The Best Tips to Get Lobby Decoration Right

Tips to Get Lobby Decoration

“Welcome” is the main message your guest wants to receive when they arrive at your home, and it goes beyond words. That’s why the lobby decor is so important.


When we open the door, the first room our eyes start to admire is this one. Therefore, the composition, harmony, and decoration need to show all our personalities and style.

There is no rule to get the lobby decoration right, but some tips can help you transform this significant space. And it’s worth mentioning that you can think carefully about decoration for small, medium and large rooms.

What is the ideal furniture for decorating the entrance hall? 

What is the ideal furniture for decorating the entrance hall

The first step in choosing which furniture is essential and matches the lobby is to understand the space you have to work there. From this principle, everything is more accessible, and the chances of making mistakes are minimal.

It may seem not easy at first, but there are many possibilities to organize and decorate this space. A few small touches, and that’s it: the room is elegant, welcoming, in addition to transmitting a feeling of well-being to the residents.

You can bet on a coat rack for starters so that everyone can leave their coats and bags. A sideboard is welcome in this space. In it, you can place decorative objects, vases with flowers, and even put a tray to store your keys.

You can complement this space with a mirror, which is very useful when taking a last look before leaving the house, giving a feeling of spaciousness. It’s a perfect choice, especially for a small lobby decor.

With all the furniture defined, it is easy to create a beautiful, functional, and valuable lobby decoration. And the best part: it’s a perfect environment to receive and welcome your guests.

The ideal lighting for the entrance hall?

The ideal lighting for the entrance hall 

The second step in creating an inviting ambiance is lighting. We know that space aims to receive and awaken the desire to enter and get to know every detail of the house, so this step is essential.

Bet on soft yellowish lighting, which is much more pleasant and creates comfort, which is precisely the feeling that the entrance hall needs to have.

It is interesting to analyze and choose the position of the lamp or lights in the space not to dazzle the person entering. You can bet on sconces, pendants, recessed indirect sunlight, and even a floor lamp.

Hit the tones of the space

Hit the tones of the space

The chosen tones directly impact the final result, so it is essential to select the color carefully to create harmony with all the items that will decorate the entrance hall.

Our tip is to bet on a neutral color palette. They tend to go well with everything, in addition to being timeless, elegant, and appealing to everyone. Warmer tones, such as earthy ones, give the feeling of coziness.

White is the big wildcard in lobby decor. Color brings luminosity, in addition to giving a feeling of spaciousness to space. You can also bet on a solid tone to add an extra touch.

Decorate the entrance hall with plants

Decorate the entrance hall with plants

Plants have a unique role within a home. They make up a great environment, have countless health benefits, and take you closer to nature. And they can also be allies in the lobby decoration.

Large pots 

Large pots 

If your house or apartment entrance is a large door, betting on large potted plants can be interesting. You get a nice symmetry effect.

Delicate flowers

Delicate flowers 1

Delicate flowers

You can create an environment with a beautiful arrangement of flowers that will, in addition to bringing much more charm, guarantee a passionate decoration. They can be arranged in crystal vases on a sideboard.

Bet on bushes

Bet on bushes

Another sophisticated way to decorate the lobby is to bet on different plants, such as small shrubs. You can also use vases of various sizes for a stripped-down effect.

Ideas for decorating the lobby 

Ideas for decorating the lobby 

It’s essential to keep in mind that your lobby decor needs to tie in with the rest of your home decor. After all, he talks to the other rooms, so he should follow the same style.

In addition to the items above, you can bet on paintings, even creating a Gallery Wall, which will bring much charm to space. And also bet on sculptures, giving them a touch of sophistication.

Now that you know how to decorate the lobby choose the items that best suit your style.

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