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Classic Blue Color Decor Ideas for Your Home

Classic Blue is the color of 2021 and there are several ways to apply it in interior decoration. These foolproof tips will add more color and harmony to your home. The blue color is, in general, associated with an idea of ​​tranquility and harmony and this is one of the reasons why the tone is so used in interior decoration. But the associations to color go far beyond that.

When you think about the color blue, it is impossible not to associate it with water, the sky and even the sea. Although it is a color considered “cold”, the serenity that this tone brings to a space is remarkable, making it occupy a special place in the decoration (especially in the interior).

In fact, this color is so valued that it was highlighted by Pantone as the color of the year 2021 more properly in its Classic Blue variation. The famous institution associates color to the “sky at dusk” and also refers to the “feeling of peace and tranquility” that it brings “to the human spirit, offering refuge”.

Trust our suggestions now and learn more about how to use Classic Blue in interior decoration.

Decoration objects

Using Classic Blue in decorative objects is one of the biggest trends of 2021. The truth is that, by doing so, the investment turns out to be smaller and the return is equally pleasant in visual terms.

Therefore, there is no way to fail in choosing the best objects for the purpose. Focus on choosing a darker blue, ie “Classic Blue”. Find it, for example, in pillows (for the sofa or bed), in blankets, in bed linen or even in rugs.

Bet on textiles and fabrics

Speaking of rugs, there’s nothing better than combining the decoration of your space with components such as sofa covers or rugs with notes in different materials (and in the tone of the so-called Classic Blue).

One of the simplest options where you can use the 2021 color is in bath towels, for example. The same applies to curtain fabric (in any room in the house) and accessories you may have on display.

Use (and abuse) several shades of blue

Monochromatic is one of the biggest trends in recent times. In fact, using different shades of the same color, in the same room, is an asset to any corner of the house, because the environment is (much) more favored.

Imagine using different shades of Classic Blue in your living room or bedroom. You can start with a darker tone on the walls and opt for lighter tones in elements such as the headboard or sofa cushions.

Combine Classic Blue with other colors

Here, when we talk about “other colors”, we are not limited to those that, in one way or another, complement this “Classic Blue”. On the contrary, because the color of 2021 gains more life when combined with strong and contrasting colors that, at first glance, could never be combined.

Go further in decorating your space and combine Classic Blue with red, mustard yellow, purple and even orange. These are combinations that add a luxurious atmosphere to any space you enter.

Classic Blue and White

The combination between blue whatever it is and white is timeless and the idea gains even more prominence when we talk about Classic Blue, the color of 2021. In addition to being visually pleasing, the combination opens doors to immense possibilities, which are not limited to a single division.

In addition to the living room and bedroom, two of the most common spaces when it comes to interior decoration, the kitchen can (and should) benefit from this way of using Classic Blue. If you’re not completely convinced, there’s no need to take chances, and you can “play it safe” by keeping the walls white and, for example, the blue cabinets.

The same applies, for example, to bathrooms or any special corners you have at home, where the decoration stands out in a unique way. Using Classic Blue turns out to be much simpler when we talk about the decor and colors you already have at home. The truth is that it is easier to achieve the harmony and tranquility so desired in a home when the strong color is this “Classic Blue”.

Start by implementing simpler ideas and add little color notes to accessories or decorative objects. Start by complementing what you already have at home and you will see that the 2021 color, Classic Blue, will stand out in any of your choices.