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How to Choose Between a Mirror and a Decorative Panel

Do you have an empty wall and don’t know how to decorate it? We can help. Find out how to choose between a mirror and a decorative panel and how to take care of the pieces. The task is not easy, but if you follow our tips, the process will be simpler. There are some aspects to take into account before choosing the decorative object that will occupy the wall (or walls) at home.

Issues that seem so obvious and that end up forgotten so many times. Aspects such as the room in question, the size of the wall and the decoration colors cannot be ignored when choosing.

But choosing between a mirror and a decorative panel is also something that depends a lot on your personal taste. So, in addition to taking into account the questions that we present to you below, don’t forget your preferences.

The division

First of all, it is important to know which room the mirror or decorative panel is intended for. This information is essential in order not to compromise the style of decoration that is already in the space.
If the room in question follows an industrial style or an 80’s decor , it is important that harmony is maintained. If we are, for example, talking about the room, both pieces are able to fit (and complement) the environment.

However, if we are talking about a child’s room, the most suitable element is the decorative panel. Before making your decision, therefore, think about the room where you want to place this decorative object.

The size of the wall

The size of the wall is another issue to be taken into account in this decision process. The choice between a mirror or a decorative panel therefore depends on the space you want to see occupied.
You may want to cover the wall with a large piece that takes up most of the empty space. If, instead, you want to decorate a smaller wall, it is advisable to opt for a mirror or decorative panel in the same proportion.

Having this notion of space is very important. There are pieces that are better suited to larger areas, while others stand out in smaller spaces. Don’t forget that we are talking about a complement to the decoration you already have at home, and not an object that steals all the attention.

The purpose

Both the mirror and the decorative panel contribute to a modern home decor . But we cannot deny that they both have a different purpose.

While the mirror reflects the image of someone (or something), the decorative panel merely occupies a space, embellishing it in some way.

This is a question to consider in your selection process. This is because, as much as you pay attention to all these issues, the truth is that you may be specifically looking for a mirror given your purpose.

If we go back to the first point that we covered in this article, the division, the truth is that you may be looking for a mirror for the bathroom. As you can see, it is important to cross all this information to make the right decision.

Care to be taken

Decorative mirror

There are several mirrors to choose from. And, as decorative as they are, the truth is that they lack the same care as glass. Therefore, in addition to frequently cleaning the mirror frame (with a microfiber cloth, preferably), you should also use a glass cleaner. This ensures that the entire surface is free from stains and dust particles.

Decorative panel

The decorative panel is also a very fragile piece. Even though it doesn’t include glass, these pieces are very worked and require the greatest care. Therefore, the best cleaning you can do is to pass a microfiber cloth over it, ensuring that it does not accumulate unnecessary dust. Do not use detergents or vacuum cleaners as this can damage the panel in question.

The care to be taken with each of the pieces also weighs on your decision. The truth is, you might be looking for a mirror or decorative panel that doesn’t require a lot of careā€”and there’s no harm in that.

In this case, in addition to taking into account the issues presented, you should (even) reflect more on the size of the piece you are looking for. Inevitably, a larger piece will require more care.

Basically, it is important to respect the surrounding space, especially the one that will surround the mirror or decorative panel. It is equally important that you respect the colors of each room, so as not to harm the created environment.

Thus, it guarantees that the piece you choose will always respect the place where it is found, complementing it in a unique way.