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49 Geometric Painting Room Ideas to Get Inspired

Tired of monochromatic walls? Geometric painting is a simple and economical technique that promises to completely transform the environment at a lower cost than wallpaper. It consists of drawing different geometric shapes, such as triangles, rectangles, hexagons, creating patterns or not. For composition, you can choose either a tone on tone or a combination of different colors of paint.

In addition to reflecting style and creativity, geometric painting can also be a strategy to camouflage imperfections and even expand environments. If the room is small, for example, you can paint vertical stripes to increase the feeling of spaciousness.

Before starting, it is essential that you sketch the design. Use a pencil to put the idea on the wall and, when satisfied, tape the edges with masking tape to delimit the painting area. Always start painting inside the shapes and wait for it to dry completely before removing the tape. It may sound simple, but this is a process that demands a lot of precision and skill, so don’t hesitate to hire an expert if you have the opportunity.

Below, we’ve separated 49 ideas and inspirations for geometric paintings for you to try out in your renovation.

1- Contemporary Art 

In this hall, squares in two shades of green add a touch of contemporary art to the walls.

2- Workstation Geometric Painting

The workstation received a geometric painting that works as a real mural, contributing to the sense of organization.

3- Triangles

Similar to a tangram, this wall combines triangles in different shades of gray. This is a very common polygon in geometric paintings due to its versatility of application.

4- Blue Geometric Painting

Ideal for children’s rooms, the blue geometric painting was essential to create a fun room without spending too much.

5- Contrasting Colors

In addition to tone on tone, combining contrasting colors can also yield an interesting result.

6- Purple, Blue, and, Red

Purple, blue and red were combined in an unusual way, in a mural aligned with the workbench. The result is relaxed and pleasant.

7- Headboard

Geometric painting can also be used to enhance the headboard, such as this yellow circle, which complements one of the walls.

8- Two Shades

The half-wall is one of the simplest geometric paintings to make. In this living room, two shades of green were chosen, which give a greater sense of depth.

9- Gray and Yellow

Inspired by the colors chosen by Pantone for 2021, this geometric painting combines gray and yellow, and reinforces the integration between the dining room and the living room.

10- Cool Colors 

Geometric painting is an interesting way to bring style to the toilet. In this case, cool colors and alternative lighting were chosen.

11- Ceiling

Embracing dinner, this geometric painting extends to part of the ceiling, creating a perspective on the environment.

12- Complementary Colors

Complementary colors from the same card can also yield interesting results.

13- Small Vertical Garden

A small vertical garden was highlighted by the geometric painting in shades of pink, which gives a touch of delicacy and personality to the walls.

14- Retro Style

Again, the circle appears at the headboard. This time, the choice of green awakens calm and tranquility, reinforcing the retro style.

15- Blue and Pink

Blue and pink is a favorite combination for walls. In this room, the geometric painting brings a feeling of welcome.

16- Mural

More complex, this geometric painting resembles a mural.

17- Single Triangle

A single triangle illuminates and brings personality to the room, reinforcing the industrial language desired by the resident.

18- Corners

The corners of the house can also be full of charm, with a geometric painting that works as a frame.

19- 3D Effect

The 3D effect can also be achieved through geometric painting, with the correct choice of colors. The result looks like a real work of art.

20- Tone on tone

Tone on tone is a trend that can be applied with all colors, enhancing the decor and giving a new face to the environment.

21- Warm and Cold Colors

Despite using several colors, the geometric painting of this room finds a balance by segmenting warm and cold colors.

22- Circles 

Circles can go beyond the limits of a single wall, enveloping the entire environment in the painting.

23- Television Panel

The blue triangle painted in the corner works as a television panel, highlighting the environment.

24- On Doors

In addition to walls, geometric paintings can occupy doors, as long as you choose an ideal paint for wood.

25- Minimalist Result

The painting of two diamonds on the headboard, in tone on tone, brings a minimalist result to the room.

26- Youth Room

Triangles form new angles in the youth room, bringing personality and a greater sense of spaciousness.

27- Home Office

The home office can be more colorful with geometric paintings. The combination of pastel colors creates a playful environment and smoothes working hours.

28- Yellow Rectangle Fills 

In an unusual proposal, the yellow rectangle fills only part of the door and spills out onto the walls. The result is amazing!

29- Circles In The Bedroom

Another way to use circles in the bedroom is to add shelves to the composition and have some frames.

30- Centered Circle and The Pendant Lamps

In this case, the feeling of harmony is given by the centered circle and the pendant lamps installed on both sides of the bed.

31- Dark Green Corner Triangle

The dark green corner triangle matches the plants in the decor.

32- Stairs and Living Room

Here, geometric painting reinforces the structure of the room, divided into stairs and living room, but alters our perception of space thanks to the choice of colors.

33- Splash of Yellow

The splash of yellow in the corner of the room resembles light coming from a lamp straight into the chair, making for an excellent reading corner.

34- Divided Diagonally

Divided diagonally, the combination of green and white makes for a clean and well-lit space.

35- Office Painting

Discreet, office painting makes the home office more relaxed, without interfering with productivity.

36- Bet on gray paint

For a more minimalist composition, bet on gray paint and add shelves with plants.

37- Masking Tape

Geometric paintings in this style can also be done manually, with masking tape and a lot of patience to get a good result.

38- Dining Area

The geometric painting in a candy yellow matches the light-toned joinery and creates a cozy and pleasant space for dining.

39- Lilac 

Lilac is another color with great potential for bedrooms. In this case, the painting in tone on tone helps not to weigh down the environment.

40- Bolder Combinations

In bolder combinations of shapes, tone on tone is unmistakable.

41- Near Sofa

Simulating a sunset, the coral circle is cut by the horizon of the sofa.

42- Muted Colors

In muted colors, these paintings make the place relaxed but still light.

43- Yellow, Pink, and, White

As in a dollhouse, the entrance door combines yellow, pink and white.

44- Gradient of different colors 

Very unsightly, this wall with triangles in a gradient of different colors can be quite a challenge for DIY fans.

45- Lobby Area

The lobby gained a fun gray painting, breaking the seriousness of the white environment.

46- Informal Environment

In contrast to earthy furniture, the geometric wall uses shades of green and makes the environment more informal.

47- Pastel Colors

The room with geometric painting in pastel colors has a very subtle and discreet result.

48- Wall in the Corner

Entirely covered with geometric painting, the wall in this corner resembles a real painting.

49- Focal Point

The triangle creates a focal point in the room, bringing light to the room predominantly decorated in dark tones.