15 Modern Industrial Style Decor Ideas for You

Observing local markets, you can get an idea of ​​the styles that will be trending in the country. For example, many people looking for houses to rent opt for works that have been delivered in a short time, precisely to be able to invest in a more modern style of decoration, that’s where industrial style decoration comes in!

It’s not exactly a novelty in the market, since since the 70’s the traces of industrial decoration are appearing more and more. But this style is gaining strength and space again in the most modern and bold houses.


The interior design, following the traits of this style, presents a more contemporary and laid-back environment. Everything to do with life in large urban centers, in this modern theme of the “world of stone”.

As we see in many movies, blogs and magazines, the trend now is the pipes showing, the bricks in sight. Award-winning designs feature oxidized iron and metal finish and color decor.

But it is not necessary to leave out the intense colors. They are still welcome, especially in contrast to the grayscale background (very characteristic of industrial-style decor).

Not everything is new in this style of decor, but now it has gained strength and expression as a fashion trend that appeals to a lot of people! Therefore, the style has gained a lot of space in the homes of Brazilians more connected to modern themes.

2- How to set the Color palette

Mainly in big cities, it is common to find properties in which the owners opt for a monochromatic color palette, making contrasts between white and black , and leaving mainly gray as the star of the house.

This tone, exposed concrete is a way to give a modern touch without spending too much. It’s a variation of grey, which doesn’t need other “colors”, can be left natural and is super trendy!

The rustic atmosphere of a house decorated with an industrial touch shows a lot of character and modernity through the environment. Therefore, use sober colors for the walls, ranging from shades of gray, black and soft. Intense colors, on the other hand, can be used, but in specific points or in details, such as piping.

Remember, the base is in gray and sober colors, but nothing stops the color from being in space! See how this mixture can become very interesting.

3- In this line, the vintage style decoration gains space

The industrial style decoration allows a convergence of other trends, and thus the vintage style decoration also gains a lot of space in the house!

This can be considered one of the “most current” concepts in room decoration around the world. “Vintage” pieces, adornments or even personal objects can add a special touch. Have you ever thought about using a vintage lamp, a table or a steel chair in your room?

4- But what is Industrial Style Decoration?

What differentiates this style of decoration is mainly the finishing with simplicity! The spaces are designed to enhance the circulation of people, without visual overload with many unnecessary accessories. In addition, the use of the tones we’ve talked about above makes the environment more intense.

5- Industrial decor touches in the kitchen

When we think of industrial style decoration we usually think of environments such as the living room. But features of this trend also fit very well in other environments, such as the kitchen!

Above you can see two kitchen projects in which we identified the presence of gray as the base tone, the use of apparent piping, the presence of metal in the composition of furniture and finishes.

6- Industrial Style Decor in a Rented Apartment

For those who are thinking of renting an apartment and like the industrial style, this is a great idea! Details of this style can be implemented easily without excessive expense.

A tip: try to invest more in items that do not require major changes in the structure of the property or that can be withdrawn at the end of the rental period. An interesting option is to invest in modern rugs , lamps or even furniture, such as side tables and stools that match the style.

Items such as a headboard or television panel can also refer directly to industrial decor style, and are easy to install!

If your concern is investing in the decoration of a rental property , we have prepared a post with several exclusive tips for you, check it out by clicking here !

If the property is your own, it’s worth investing in decoration with greater impact, consider using rustic wooden doors, without so many finishes, but if the goal is to be more subtle, think about the details, such as retro handles to add charm to the environment.

7- The rustic is not left behind!

In this line of style combinations, the rustic is not left behind and has a lot of space in the industrial style decoration.

If the idea is to create a warmer environment, with a specific intensity in each room, natural wood, untreated or demolished can be a very interesting option.

Forget polishing and extremely flat surfaces. The industrial rustic is premised on the disparities of unfinished materials and with some imperfections that mold to the eye.

It is better to preserve the natural characteristics of the material, without anything artificial, and work only with its unique and differentiated textures.

If the idea is to bring even more modernity to the environment, it is possible to use white bricks with coatings in the color of wood, which make the environment smoother.

But nothing smooth, it is interesting that the finishes are more matte to give a certain elegance to the environment, without losing style.

Accessories also have space:

It’s not because you choose an industrial environment that you need to forgo accessories! Yes, they can be used and bring your decor to life.

8- Pieces of Art or Sculptures

The pieces of art or sculptures will make the most difference in this type of environment! You can follow your taste! That is, choose a piece of wood , or even a colorful plastic sculpture . The important thing is to bring what you like into your home decor, and the industrial style accepts a little of everything!

9- Wall paintings and clocks

Wall paintings and clocks can be a great option!

10- High Ceiling Height

The higher the ceiling height of the building, the larger can be the pieces of art used in the decoration. Support a modern painting on the wall, or choose a different centerpiece !

Don’t forget that metallic tones make all the difference in industrial decoration, so there is no need to dispense with metal shelves, niches or shelves (if they are already part of your environment). Still in this tone, you can use a work in shades of gray , or in metal.

11- What style of furniture should be used?

With more sober colors, such as black or grey, the sofa is a great choice for a living room! Coffee tables or side tables can also be used in the composition of the environment.

Don’t dismiss the use of a mat that fits the space! Try to choose one that is the same hue, preferably with smoother themes.

MDF furniture can be used, and metal furniture is also very interesting for industrial decoration, especially if they bring a more rustic feel. The hue can extend to lamps , chairs and tables!

Rustic pieces in general , coming from recycling, metals and irons can be the base of the materials used in the accessories that will compose an environment with industrial style decoration.

Attention! Do not exceed the limit! The idea is to create an environment that has easy movement of people and is not overloaded with information. Therefore, accessories and furniture must be used with caution, less is more!

12- How to reform with industrial style in mind?

Does this style please you? So don’t get left above in this trend!

It doesn’t take a major renovation to make the pipes visible or even change the size and style of your windows. Changing some coatings or even applying a wallpaper is possible to compose your environment in sober tones, with a greater predominance of gray, for example!

If that’s still too much for you, consider investing in decorative light fixtures or stools .

It doesn’t matter if you live on rent or if you own your house, there is always a chance to change the decor and print your style in the most varied rooms of the house, all it takes is a little creativity and planning.

So don’t let time go by, start planning your renovation or small modifications right now, and get to work.

Stay now with product inspirations for the composition of the Industrial Style Decoration:

13- Lygia Clark Crab Animal

A work developed by the Brazilian contemporary artist. The original works have been exhibited at the NY Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and are worth thousands of dollars. This reproduction was developed by the artist’s family and is authorized by the heirs, a plastic piece, released as accessible and super modern art!

14- Wall Clocks

As we said, wall clocks can be key in the composition of the environment with industrial style decoration.

15- Decorations in General

Carmel Concrete Vases – a simple option at a great price.

Vase Smoke , a sophisticated option, which appears in the left corner of the photo. This piece is part of a large collection of decorative vases.

These are just a few options you can find on the best home and decor portal on the internet!

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