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Discover 10 Styles of Decoration and Find Out Which One Is Yours

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Building a house is not just about putting lots of beautiful items around the rooms. It’s showing your personality, preferences, mood, and even your routine. Therefore, it is essential to find out which of the numerous decor styles most closely resembles your aesthetic tastes.


As each person is unique, so are the decorative styles. There are thousands of combinations that can be made to arrive at a space that pleases its residents. That’s why we selected ten aesthetics on the rise and can serve as a basis for building your environments, thus allowing you to discover which one is your favorite.

1 – Boho for homes with a story to tell

1 – Boho for homes with a story to tell

Do you know that comic that a friend brought from a trip? It goes into the decoration, as well as other family memorabilia, gifts, and heirlooms. The boho style asks the resident to tell their story on walls, shelves, corner tables, and wherever else there is space.

The boho decor is an excellent mix of folk, hippie chic, vintage and rustic and aims to create clean, cozy, and personality-filled spaces. To adopt it, just let your imagination flow, and don’t be afraid to combine different materials, prints, textures, and colors. The important thing is that you like the result.

2 – Minimalism, where less is more

2 – Minimalism, where less is more

A clean, organized, and visually pleasing space is the main reason to bet on a minimalist decoration. The style seeks environments with little furniture, sober colors, and no prints, ideal for small rooms and excellent circulation.

To add the look to your home:

  1. Start with a cleanup.
  2. Remove everything that you don’t use, don’t need, or that’s broken.
  3. From there, save what is essential and purchase multifunctional furniture with doors, which hide belongings and leave everything aesthetically clean.

3 – Glam and the power of luxury

3 – Glam and the power of luxury

Glam is one of the styles of interior decoration considered pure sophistication. This aesthetic is perfect for those who love the brightness, dramatic environments, and a hint of eccentricity.

The glam style is characterized by using everything that resembles what is considered a luxury. So, if you want to adopt it in your spaces, bet on delicate fabrics, such as silk and velvet, and materials finished in shades of gold and copper.

4 – Eternal Vacation with Coastal Style

4 – Eternal Vacation with Coastal Style

Have you ever thought about living on vacation? With the coastal decoration, it is possible to bring at least the summer atmosphere into your home. It manages to give the feeling of a beach house, even when placed in apartments in urban cities.

The coastal style can be straightforwardly put into practice. Just include in the composition everything that reminds you of the coast: shades of blue and sand, boats, straw furniture, shells, starfish, and fish figures.

5 – Do you want delicacy? Go romantic style!

5 – Do you want delicacy Go romantic style!

A favorite of lovers and those who do not give up on a delicate composition, romantic decor is one of the most popular bedroom decor styles. However, its softness can also be applied in rooms, bathrooms, and even kitchens.

The formula is simple. Start by brushing the environment with pastel or candy tones such as burnt pink, mint green, yellow, and light blue. Then include furniture in curved lines and delicate fabrics such as lace, crochet, and tulle. Finish with soft prints such as florals, small foliage.

6 – Urban inspiration with industrial style

6 – Urban inspiration with industrial style

Stripped down, industrial decoration is a trend that came directly from the United States and landed in style in Brazilian homes. Inspired by New York lofts installed in old factories, the aesthetic has been around since the 1960s.

To copy, imagine living in an industrial area—bet on exposed brick walls, as well as burnt cement. Leave wires and pipes exposed and abuse furniture in materials such as stainless steel, iron, and rustic wood.

7 – Scandinavian style: living like the Norse

7 – Scandinavian style living like the Norse

In Nordic countries, its residents have to deal with freezing weather and little natural light. For this reason, the Scandinavian style emphasizes minimalism and light tones, which help to spread light throughout all spaces.

Furthermore, the aesthetic asks for coziness. This way, bet on comfortable fabrics, such as microfiber, wool, cotton, and fake fur items. Pair these items with straight, modern furniture inspired by Scandinavian design.

8 – Country style for a rustic atmosphere

8 – Country style for a rustic atmosphere

Have you ever walked into an environment and felt like you were in a country house? This is the country-style vibe, which surrounds any room with a rustic feeling of coziness.

This style of decoration values ​​comforts above all. So, to get that warmth, opt for furniture in rustic materials, such as wood and sanded iron. The add-ons are easy to find: wildflowers and everything that resembles a farm, such as patchwork quilts, copper pots, ceramic statues, agate mugs, wood stoves, checkered tablecloths, among others.

9 – Tropical to celebrate Brazilianness

9 – Tropical to celebrate Brazilianness

Honor all the abundance of fertile soil in Brazil. This is the inspiration for the tropical style in our country. After all, he has plenty of references to compose an excellent and diverse environment.

Plants are a great way to start. Thus, I prefer tropical species, such as banana, adam’s rib, anthurium, bird of paradise, hibiscus, plumeria, palm tree, ferns, and dracaena. Then, continue choosing furniture and decorative objects in natural materials, such as straw, wood, rattan, and bamboo.

10 – Provencal style: from France to your home

10 – Provencal style from France to your home

Tranquility, coziness, and a country touch are the main goals of the Provençal style, which emerged in the south of France through the hands of peasants who tried to imitate the nobles’ aesthetics.

The Provencal decoration combines furniture in sinuous curves with carved wood details, floral prints, soft tones, basketwork items, rustic pieces in patina, and delicate decorative objects.