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20+ Interior Wall Planks That Can “Warm” Your Room

The wood is solid and can be used for all purposes in the home. For example, the cladding traditionally installed outside is now invited into the living space. Due to its natural thermal properties, this modern wood coating makes the interior particularly warm. More or fewer ribs also bring a unique charm to the decoration. It can be said that this finish creates a soft and comfortable atmosphere reminiscent of a country house or a seaside residence, and the many variations of wood allow you to adopt it in all rooms without worrying about overuse. Read on to find out if the wood siding is the right solution for your home!

1- Inviting the wooden siding inside to add a new skin to our walls

Betting on wooden siding is a great way to stand out from the colorful paint and wallpaper that dominate our interior design. To ensure authenticity, this natural material coating wraps the room in a friendly atmosphere, and it is a pleasure to meet. Indeed, wooden walls do not have a purely aesthetic effect. They combine technical advantages and are particularly useful for adjusting the volume of more or less narrow spaces.

The siding is usually made of wooden boards that are interlocked or overlapped throughout the wall. For example, vertically placed thin slats visually push back a ceiling that is too low, and plinth installation is the best way to rebalance the space.

Interior designers have widely praised painted solid wood, and they did not hesitate to incorporate it into their new house to add charm. It is indeed wise revenge for this paneled covering, which has previously been negatively affected by improper use of materials. As a result, after a few minor changes, the interior wood siding can restore its beautiful appearance.

Although the paneling was once discreet, its design has now become more decorative and prominent. The purpose of wooden siding is to make your walls expressive and thus contribute to the house’s appearance. Therefore, particular outlines are overly embossed, and prominent vertical lines alternately appear empty and full, giving people the impression of rhythm and brilliance.

Therefore, wood has depth and its style. He changed his mind, changed his opinion. Its surface treatments are almost countless paint, varnish or rust stains, and various surface treatments: planed, polished, structured to reveal the wood grain. Regardless of the color of this noble material, the result is always a stylish and comfortable wall material.

2- Advantages of wooden wall cladding

There is a recent upward trend in wood planks, and this is for a good reason. More and more professionals adopt this insulation and decoration method and recommend their customers use it to decorate interior walls. This is indeed very profitable in many ways.

3- Economic and ecological substitution

If you are interested in wooden wall cladding, please know that this is a very environmentally friendly solution. In fact, unlike materials such as concrete and PVC, the wood conversion process does not require too many steps that would pollute nature. In addition, when it comes from forests, wood is renewable. It is a material with long service life. Of course, it all depends on the type because not all species have the same characteristics.

4- Aesthetics and resistance

According to the type, surface treatment, pattern, and color, wood can be made into fashionable wall materials. When done, it will add a modern feel to your room image.

You should know that wood is durable. This also has excellent flame retardant properties. As an indicator, its thermal conductivity is 200 times lower than that of metal. Therefore, it is a very safe material in case of fire. However, it will age over time, which is entirely normal.

Aging does not mean that the wood has become too brittle. Please note that this process is usually uneven and depends entirely on the amount of sunlight that the exposed surface gets. To avoid this phenomenon, dyeing must be carried out. The latter also helps protect the wood from fungus and moisture.

5- Insulation and comfort

If you decide to use wood for wall decoration, this is an opportunity to improve the insulation of your house and prepare for the winter. The first thing to note is that wood is naturally the material that makes the room comfortable to live in. And according to the layout, it can provide adequate low-temperature protection. However, there are two ways to do this you can perform vertical wood siding or horizontal siding.

As we already said, in addition to its beautiful appearance and durability, wooden siding is also an excellent insulator. By combining it with external wall insulation, you can enjoy high-quality insulation for all indoor spaces. It eliminates the temperature bridge to avoid energy loss. It successfully covered various cracks in the wall. Finally, this is an excellent solution to improve the sound insulation of a house.

6- Easy installation

There are no particular restrictions on the installation of wooden siding. The process is straightforward.

7- The most aristocratic and most famous species

Modern kitchen noble wood fa├žade laid horizontally.

8- Douglas

Originated from sustainably managed forests in France, this wood has straight and medium grain. Its light brown-yellow sapwood gives people an elegant, warm, and authentic spirit. Douglas (Douglas) timber exterior wall hardly deforms over time and has outstanding natural durability. Its resin content makes it resistant to insects and fungi.

9- Western Red Cedar

This slow-growing species comes from Canadian forests, and its wood exhibits unique color changes. It is slightly veined, light yellow, salmon, or dark brown. It has straight lines and regular fine lines. It is known for its unparalleled stability and aesthetics and its volatile insect repellent oil content.

10- Oak

From sustainably managed French forests, oak is a tree species that do not require preservative treatment. Oak contains:

  • Tannins.
  • Giving it natural durability.
  • Making it the preferred wall material for homeowners who appreciate warm and stylish interiors.

11- Chestnut

Judging from the forests of Brittany and Normandy, it is a very resistant native species without any conservative treatment. This is because chestnut trees contain tannins, which give them natural durability. This noble essence has a lively beauty and light and warm tone.

12- Larch

The forests from eastern Russia or Siberia provide us with dense wood for this slow-growing tree species. Yellow to reddish pink wood has the advantages of straight and fine lines. This is ideal for creating a comfortable and tranquil environment in a mountain hut.

How to maintain the wooden outer wall of the inner wall?

13-Cozy interior restaurant with wooden masonry wall ceiling

Over time, even protected wood will degrade dust, stains, discoloration. Certain cleaning products can restore it to its previous beauty. To protect the wood and give it a good finish, use a saturant. Another advantage is that it can limit ashing, which is a normal phenomenon for some time. However, if you can’t stand it, you can use a degreaser to brighten the blackened surface, restore the original color, and remove stains and rust.

For its part, stains can protect the invisible layer of the wall covering while allowing it to breathe. In the same spirit, we can also choose paint by creating a protective layer on the wood. Finally, know that these solvent-free products contain natural ingredients that respect the environment.

14- Wooden wall covering different kinds of horizontal installation

The stylish colors of these horizontal wood panels bring luxury and modernity to the living room. The matte effect of the latter is also more prominent. Adding textiles and textures in contrasting tones seems like a piece of cake and can bring you a beautiful residential area. The wooden parquet floor helps to create the overall atmosphere of the room while at the same time providing continuity.

15- Bathroom wooden siding interior wall red cedar raw lattice

This light wood-walled bathroom convinces us that we are in a real Scandinavian space. The vertical installation adjusts the size of the room and gives a feeling of expansion. Dark granite furniture and ultra-clean glacier lighting demonstrate the purity of the surface.

16- Scandinavian style bedroom wooden headboard siding installed vertically

Recycled weathered wood is used to cover the wall, which can also be used as an oversized headboard. In addition to its protective function, this wood and paint wall material also plays an entirely decorative role to add design value to the main space, thanks to other natural and soft textures and colors.

17- Lightwood wall cladding with inclined internal laying

Tilted wooden siding can add value to even the most straightforward space to decorate. As for the furniture, you can choose the Scandinavian style, which must match the geometric pattern and the elegant style to bring surprising freshness to the interior.

18- Wooden siding decorative wall living room American style

However, this living room is furnished in a mountain chalet style. It has a bit of ultra-modern charm due to the combination of natural stone and solid wood and other raw materials and the exquisite materials for decorating comfortable furniture.

19- Decorative style entrance interior wall cladding light wood shingle small tiles

It’s incredible how a small part of the composite wall revitalizes the gray interior and arouses people’s interest in spaces like corridors, which usually leave people indifferent.

20- Entrance wall covering, wooden siding, solid oak slats, Scandinavian installation

The wall base has more protective functions. However, with a little more imagination, you can even say that it complements simple furniture and even adds a sense of luxury.

21- Douglas strip edge covered by light wood wall

According to some interior design designers, uniformity is modern. On the contrary, even the most sterile environment requires a cautious green nod to make a difference.