Dining Room Design

45+ Elegant Dining Room Ideas to Get Inspired

Having friends at home is all good. Even better if the reception is in style! And gather the whole relatives around the table for Sunday lunch Who doesn’t love it? Did you think of an ideal space for all this? Yes, the Dining Room!

Transitioning between the living room and the kitchen, this environment, whose original function is to accommodate people during meals, has played an even more special role in the home: meeting and receiving. And that’s even why the dining room is gaining more and more attention when it comes to decorating.

In addition to the dining table and chairs, the decor of this environment also involves choosing the colors of the walls, niches, shelves, support furniture, such as buffets and sideboards, and much more. With that in mind, let’s separate several references for you to be inspired and, why not, give your Dining Room a boost. Come on!

Dining room with bench

For those who have plenty of room, betting on home bars in the form of a stand is a great option to receive friends. But, this tip is also valid for those who want to integrate the kitchen with the dining room. What about?

1- Countertop Style Home Bar

Dining room with countertop style home bar. The ideal environment to receive guests and promote a happy hour without leaving the house.

2- Tropical style

Natural elements can also be part of the Dining Room decor. The Tropical style inspired this one.

3- Retro style

Retro kitchen integrated into the Dining Room by a countertop.

Dining room with Buffet or sideboard

After the table and chairs, the sideboard is the most common piece of furniture we see in dining rooms. It is a great ally, as it serves to decorate and even store everyday objects. Ah, but when it comes to storing dishes, cutlery, and other utensils, the Buffet is the best option, as it has extra doors and drawers.

4- Sideboard

The sideboard can also work as support when serving the meal. Here he accommodates the wines and glasses, leaving the table free for the guests.

5-  Tableware

Dining room with a sideboard to support tableware.

6- Romantic and Delicate

This environment shows how romantic and delicate style also has everything to do with the Dining Room.

7- Light and Neutral

Light and neutral tones bring a feeling of spaciousness to the Dining Room. An excellent tip for those who have limited space in this room.

8- Round Table

The highlight of this Dining Room is the round table, which attaches to the chairs when not in use—another excellent tip for those who have little space at home.

9- Modern 

Modern Dining Room with a burnt cement wall.

10- Frames and Decorative Items

The decoration of the Dining Room can also be playful. Why not? Fun frames and decorative items that are out of the ordinary are welcome in these cases.

11- Sober Tones

If you choose sober tones on the Dining Room walls, the tip is to contrast them with white furniture. The result will surprise you!

12- Dark Wallpaper

Speaking of walls… For those who don’t want to mess with paint, wallpapers are the perfect alternative to boost your decor while spending little.

13- Light Wallpaper

Another example of a Dining Room with wallpaper. Now, with a more tropical and natural feel.

14- Single Accent Wall

It’s also worth choosing a single accent wall to receive the wallpaper, like this Dining Room.

15- Vibrant Colors

Dining Room inspiration with vibrant color on neutral walls and furniture.

16- Sober Color Pallete

If the Dining Room color palette is all sober and closed tones, a mosaic of paintings is welcome to unwind.

17- Chairs

Here the color was on account of the chairs. 

18- Mixing colors and Shapes

And who said the Dining Room chairs all have to be the same? Mixing colors and shapes is a trend that is here to stay.

19- Earthy Tones and Moldings

Dining Room in earthy tones and moldings on the walls.

20- Parties

Inspiration to decorate the Dining Room at the end of the year parties.

21- Neutral Furniture

Neutral furniture makes it possible to create endless table decorations.

22- Relaxed Dining Room

Relaxed dining room, prepared for parties and meetings with friends.

Dining room with bookcase, yes you can!

Do you know that old bookcase in the office? Why not bring her to the dining room? Bookshelves are wild pieces that go well in all homes and the dining room; they get a more alternative, modern, and personality-filled look. 

23- Fancy Bookshelf

For those who have plenty of space at home, including an extra area to receive visitors, as in this environment, is a fantastic idea.

24- Geometric Wall

Dining room with a geometric wall, a trend that is booming in the world of decoration.

25- Contrast with chairs

Another geometric wall option, now simpler, is the same color as the set of chairs.

26- Plants on bookshelf

Dining room with shelf used to store tableware.

27- Wood

How about investing in a special coating for the Dining Room walls? Here, the demolition of wood brought more warmth to the environment. 

28- For Utensils

Shelves are great supports for utensils as well as kitchen supplies.

29-  Blackboard Wall

Shelf once again used as an ally when storing. And in this environment, the highlight is the blackboard wall: modern, decorative, and super helpful at the same time.

30- Furniture in dark tones

Furniture in dark tones calls for walls, floors, and decorative items in light colors.

31- Mix Utensils and Decorative Objects

The versatility and the various compartments of the shelves allow you to mix utensils and decorative objects in the same piece of furniture.

Simple dining room

Leaving supporting furniture aside can be a necessity when dining room space is restricted. In these cases, the tip is to make the most of the walls with niches and shelves. It is also worth investing in lighting through charming pendants.

32- Eames chair

Eames chairs are darlings when it comes to Dining Room.

33- Cozy and Modern

Cozy and modern Dining Room.

34- Glass Tabletop

Transparencies, such as the glass tabletop, and hollow elements, such as chairs, increase the feeling of spaciousness in the environment.

35- Scandinavian Style

Another example of a simple Dining Room in light tones. The Scandinavian Style now inspires it.

36- Pendant in Centre

The pendant can be the highlight of the Dining Room decor. A tip: try to leave it centered at the table.

37- Striking Pendant

Another idea of ​​a Dining Room with a striking pendant.

38- Half Painted Wall trend


The Half Painted Wall trend, widespread in living rooms and bedrooms, can also appear in the Dining Room!

39- Oriental

Dining room with oriental inspiration.

40- Black and White

And who said total black and white decor is dull? Look what an incredible inspiration.

41- Cozy Dining Room

Cozy dining room with wine cellar.

42- Industrial Style

Dining room with bench, inspired by the Industrial Style.

BONUS: Integrated Dining Room

It’s been a while since she became a darling. With the growth of lofts and small apartments, integrating the dining room, whether in the kitchen or living room, has become a trend. So, here are some more inspirations…

43- Behind the Sofa

The Buffet behind the sofa serves as a divider between the two environments.

44- Corner of living room

One way to bring continuity is to unite the living and dining rooms with the same decoration on the walls.

45- Round With Tv

​​Don’t have room to dedicate exclusively to the Dining Room? Everything is fine. Look what a fantastic solution this is here.

46- Integrate with kitchen

And integrate the Dining Room with the kitchen?

So, have you already become an expert in Dining Room decor? If you’re excited to renew yours, come check out all the news for this environment on the Decoration Love website.