Hallway Decor

10 Decor Keys for Black and White Receivers

In the hallways is where we welcome our guests and the first thing we see when we enter the house. It is an area that is sometimes forgotten but with a lot of potential, and color is one of the most important elements. That is why we are going to see ideas and examples of black and white hallways so that you can be inspired and decorate yours like a magazine.

Color is important in hallways because in terms of furniture they are somewhat limited, they are usually small or narrow and there is not much room for maneuver. But with colors we can get great visual effects.

1- How to decorate a black and white hall

If you have followed the guide to decorate a house in black and white, you will have seen that black subtracts light and makes spaces seem smaller, so you have to try to make white the protagonist to achieve just the opposite. Something curious happens in the hall, and that is that this rule can be broken.

2- Dark colors may predominate

Perhaps it may seem that it does not make sense because they are usually small spaces and almost always without windows. But it is an area of ​​passage where we do not live , it does not have to be white, even a white hall with little light can be depressing.

In contrast, a dark hall with little light is elegant, intimate and sophisticated . You just have to light well the important areas, such as the mirror, where you leave the keys, where you hang your clothes, the shoe rack.

3- White on the walls and black on the furniture

This contradicts the previous section because you can choose the style that you like the most. If you prefer a white hall, you can add black to the furniture and accessories. In this case it is better not to place too many things so as not to cram it, the minimalist style or the Nordic style is more beautiful.

4- Add different textures

The textures add warmth, are cozy and break the somewhat cold patterns that a black and white hall can have. Put a carpet on the floor, a plant, a wooden furniture. The idea is to get a bit out of the strong contrast of black and white with different textures.

5- A dash of color to bring life

The combination of black and white is always great, it is to play it safe because they are complementary when they marry perfectly. But these two colors can be a bit dull , they can sin of lack of life.

If you add some wood-colored furniture you get it more cozy, if you add a green plant you get it more natural, and if you add a bright color accessory you get a well-balanced hall with a super nice touch of vibrancy.

Now that we have seen the tricks or keys to decorate hallways in black and white, let’s see examples and real photos of different styles so that you can be inspired and design your own.

6- Minimalist black and white hall

Minimalist black and white hallways are characterized by white as the predominant color with black as a complement. It is important that there are few things and that everything is well ordered.

7- Modern black and white hall

Modern black and white hallways follow current trends and can be in any style. Now minimalism, vintage and Nordic are carried away, so you can choose any of these styles, even mix them up.

8- Nordic black and white hall

The Nordic style is based on light colors and wood, which if it is worn old-fashioned by the passage of time is much more beautiful as it is vintage.

9- Small black and white hall

In small hallways you have to put what is just and necessary, and use the combination of these two colors as the main element of the decoration. The pictures hanging on the wall also work very well, because they do not occupy anything and dress the hall.

10- Narrow black and white hall

Something similar happens with the little ones, as there is limited space, you have to focus on decorating with the combination of black and white, along with elements on the walls. Here you can place a mirror, a coat rack and a small piece of furniture that does not take up too much space for passage.