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11 Small Apartment Decor Ideas and Tricks

We are going to see ideas for decorating small apartments , because the trend is that we are increasingly living in smaller spaces due to the high prices of homes in large cities. Today I’m going to show you decorating tricks to make your house look bigger and show photos of small flats to inspire you and apply the ideas that you like the most.

1- Decoration tricks in small floors to make them look bigger

Nordic style small apartment decoration

It is important to think about the decoration as a whole, it is no longer worth buying little things and placing them on the floor, now you have to think globally , see the decoration as a whole. That is the secret of decorators and interior designers, combining furniture and colors taking into account everything in each room.

2- Wall color

We started with the painting of the walls and the ceiling. It should be as clear as possible , in this way the spaces will appear larger and it will reflect the light, which will multiply the feeling of spaciousness. If blank walls seem bland to you, check out this article on how to decorate with white walls.

You can add small touches of color to bring the floor to life. A red cushion, a purple orchid, a green square, etc.

3- Furniture and decoration

Do not fill the rooms with furniture and accessories, put only what is necessary and do not be afraid that it will be bland. See how to do it with the example of these beautiful houses inside , you can be inspired and take ideas.

Use furniture of various uses to take advantage of the space. A trundle bed, stools or hollow end tables for storage inside, mirrored sliding door cabinets , etc. Get creative with storage – it’s one of the best ways to keep a small flat neat and efficient.

As far as possible we have to give double function to the furniture so as not to fill the floor with junk that takes away visual space. Coffee tables with drawers, sofas with chests. Any furniture that can be used to store is well received and will help us to make the apartment appear larger.

4- Clear furniture

If you like dark furniture, you would have to make an effort and switch to light furniture. Dark colors absorb light and act as a visual wall , giving the feeling of dividing the space making the room appear smaller. On the other hand, the light furniture bounces the light and does not give such a sensation of dividing it.

Another trick with furniture, for example the coffee table, the telephone table, etc., is that if possible they have legs instead of being made of a block. By having legs we can see through them and they do not act as space dividers.

5- Inputs and Outputs

Do not close the doors, if you close them they will restrict the view to the next room, therefore the space of the room will end where the closed door is.

If you have the doors open and you let the light in through the windows, the spaces will appear larger, the room will continue beyond the door and we will make our apartment appear larger .

6- Illumination

Take advantage of natural light in the decoration of small apartments. If you have large windows, do not cover them with thick curtains, let the light in. Small flats without light seem even smaller, they can even be a bit overwhelming.

Here you have ideas to take advantage of the windows . If you have little natural light, use a lot of white light lamps with energy-saving light bulbs.

7- Reflect the Light

A good way is to put mirrors on the walls opposite the windows to bounce natural light throughout the bedroom, adding an extra dimension to the feeling of spaciousness.

If the room is painted white we are also going to reflect the light, but if we have it painted dark what we are going to do is have a feeling of boxing in, we must avoid dark colors. If you can’t resist and want to paint dark, let it be just a wall , and never the ceiling.

These are some simple tricks to decorate small floors, but since each space is different, here are tips to decorate each area of ​​your floor:

8- Small room decoration

The rooms in the small apartments tend to be in the background, the right things fit, we use them to sleep and little else. But that’s not why we have to neglect them, spectacular results can be achieved with little space.

In addition to the previous tips, a good idea is to place open closets and donkeys for clothes , in this way we decorate with our wardrobe and do not subtract visual space with large closets.

9- Small kitchen decoration

Kitchens have to be beautiful and functional, a designer kitchen is useless if you have little space and you don’t have everything at hand ready to cook.

Like the previous tip, open shelving is a good solution because you don’t take away visual space with closed cabinets. The tableware itself is used to decorate and is also super functional since everything is in sight and within reach. The bad thing is the dust and grease that can accumulate, it is practical and beautiful but not too clean.

Another option if you don’t like open shelves is to paint the top white and the bottom a dark color without turning black. The contrast between light and dark is very good and does not give a feeling of small space.

If you like to cook, it will be difficult to have the right things, because we need many kitchen utensils and accessories, so here you have a complete guide to decorating small kitchens.

Also, if you are not good at organization, you can read 10 tricks to organize the kitchen.

10- Small bathroom decoration

Bathrooms are usually the most forgotten space in terms of decoration. Unless we are going to completely renovate it, when we buy or rent an apartment it is already assembled and there is little room for maneuver.

But all is not lost, with simple tips we can give it a totally new look, make it look bigger and feel more relaxed. Remove the bathtub and put a shower tray , change the tiles for white tones , place open shelves and remove the cabinets.

11- Decoration of small hallways

The hallways are usually all small, be it a house or a flat. It is an area that serves to receive or serve people and to leave coats, keys, umbrellas, etc. at hand. It does not have much mystery, but if you want you can see examples of modern hall decoration.

These are some small floor decoration ideas, but before decorating yours you cannot miss the 9 most common decoration mistakes . And if you like the world and would like to learn how to decorate like a magazine, you can start with these interior decoration books.