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Red Appliances to Give the Kitchen a Retro Touch

red kitchen

Make your kitchen more charming with choices of red and retro appliances.

How about colouring your kitchen with stylish red appliances? Just check out some options to buy this colour that is pure love!

Enjoy the wave of retro appliances to make your kitchen very charming. The interesting thing about this fashion for colourful electros is that they have a vintage look, but they have a modern design at the same time. Check out the ideas.

Types of Red Appliances


Stove 1

Stove 2

With a retro look, but all digital! What do you think about the idea of ​​having a red stove in your kitchen? This appliance has modern functions but values ​​the design of other decades. Many brands invest in the manufacture of this product, as is the case of Brastemp.



For those who prefer to cook on a cooktop, there is also this possibility. Just imagine putting it under a black granite countertop. It will be beautiful!



Remember the old coloured refrigerators? It had yellow, green, pink, blue…and red! And who knew that now they would be a consumption dream again?

Refrigerator 1

It’s hard to walk into an appliance store and walk right past one of these without stopping to peek and sigh.



In that corner of the bar, next to the countertop, you can put a red retro super fridge. It’s an excellent tip to keep guests entertained with snacks always on hand and fresh.


Blender 1

Blender 2

To prepare family meals with all the charm and elegance, why not a red blender with a 60s air? Beautiful design, isn’t it?






And, to make an unbeatable pair with the blender, check out this mixer! In fact, she is the desire of many women who rock the kitchen.

mixer.jpg 1

Details and stainless steel bowl complement the beauty of the item. Cooking can be much more fun and joyful with colourful appliances, we’re sure.

Juice Press

Juice Press 1

Juice Press

Even the juicer gained modern air when it arrived in its red version. If you’ve never paid much attention to this household appliance, now you’re starting to think it’s pretty cute, huh?!



Some coffee maker brands are investing in offering functionality combined with design. For this reason, you can find this beauty in different colours, such as red, and even prints!

Coffeemaker 1

Yes, there are limited edition coffeemakers that have prints in partnership with plastic artists. And you can have a work of art in your kitchen at an affordable price! What about?

Popcorn maker

Popcorn maker 1

Yes, there is also a red popcorn maker! And she resembles those diner popcorn machines, meaning everything to do with vintage.

Popcorn maker

Besides, it’s even beautiful as a decorative piece, let’s combine it! To serve a snack for the kids or friends during that special movie session, the popcorn maker will be a super help.



On the red stove, a red hood. The look is very chic and contemporary.

Hood 1

It’s worth betting on this combo to make the kitchen more uncluttered.

There is also another long list of electros that come back revamped in the kitchen in the 21st century. And there are also the most modern items that have been given a vintage look.