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Check Out a Super Easy Step-by-step to Make the Bed With Pallets

Bed pallet

Rustic, sustainable, and charming, the bed made with pallets deserves space in your home decor.

Are you interested in providing a bed made with pallets for the decoration of your home? Excellent choice! This furniture is modern, sustainable, comfortable, and able to leave an environment with more personality. Here are some simple and easy tips.

Pallets (or pallets) are those wooden pallets that become fair crates, supports for plant vases, decorations for external and internal areas. And they’ve been on the rise for a long time. Learn how to decorate your home with them below.

1.Make your bedroom decor more sustainable with a bed made from pallets.

Step-by-Step Bed Made with Pallets

Preparing the Wood

Preparing the Wood

When you have the pallets in hand, you will notice that their structure often has staples and nails to give the desired shape to the pallets.

In our case, we want the wooden boards to form flat support to receive the bed.

If you find pieces of rotten wood or that will not be interesting in your decoration, discard them.

Mold can be fought off by spraying a solution of water and bleach. Leave it for a few minutes and use a piece of cloth to remove the mold.



This is the stage of beautifying your pallets. At this point, you should already know what color they will have, whether they will be rustic anyway or will receive a different treatment.

It is essential to always sand to level the wood. Use a sander or a coarse type of sandpaper made especially for furniture.



So you decided to paint and give a more modern look to the pallets that will serve as your bed base. The best types of paint for them are satin enamel or gloss enamel.

Make their color speak to the rest of the room. A “furniture” with such personality deserves to be the highlight of the environment, but it is worth having it harmonize with the other decoration elements.

Imagine a traditional, classic bedroom, and suddenly you are faced with a bed with pallets. So it is. There will be an information clash.

Work on bringing little creative touches to other corners of your space, such as decorative items. It’s a simple way to decorate and make everything match perfectly.

Wood Protection

Wood Protection

If the pallets are on the bed in your room, they will be protected from moisture. If the bed is in an outdoor area, such as a balcony for friends and family to rest, the tip uses waterproofing products.

Of course, it won’t be ideal to leave it vulnerable to rain since it will be the structure of a bed, with a mattress and everything entitled.

But just being in a hyperventilated area and in contact with external agents, deterioration can occur.

Therefore, it is worth the tip to use a waterproof mattress if that is your goal.

Bed models with pallets






The Age of Pallets

The Age of Pallets

The good news is that your new bed will have a lot to talk about for a long time to come. Pallets are already being considered beautiful decor items, even at weddings.

Your home will continue to be on top of trends and drawing breath from those who visit it. Be a reference for creativity and style.