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10 Elegant and Sober Mirror Decor Ideas for Bathroom

How can I, in all these years, have only spoken once about mirrors in the bathroom? Unforgivable mistake that I’m going to solve now! Mirrors in the bathroom and toilets are essential (how can you imagine a bathroom that doesn’t have one?

Mirrors in the bathroom

1- Mirrors on the cabinet doors

Bathroom mirrors – bathroom with green tablets

In addition to being elements that add beauty to the environment, they are necessary for the exercise of various activities, they help to improve lighting (by reflecting the light in the bathroom), they can cover closet doors, whether or not they are built-in and give a feeling of spaciousness – the which is great for small bathrooms.

2- Washroom with texture on tile

Mirror starting at the baseboard and going up to the ceiling great for small bathrooms and washrooms.

Technical Issues of Bathroom Mirrors

3- On the purchase

Oval mirror without frame, away from the wall with lighting from behind

Mirror quality is always important, especially in bathrooms and washrooms, the wettest areas of the house.

A mirror is a colorless glass that has a silver film (which turns it into a mirror) on top.

The glass must have no distortions, bubbles or streaks. When it is thin and/or very large, it is more susceptible to distortion.

Medium mirrors should be at least 4 mm thick and very large ones, such as full-wall mirrors, 6 mm.

Separate mirrors for each tub, rectangular, with curved edges away from the backlit wall.

The material is protected by special paint and edge sealants. Do not buy mirrors that have streaks in this protective paint.

Low quality products allow the mirror to oxidize which causes irremovable stains.

Mirror on the cabinet doors built into the wall, with a niche at the bottom.

Make sure, when purchasing, that the mirror packaging informs that the product meets the requirements of ABNT (Brazilian Association of Technical Standards).

Mirrors need a space for the material’s natural expansion, which varies from mirror to mirror and the way of installation (whole or not, screwed or with clips, framed, etc.

Rectangular mirror, horizontally, away from the wall with lighting behind and above the skirting. Gives the impression that the bathroom is longer Photo.

Therefore, mirrors fixed to the walls need skilled labor to do this job.

4- At Installation

Wheelchair User

The best product to fix your mirror is neutral silicone, applied vertically, in fillets, to prevent water accumulation. It should be at least 3mm away from the wall so that there is air circulation, which helps to prevent moisture build-up. And the place where it will be installed must be level, dry and clean.

Mirror starting on the countertop that has no skirting Photo

5- The cleaning

Use a dry, soft, clean cloth to remove dust. Then wipe with a clean cloth dampened with alcohol or warm water. Then dry the mirror with another clean, dry cloth. Never let cleaning water run from the walls behind the mirror.

Separate mirrors for each tub, starting at the bench and going up to the ceiling, glued to the wall. They give the impression of higher ceilings.

6- Size of mirrors in the bathroom

To get a good view of your body, choose mirrors that are at least 30cm wide. The height should be, at the very least , such that even the biggest person in the house can see himself without having to bend down to see his whole head.

Mirrors starting at least 1.30m from the floor give a good overall view of the body. A simple mirror, but with a nice shape and frame can decorate your bathroom very well.

7- Shapes and ways of placing mirrors in the bathroom

As you can already see in the photos, there are countless shapes and ways to put mirrors in the bathroom.

It all depends on your personal taste and specific needs, in addition to the bathroom layout, style and shape of the countertop, tub and faucets used.

You can create a lot! But, pay attention to these tips:

Different formats are welcome as long as they don’t interfere with functionality

What not to do with mirrors in the bathroom:

8- Avoid placing 2 mirrors facing each other:

The “infinite” effect is not pretty and can be distressing for many people.

Mirrors with a beveled finish are perfect for more classic bathrooms.

9- Be careful with the use of mirrors from the floor:

They can cause accidents if placed in places where they can be broken or where a person can be mistaken and think that the toilet “goes on” (this can happen, believe me! Even more so in poorly lit bathrooms).

Avoid using mirrors that are too small or sets of mirrors that do not allow one person to see themselves in one piece:

This is often annoying because it disrupts some activities. So, are you feeling more prepared to choose your bathroom mirror?