Learn How to Decorate a T0 Apartment

Smaller spaces can limit your decor, but only if you don’t follow these valuable tips. Make your T0 look like a bigger space than it is. Living spaces are getting smaller, it’s a fact. This is a very frequent reality, especially in apartment buildings. In these cases, it is interesting to build several houses, so the space in each room is always compromised.

It’s important to adapt to the reality in which you live, if that’s your case, and take advantage of all the advantages of your T0. The tips presented below apply to small spaces , where all the features should be used.

Less is more

Sounds like a cliché , right? But this is one of the best tips we can give you so that your T0 is not “just” a small space. By this we mean that it is important to take advantage of all the potential of the place, not overloading it.

Less is more, so don’t bet on too much decoration or too little on too much furniture. Opt for functional furniture that offers enough storage space, rather than having a piece of furniture for every purpose.

Small spaces also benefit from a more minimalist decor, where white and pastel tones are privileged. This is the harmony that is sought to make a T0 a bigger space than it really is.

As such, bet on monochromatic tones; prefer built-in furniture or beds with interior storage space over conventional options. Decorate the space with what you really need and don’t go overboard with decorative objects.

Make room for color

With the previous tip, we don’t want to say that you have to forget about the color notes, because these are the ones that give more personality to the space. So take advantage of most monochromatic tones and add color elements that “stand out”.

You can do it on pillows, lamps or even rugs. But don’t overdo it, because it’s important that you maintain the harmony you’ve ensured so far. Choose a standout element and give it the life it deserves.

Divide the space

A T0 doesn’t have to be small, as it holds all the divisions you need. You can always choose between leaving the space ample and combining the living room with the bedroom (by including a sofa bed, for example) or dividing it clearly.

You can choose plasterboard, screens or “sliding doors” (which open and retract depending on the occasion). You can also mark this division of space with plants or shelves, for example.

Use mirrors

The mirrors has the peculiarity of giving more light and an amplitude division, so it can use and abuse of these decorative elements. Mirrors also have the advantage of being able to be placed on the wall, not taking up unnecessary space in a T0.

Two spaces in one

If you don’t want to divide the T0 through physical partitions—such as those mentioned above—you can always crease the space division through the color of the walls. Therefore, you can choose different shades that differentiate the room from the bedroom.

Likewise, you can choose to wallpaper or even cover certain walls with a different material, so that the distinction between spaces is more evident and, therefore, more organized.

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