Decor Trends to Make Your Home an Urban Retreat

The leading decoration fairs and exhibitions pointed out trends to inspire people who design or are working on their work this year. The concept of “living well” in environments that refer to nature and promote relaxation is on the rise!

Anyone who lives in big cities understands what I’m saying. After spending hours in traffic, with a work routine that is often busy and stressful, there is nothing better than getting home, resting, and on the weekend enjoying the family in a pleasant environment that welcomes you. The house is also the space for celebration, for bonds of affection, whether with family or friends”.

The important thing is that you don’t need to live in a palace to adapt this concept in your house/apartment, nor invest a lot to make your project cool. Every time we think of beautiful projects, we already imagine several dollar signs, right? But with creativity, good taste, and a lot of research, we optimized the budget and made a dream project.

Discover trends for you to be inspired and use:

Colors – Emerald Green

The green color refers to nature and transmits good sensations. It means hope and freedom and is very good for our health. And the emerald tones (light or dark) are sophisticated and were very present at the Milan fair.

Cast Elements

Ah, the hollow elements! They can be found in different materials such as cement, ceramics, wood, glass, and infinite models and graphics!

With this concept of houses being integrated without having many walls, this product allows light and ventilation to “leak” and has the function of leaving the environments separate and integrated simultaneously. You will always find a model to love and be amazed by.


Granite was a widely used coating in the 40s. And with this search by people for environments with loving memories and more colors, now in 2021, I see that this trend is back in decoration! But, in addition to using the original product, which has a cementitious base, you can find porcelain tiles that have the same appearance but with a lot of strength and durability.

Slatted wood panels

Riped Panels were very present in the decoration shows. Both in wood with its natural colors, such as Teak or slatted panels in colors such as gray, black, colored and in broader and narrower slats. The nice thing is that this type of finish can be used in various environments, such as rooms, headboards, ceilings, commercial settings, and facades. There are already specific lines for the outdoor area and porcelain tiles that reproduce this coating with great perfection.

Creative ceilings

No white painted ceilings! I always see that people are terrified to be daring and think it will get heavy. But don’t be afraid! Just knowing how to compose with the rest of the project is very excellent! Hollow ceilings, textured, fabric, or painted in your favorite color!

Small format ceramic coatings

Yes, that 10Ă—10 tile and even the ceramic tiles are coming back, and the most surprising thing is that they now even cover social environments! When I traveled to Spain, I realized that it is widespread to use porcelain and ceramic tiles in living rooms, bedrooms (and not just in bathrooms and kitchens, as happens here in Brazil). But I see that little by little; this concept is being changed… And it’s super cool because it brings this reconnection with time, where maxi formats are currently more common.

Nature photographs in the decoration

If there’s one thing that connects us and transmits our emotions, it’s photographed. And now a trend is to use moments of nature, such as the sunset, a flower blooming, a starry sky, trees in their prime, with trunks and green leaves. Use beautiful frames and make your project original and full of energy good of these beautiful beings.

These days I was going to lunch and found a couple hugging a tree in the street. I looked at it and assumed it was funny, but on second thought, these living beings in nature have so much good energy. I’m going out hugging trees too (:

Indoor balance

Want something that reminds us more of childhood than a swing? And in addition to bringing us good memories, it always gets smiles from those who use it. And they can be used in the living room, balcony, home office, bedrooms… Just be careful to do the correct installation and have fun!

Natural stones

An environment with natural stones conveys that feeling of being in a house in the interior, with rusticity and coziness.

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