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Tips to Keep Your Decoration From Fading

Just as we have tricks to stay young and beautiful, or to make our clothes fit better, there are also tricks so that the decoration does not age and never goes out of style. We have all seen houses that were very well decorated at the time, but they have not been renovated, and although everything is new because it has been taken care of very well, it shows that it is out of date. Today I bring you these simple tricks so that your decoration does not age, and although the years go by it does not seem from another time.

White paint on the walls

Painting the house white can make it seem a bit bland when the fashions of painting the walls of some garish color arrive, but these fashions just as they arrive they go away. Painting is relatively inexpensive if we do it ourselves, and necessary every 5 years at most. So it is not the most important trick, as it can be easily changed, but it is recommended to achieve that timeless style that we are looking for.

Stripes never go out of style

Since when do we see striped decoration? From a lifetime, both in fashion and in interior design, stripes have always been there, so it is a guarantee that no matter how many years go by, they will not look outdated, as we always keep them in mind.

Wooden floors

The carpets and any type of design in the tiles in the end ends up going out of style. For example, terrazzo on floors over 20 years old, or patterned floors on floors over 50 years old, is something that you have surely seen a lot of times. The best way that a floor never goes out of style is to put it in wood, and now that vintage is taking place, if the wood is old it will be even more modern.

Smooth fabrics with long-lasting colors

If you have curtains, sofa upholstery, towels, or bed textiles, the less patterns they have the better, if they are completely smooth they will never go out of style. Also make sure they are of good quality so they won’t fade when washed or in direct sunlight. Because no matter how smooth they are, if they are discolored they give a feeling of very ugly decadence.

Change cushion covers regularly

The cushions are perfect to give that modern touch that a timeless home needs. So in order not to go out of style following fashion, it is best to buy cushion covers and change them according to the trends of the moment. Why? Because they are cheap, quick to replace and it is always necessary to give a different touch so as not to fall into monotony.

The books

Books never go out of style, ebooks are popular now, but a good paper book is something that always looks great.

Vintage pieces

Vintage decoration has been a trend for some years now, and its popularity has only just begun, it has yet to continue growing. But even if it is a fashion that can last 10 – 15 years, vintage pieces, individually, are here to stay, they are like works of art, and art never goes out of style.