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What Are Gaylord Boxes And How Are They Useful?

A Gaylord box is a term that not many are familiar with, but in fact, it is more common than you may think! It refers to corrugated boxes that are bulky in size and will allow for optimum shipping in a pallet or container.

The reasons why Gaylord boxes are popular are seemingly endless. However, to make things a bit shorter, we will point out some of the more common advantages below!

Sturdy And Strong

2 Wall Gaylord boxes are built very sturdy and they can withstand a great deal of weight. Additionally, they can hold just about anything, which is why many companies choose them for long-distance shipping. Their sturdy design is due in great part to their construction material which is corrugated cardboard. This kind of cardboard is built heavy duty but also remains lightweight! Plus, the paper that’s pressed to make this cardboard contains fibers that aren’t prone to splitting or tearing.

Easy To Recycle

More and more businesses are finding it important to remain eco-friendly. For this reason, Gaylord boxes are a fantastic choice. They are single-use but easily recycled once they’ve served their purpose.

Perfect For Display

Many grocery stores use Gaylord boxes as a way to display their produce or other merchandise. These boxes are truly versatile and easily printed with your brand’s logo design.

Gaylord boxes are sturdy thanks to their corrugated construction and stable enough for long-distance transport.