use of the tapestry and pillows. And even with few contrasts, everything talks and goes well.

Just as sofas are key pieces in living room decor, beds become true Picasso works when a room is well designed. Beds should be irreverent, beautiful and majestic.

But when money comes into the matter, it is possible to decorate the bed so that it gains the necessary characteristics to add to the decoration. Your headboard can add up, as well as bedding in different fabrics and textures, which combined in tone on tone, offer a result of depth and elegance to the environment.

8- Adopt Predicted Styles

Every successful decoration follows or uses basic principles of the same. We know that a lot of things followed in a dogmatic way, but that, over time, there was consideration and reflection, allowing us to escape the curve and let our own personality and inspiration flow over the result of the production. In other words, you follow defined patterns and styles, but you dare and go a little further.

Therefore, a good tip for anyone looking for inspiration to decorate the master bedroom is to see if you can identify with any of the styles below and use them in favor of an ornamentation of coherence and uniqueness.

9- Bohemian-style Double Room (Boho Chic)

Strong hippie and native cultural influence. It is characterized by the presence of many colorful, vivid and cheerful elements through prints and surfaces. Nature is always part of the composition, as is the tapestry, alongside rugs , showy curtains and warm blankets on the bed. There are also paintings, paintings, decorative canvases and various other ornaments. The concept of sustainability is also widely used in this style.

10- Country style double room

The country style comes from the old country houses, with the presence of many natural elements, which are therefore linked to these more rustic features and “campeiras. Rooms with this style carry lots of wooden furniture, especially if it is older and more rustic. They also bet on upholstery with flower prints, plants and other leather items, such as pillow covers and loveseats.

11- Scandinavian style double bedroom

Present in countries like Denmark and Norway, the Scandinavian style emerged thanks to the harsh winters that keep the whole family indoors. With that, there was a demand to decorate and make houses warmer and more welcoming. The bet on colors is based on cool and welcoming tones; every detail is presented in a subtle and delicate way – and perhaps this is the basis for its application. Here at Wevans we have several Scandinavian style items.

12- Minimalist Double Room

It is based on environments that have only what is necessary and value for functionality. In the case of the double bedroom, bed, nightstand, wardrobe and minimal ornaments on top of everything. Here, less is more and absolutely everything in the scene is designed for that. If you’re going to have a picture on the wall, let it be “the picture”. We did a special article that talks only about this style and there you can get to know this art even deeper.

13- Contemporary Style Double Room (Modern)

The basis of contemporary decor is based on neutral materials and shades, such as beige, white and light gray. White always shines and is one of the few colors capable of conveying this air of modernity. Furniture with straight lines and more elongated tend to match the requirements of each room. Adding strong and impactful colors to one or another item can add value, especially when elegant colors, such as burgundy, dark blue and other strong tones.

14- Tropical style double room

Of all the styles, tropical is perhaps the one that most identifies with Brazilian energy. Colors, plants, handcrafted furniture and that fresh sea air seem to come in through the window, making absolutely everything pleasant and intimate. Through this style it is possible to reconnect origins with nature, transforming any monotonous space into an environment full of life.

15- Industrial style double bedroom

Mixing elements from an old industrial shed, for example, such as burnt cement or brick walls, exposed pipes or structures and furniture made with iron are just some of the possibilities that industrial decoration can offer. And that’s exactly how it came about: in New York, when residents bought old sheds to turn into modern lofts. This mix of professional and personal environment is what creates the industrial style.

16- Eclectic style double bedroom

A lot of people fit this style and we’ll tell you why. We know that the decor is full of well-established patterns and rules, however, you can be flexible and use whatever you want, just like it and resonate with your personality. So you can identify with a very specific style, but fall in love with a bed, a wardrobe or any other piece of the room that is a completely different style. What we mean is that it doesn’t matter what rank the item is. It adapting and creating harmony with the other items is enough, as this is what we are looking for in decoration: to create harmony, balance and, consequently, a good conversation between the whole set.

17- Sustainability and Nature are Trends

You know that old pallet or fair box that’s been lying around in the garage for so long? Did you know that with it you can give new air to your bedroom decor? Well, the concept of sustainability is on the rise, as well as bringing nature into the home through plants. Therefore, building furniture such as racks, beds, armchairs and even a nightstand is possible alongside this type of material. You can give it its own characteristics, like refining it and making it very modern, or leaving the wood raw. It all depends on what you’re looking for.

18- Double Room Sustainable Decoration

Here, the exposed brick wall and the bed’s own pallets serving as a shoemaker give a home-made air to the space.

19- Pallets Decorating Double Room

In this example, the application of sustainable materials was made on the wall, creating a beautiful and harmonious panel.

20- Tips for Decorating a Small Double Room

Bet on White: White makes the space wider. You can apply a lighter color palette to bedding and large accessories such as rugs and curtains in an attempt to maximize that feeling.
Mirrors are Allies: Decorative mirrors are key pieces when it comes to promoting spaciousness in small spaces. With a small double bedroom it’s the same thing.
Shelves are useful: As space is limited, it is important to preserve and ensure functionality. Thus, shelves, desks and various other furniture are the most viable. Use the walls as your allies!
Take advantage of all spaces: Using the example above, notice this thin headboard and how it served as a support to apply the set of decorative frames. A brilliant balcony!
Look for Discounts: On promotions and discount coupons websites you can find codes to save even more, just like here at Wevans.

So, have you seen how easy it is to find inspiration to decorate the master bedroom? We tried to separate photos of the master bedroom so that you could have the best bedroom models available. Many people know that they escape the reality of the Brazilian standard, but that does not make it impossible to create the decoration with your own special touch and with what you have available.

Always count on Wevans to decorate your home and work environment. We have the best decorative items for you to transform and revitalize your home’s atmosphere.

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