Easter Decoration

19 Attractive and Inspirational Ideas for Easter Decor

A festive period full of color and delights… Easter inspires us to decorate the house in different ways: baskets, rabbits, colors, flowers, eggs… There are so many options, but what about the ideas? Here we have 18 of them to cheer you up!

1- Vintage-Style Easter

Try going back to the old days with a vintage-style Easter, which can be easily inserted into your home decor. Justisplay chic and antique pieces or opt for decorative elements in pastel shades. A very charming inspiring idea, isn’t it!

2- Old-Fashioned Porcelain

Just like the house, the decor on the Easter supper table can also be vintage. Use old-fashion porcelain and surprise your guests with DYI decorative elements such as an Easter-inspired placemark or napkin rings. Both are original ideas that are very simple to implement.

3- Eggs painted with fabrics or paints

Easter eggs are not only the most traditional food of this season, but a part of the decoration. To use them to your advantage, the possibilities are endless: eggs with various patterns, quotes, rhinestones, eggs painted with fabrics or paints…. use your imagination and inspiration!

4- Shades of black

We know that Easter is a colorful celebration, but nothing prevents you from implementing original ideas in a decor in shades of black, after all, a basic little black suits any festive occasion.

5- A Minimalist-Style

A minimalist-style decor can perfectly be included in the home environments, whether it be through rabbits and porcelain dishes, flower arrangements and, of course, the inspiring Easter eggs!

6- Natural Minimalist Style

Remember that minimalist decor is not just black and white, it’s also a natural style, perfect for displaying decorative elements made with rough wood, stone, concrete… and lots of creativity too!

7- Flowery Easter

Flowers are always inspiring and welcome in home decor. For a flowery Easter, spread various vases with floral arrangements in the most varied colors throughout the environments.

8- Turn eggs into vases and flower beds

Another original and inspiring idea to include flowers in Easter decor is to turn eggs into vases and flower beds! Just plant flower seedlings in the shells or egg boxes. So simple, how beautiful!

9- Vegetable Arrangements

Instead of using floral arrangements, how about innovating in Easter decoration with vegetable arrangements? The beautiful shades of green contrast with the orange color of the carrots, giving the Easter decor a completely organic, elegant and simple look.

10- Recycle the glass bottle

Recycle the glass bottles and use them as a vase to display beautiful and colorful flowers. And in an Easter rhythm, customize the bottles with themed elements such as bunnies and eggs. An inspiring, sustainable and very simple idea!

11- One Color

What if instead of being colored, the Easter decoration was in one color? You can choose a color and use its various shades to decorate the table with napkins, tablecloth, candles, flowers, eggs…

12- The Rustic Style

The rustic style makes any environment more welcoming. And for Easter there are lots of original ideas! Just lay some eggs. decorated or natural. on a burlap and it already has a rustic decor.

13- Beautiful crown with branches and foliage

More original ideas for a rustic-style Easter? Use tree branches, flowers, table leaves… Ah! And a beautiful crown with branches and foliage also contributes to an authentic rustic decoration.

14- Picture of Easter bunnies

Do you want a simple and original touch in the decoration of the Easter supper table? Use the picture of Easter bunnies to create beautiful napkin rings or place markers. You can also use them to write inspiring messages to guests.

15- Stick the stickers

A festive Easter decoration is welcome to make this season more joyful. Get inspired by the Lego game and decorate the eggs with this theme! In what way? Just stick the stickers in the center of each egg. Simple, isn’t it?

16- Scandinavian Style Easter

How about having a more cozy and Scandinavian style Easter? Add traditional materials of this style to the decor, such as wood, stone, glass and natural decorative elements in copper or silver.

17- Feathers and String

For a more original Scandinavian decor, decorate the Easter eggs with feathers and string and place them on a center table next to light-toned candles and flowers. The result? Simply delicate!

18- Decoration of the eggs

What if instead of displaying Easter wreaths around the house, they were complementing the decoration of the eggs? Do you have a more inspiring and simple way to use this decorative element? Here the less, gets much more prominence!

19- Geometric Shapes

Designing decorative elements is another original idea that allows you to customize Easter decor. Get inspired by geometric shapes and colors and draw cute bunnies, eggs, carrots, flowers… let your imagination run wild!