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13 Ideas to Place Rugs in the Home

Rugs are essential in spaces that demand comfort and a cozy feeling. For those who still have doubts about using this decorative item, it is worth researching some composition references to get the arrangement and mix of pieces right.

Interested? So, follow now practical tips for placing the rug in every room in the house!

Consider the climate of the region where you live

Even with the predominance of heat, many regions of Brazil experience variations in temperature throughout the year. Therefore, it is interesting to adapt rugs to different climates to obtain the ideal comfort in the area in which you live.

1- Cold weather

In the cold of autumn or winter, it is normal for people to look for warmth and coziness in the fabrics and textures of the house. You can achieve this goal by arranging fluffy and terry rugs in the rooms. Bet on warm, earthy tones such as brown, beige, red, and khaki to increase well-being.

2- Hot climate

In hot regions, the situation is different: everyone wants a feeling of freshness indoors. For this, change the heavy and structured rugs for thinner pieces with smooth texture. Models made of sisal, straw, or jute are ideal because they are light and guarantee a soft touch.

3- Evaluate environmental measurements

In addition to beautifying the house, the rug also demarcates different areas within a single environment. That’s why you should evaluate floor measurements and furniture placement to choose a model that’s proportionate to the space. See below for tips to get the piece disposition right:

4- Bedrooms:

When decorating a double room, the tip is to use a rug that covers the entire area of ​​the bed and nightstands. In children’s or singles’ bedrooms, the carpet does not necessarily need to be present throughout the whole area; you can place a single small rug beside the bed.

5- Bathrooms:

you can use the traditional set of rugs (with individual pieces for a shower box, toilet, and toilet) or have a large model to cover the entire floor with free circulation.

6- Corridors:

Call for crosswalks big enough to cover the walkway.

7- Living room:

Avoid small rugs as they visually reduce the area of ​​the room. To give the feeling of spaciousness, the carpet should encompass the entire scope of ​​the television, coffee table, and seats, with the ends under the sofa.

8- Dining room:

The rug should be big enough to cover the dining table and the entire seating area. So, invest in a piece that extends at least 30 cm from the chair legs.

9- Kitchen:

Small American-style kitchens may have a single rug on the floor. If the room is large, keep individual rectangular pieces at the base of work areas (sink, countertop, stove).

10- Balance beauty, safety, and practicality

Before placing the rugs in each area, make sure that the composition will be beautiful, practical, and safe for all users at the same time. To help you, we list some points that deserve attention:

11- Color:

Access areas of the house receive more dirt from the street and need to be sanitized more often. To maintain a clean appearance longer, place dark-colored rugs on doors and hallways. This option is also ideal for disguising pet fur.

12- Material:

Many people are sensitive to dust and debris that accumulate on carpets. To avoid allergies, the tip is to opt for pieces made of synthetic fibers or made with anti-mite substances.

13- Thickness: 

Houses inhabited by the elderly and young children should be decorated with carpets of thin thickness and smooth texture to avoid accidents with falls and trips.

Now that you know how to place rugs in each room, the next step is to choose models that match the style of the home to create beautiful, functional combinations.