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20+ Ideas for Using Photos to Decorate Your Walls

Decorating walls with photos is a trend that more and more interior designers are using because it is the way to personalize the most unique decoration that exists. Photographs are no longer as static an element as before, they were placed in a frame and placed on top of the furniture or hung on the wall, now the decoration with photos is dynamic, fun thanks to new technologies that allow making photomurals, hanging paintings without making holes, printing images on vinyl and a long list of possibilities.

1. Decorate walls with family photos

You can decorate a wall with family photos by following this nice idea. You paint the wall a dark color to contrast with a gallery of several photos on a white background and a wood-colored frame.

2. A living room wall decorated with black and white photos

Black and white photos have a lot of visual power because they are not distracting with the colors and we focus on the shapes. To emphasize it even more, it is a good idea to place them in a black frame with a white background. And if you want to give it a vintage look, choose rounded corners.

3. The wall of the staircase decorated with old photos

This idea is very eclectic, mixing eras, styles and sizes, but with a well-combined result because with very good criteria they have chosen all the frames of the same color. You can make impossible blends while maintaining consistency if you choose the same type of frame in all photographs and paintings.

4. Decorate walls with photos hanging on strings

This idea is already a classic because of how good it looks and how easy it is to add and change the photos according to the time of year or the new memories that you are generating.

You can do it yourself with rope and small clips or there are also photo hangers that come with all the accessories.

5. Decorate walls with Polaroid photos

This idea is like the previous one but with wires instead of rope. Polaroid-type photos are more beautiful due to their vintage style with the classic white frame. You don’t need to buy a Polaroid camera, you can print them with this effect.

6. How to decorate walls with photos and lights

If you want to level up with this style of decorating walls with photos you can add led lights, you will see that they are incredible. It is a way to greatly enhance the visual focus and focus the gaze on each of the photographs.

The ones in the photo are these 12 meter garlands of Led lights that also have a remote control to blink, to raise or lower the intensity and several other options.

7. A wall decorated with photos hanging from a fishing net

There are other very cool options like this fishing net to hang super original photos, especially if you like Mediterranean decoration. It is very practical because in addition to photos you can hang postcards, reminders and everything you can think of.

8. Decorate walls with travel photos

Decorating walls with travel photos is a wonderful feeling because it transports you back to those special moments. It is a good idea to plan the combination of images you want to hang so that they match each other. But since this is difficult because each place has a different atmosphere, you can create uniform mosaics, make the shapes match.

9. The wall of the room decorated with photos hanging on racks

These metal racks are great on the desk in the room or office because they allow you to hang all kinds of objects, also personal photos or memories.

The ones in the photo are this set of 2 grid panels with accessories such as hooks, clips and rope.

10. The living room wall decorated with a nature mural

Photomurals are an impressive resource to decorate a wall, instead of painting it you can place a mural of a city, a landscape or a trip you have made. They are so enveloping that they can transport uus to the place of photography, and if we accompany it with objects from the same context, the experience can be unmatched.

11. Tree stickers to decorate with photos

Decorate the living room wall with photos and pictures

Vinyl or stickers for walls are an excellent solution to give life to the room, they are used more and more because they have infinite possibilities. You can buy a vinyl already made or you can have one made with the image that comes to mind.

First they began to be seen in children’s rooms, with drawings and characters from the TV, but little by little we adults have been realizing the great potential of decorative vinyl and they are beginning to be a regular in many interior design.

12. Decorate the wall with many pictures

Putting a lot of pictures is a good idea if you like to decorate with photos and frames but you don’t want it to look like your parents’ house. It gives it a modern, carefree and less static air than one or two medium-sized paintings.

Don’t worry about boring holes in the entire wall, there are products that allow us to place pictures without drilling holes in the wall.

If all the frames are the same color, you achieve uniformity in the whole, they will not look like many pictures together but a set of pictures. If it seems very boring you can put the frames with colors of the same chromatic family, pastel colors, vibrant colors, brown colors, etc.

To play with the spaces you can decorate with empty frames, the effect is very cool.

13. Decorate walls with large photos without frames

Large photos are a good resource to dress the walls of our home, they are halfway between wall murals and standard-size paintings. Being so big they look really good, especially if it is a personalized photo, of a trip, of a city that you like or landscapes that make you feel relaxed.

They are versatile, they can be placed at the head of the bed, on top of the sofa presiding over the living room, on the wall of a room, or wherever you can think of.

If you have a small apartment they are a very good resource, because if you put furniture they take away space from the room, but if you put a large photo you keep the breadth with a very modern and beautiful decoration, all eyes will be on the photo, you will see.

14. Decorate a wall with hexagonal frames

A good way to break away from the conventional square frames is to transform the shapes, like this set of hexagonal frames to decorate a wall with frames. When taking the photo, try to keep what is important in the center because what is on the sides will be cut off.

15. Decorate the bedroom wall with photos and postcards

The bedrooms take on a special air when you personalize them with photos, postcards and event tickets that you have enjoyed. With frames it is complicated because the shapes and sizes are not at all standard, which is why metal grids work so well.

16. Decorate walls with personal photos and macramé

This macrame mural to hang photos on the wall is super pretty, I really like how it looks. The idea is the same as the rope hangers we have seen before, but with a unique style.

17. Decorate the dining room wall in the Gallery Wall style

Gallery Walls are galleries of images on the wall. To make them look good, it has to be a set of many photographs in a square or rectangular formation, with the same frames and if possible all of the same size. In this way, although the images are of different colors and styles, the gallery manages to create a set of great visual strength.

18. A wall decorated with photos in the shape of a heart

An inexpensive, fast and beautiful way to decorate walls with photos is by placing them directly on the wall without frames and creating a heart shape between them.

19. The hall wall decorated with photos and neat frames

The idea is the same as with the Gallery Wall, but this time in the hall which is often an underrated area. We tend to give more prominence to the living room or bedrooms, but the hall is the best ambassador of our house because it is the first thing visitors see upon entering.

20. A white wall decorated with photos

On a white wall, what is best is the contrasts, and what better contrast than black. Decorating white walls with photos is easy if you choose a black frame with a white background and monochrome photos or images. They can be in black and white or another monochrome, but that there are not many colors.

21. Decorate walls with photos without frames hanging from a hanger

An original idea to decorate walls with photos without frames is to hang them with hangers. Said like this it may seem a bit strange but, if the hangers are pretty and you make a good composition, the set is super cool. You can hang from photos, through canvases and drawings of your children.