36 Colorful and Bright Bathroom Ideas for You

A hit on social media, colorful bathrooms are a lively trend full of personality. When choosing coatings, there is no shortage of options: tablets, tiles, ceramics, hydraulic tiles and even paints can be suitable, as long as they are water resistant and easy to clean. Did you like the tips? Check out more information on our blog! Colors go far beyond aesthetics, after all, enjoying your self-care moment in a pleasant environment can be therapeutic.

You may have heard that warm colors such as red, yellow and orange are capable of awakening joy, relaxation and warmth. The cool colors, such as blue, violet and green, convey a certain calm, tranquility and hope. But what will guarantee your well-being is the color you want!

There are many options for washrooms and colorful bathrooms. The most important thing is to invest in water-resistant and easy-to-clean materials, such as tiles, tiles, ceramics, hydraulic tiles and even paints. Below, we’ve selected 36 colorful and authentic bathroom ideas for every taste. Check out!

1- Green Tone

The bathroom in green tone, with a tub of the same color and woodwork in a darker tone, conveys calm and tranquility.

2- Handcrafted Hydraulic Tiles

Covered from floor to ceiling with handcrafted hydraulic tiles, this bathroom does not require the use of grouts. The palette is complemented with white dishes.

3- Orange Subway Tiles

Orange is a color known to stimulate creativity. In this bathroom, she appears on subway tiles. The environment is well lit, with a wooden cabinet, transparent box and black details.

4- Burgundy Bathroom

This burgundy bathroom, with white accents on the countertop and tub, has a half wall and floor lined with hydraulic tiles.

5- Blue Patchwork Ceramic

To create a delicate and welcoming look, this bathroom was covered with blue patchwork ceramic and a granite countertop.

6- All-Colored Small Bathroom 

The all-colored small bathroom was lined with small, mostly yellow tiles. Lighting makes all the difference to create this fun environment.

7- Dark Green, Burnt Pink, and, White

Stripped, the bathroom was decorated with handcrafted objects and gained a geometric painting in shades of dark green, burnt pink and white.

8- Hexagonal Linings

Hexagonal linings are too hot! This blue model gave an exceptional touch to the bathroom, as opposed to the light gray of the floor and wall.

9- Minimalist Decor

With a minimalist decor, this bathroom had walls and floors covered in granite, with the exception of one, painted in moss green, as well as the ceiling.

10- Combined Pink and Blue

Cool, the bathroom with white dishes and lots of plants, masterfully combined pink and blue. Covered with ceramic tiles on the floor and at the bottom of the wall, at the top, it received light pink paint and a decorative neon sign.

11- Shade of Yellow

In this bathroom the shade of yellow is enhanced by pendant lamps. For balance, the floor and the dishes are white.

12- Purple Tiles

In addition to the hydraulic tiles, this bathroom has gained details in purple tiles, a raised tub and a white floor: the result is a perfect environment to relax.

13- Flowered Ceramic Tiles

Clad in flowered ceramic tiles, with hanging plants and a framework to encourage self-love, this bathroom was very welcoming.

14- Super Creative

Super creative, in this bathroom the tiles form flower designs. In the bathtub and on the floor, the aqua-green color encourages calm and well-being.

15- Small Bricks

The dark green paintwork is complemented by the small bricks in this stylish project.

16- Half-Wall Color

A great option for those who prefer a minimalist bathroom, the half-wall brings color to the room, without weighing it down: this is the case with this project with hydraulic tile in moss green.

17- Red Subway Tiles

As a colored box, the entire box was covered with red subway tiles. White brings even more color to the fore.

18- Delicate Colors

Delicate colors like mint green allow your bathroom to be colorful yet discreet. You can complement the minimalist decor with a cabinet in the same color.

19- Modern Look

Overlapping subway tiles and granilite, this bathroom gained a modern look, without exaggeration.

20- Yellow Subway Tiles

Applied vertically, the yellow subway tiles cover this bathroom with an industrial footprint, thanks to the black details.

21- Pastel Tones

Another way to combine blue and pink is to bet on pastel tones, with alternative lighting.

22- Paint the Flooring

An easier way to bring color to the bathroom is to paint the flooring. In this case, the box area received blue paint, with a geometric design.

23- Elegant Look

Once again, subway tiles bring color to the bathroom with white dishes.

24- Black and White Bathroom

Perfect touch of color for the black and white bathroom, lilac appears on the countertop.

25- Red and Pink Half Wall

Though small, this bathroom oozes style with a retro porcelain countertop and red and pink half wall. Plants bring even more energy to space.

26- White Subway Tiles

Painted yellow, the bathroom is contrasting with white subway tiles, creating a relaxed and contemporary space.

27- Less Flashy Detail

For those looking for a less flashy detail, it is possible to add color to the countertop, as in this project that chose orange.

28- Predominantly Cold Colors

The yellow wall of the shower stall is responsible for bringing light and life to the bathroom with predominantly cold colors.

29- Small Blue Tablets

Coated with small blue tablets, applied evenly throughout the bathroom, the environment feels safe and light.

30- Stylish Bathroom

Betting on pastel versions of the primary colors, the result was a stylish bathroom.

31- Children’s Bathrooms

A proposal for children’s bathrooms is to invest in just a few colorful details, so as not to date the environment.

32- Dark Blue Hexagonal Lining

This children’s bathroom, on the other hand, bet on dark blue hexagonal lining, great for calming children.

33- Retro and Classic Look

The light pink ceramic tile flooring gives a retro and classic look, making the bathroom space pleasant and comfortable.

34- Green and Pink Combination

The green and pink combination is another one that works very well in bathrooms and washrooms.

35- Granilite

Granilite is a clean, timeless way to bring color to the bathroom and easily harmonizes with plants.

36- Blue Hydraulic Tiles

This small bathroom had the walls of the shower room covered with blue hydraulic tiles, which are highlighted thanks to the white background.

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