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30 Unique Dining Experience to Design Outdoor Fireplace and Steel Wood Grill

Design outdoor fireplace and steel wooden grill for a unique dining experience. If you have bowed to the charm of fireplaces, firewalls and outdoor stoves, you will surely crack for. The newly designed outdoor fireplace concept and unique wood grill Which we present to you today. Its shape, production and the philosophy behind it, are all that characterize this fireplace, very special. Zoom on the fireplace designed outdoor fireplace models and accessories that come with them!

A- An outdoor fireplace design and a barbecue to be appreciated as the subject of modern garden decoration

1- Metal, Modern Garden Deco 

These last few years have been marked by the rediscovery of outdoor chimneys. Delighted in their aesthetic appeal, these elements have also become a central part of our user-friendly experiences and tools for healthy and good meals.

2- Wood Brazier Round Grill 

Outdoor fireplaces and open fireplaces are now fully valued as garden and patio decor items. They are known for bringing a touch of elegance and comfort to our outdoor areas. Not to mention that they help to create a relaxing atmosphere in the outdoor areas.

3- Round steel grill, wood model

The various models of outdoor fireplaces offered by the Swiss brand Feuerring are characterized by their undeniable elegance. They have clean lines and are made with outstanding attention to detail. Hence the fact that they are an object of outdoor decoration as seduced by their beauty.

4- Barbecue grill round modern exterior design

Another characteristic of any outdoor design fireplace we love: it creates a friendly atmosphere. Outdoor fireplaces and open fireplaces make us think of camps in nature. They also evoke associations with earlier epochs. So they make us think of times when life was easier and moments of happiness were shared between friends.

5- Fireplace exterior design grill round model 

The design of Feuerring’s outdoor hearths resembles the campfires of our childhood. All the homes of the brand are made in the form of round, which probably refers to the simple life of life. Thanks to this specific shape, these modern chimneys encourage us to spend more time around the fire with friends.

6- Three round outdoor fireplace, steel grill

The simple, streamlined shapes of Feuerring round fireplaces make these models an ideal decorative object for modern gardens. This is also due to the material used to make fireplaces and especially steel, which we have to return a little longer in this text. But that’s not all. All fireplace design outdoor fireplace models are wood burning. It is a conscious choice of the creators of the brand that aims to meet the demand for more authentic products.

7- Görtler exterior design round fireplace 

Outdoor fireplaces are valued for several reasons. In addition to the natural and infinite atmosphere that brings fire, there is also the possibility of creating a real fire. This is known for its ability to heat the room better. It also facilitates the cooking of various foods. The tree itself is a cheap resource that exudes a specific scent and enhances the authentic atmosphere around the fire. For all these reasons, the wood burning stove is still one of the best options for creating an outdoor area.

B- A trendy metal fireplace

8- Grill, wood, steel home exterior open design 

All Feuerring models are made of metal and more precisely steel. We have already had the opportunity to talk about the fact that metal objects are one of the best trends in interior design and exterior decoration. Steel is especially popular, as we have seen in a number of publications on cutting steel. For outdoor fire places, steel is an excellent choice. And this, for several reasons.

9- Fireplace metal, steel Round

First of all, a designer outdoor fireplace with steel can be easily combined with all types of modern decor. It does not matter if you already have decorative objects made of steel in your garden or not. This type of metal is enough to change the look of the exterior itself.

10- Steel around wood

In addition, metal and stone or three pairs of complementary materials. Natural and always attractive, they are found in almost all modern outdoor areas. From where also the interest in the choice of a design metal outdoor fire of this type. Because it will complete a wooden or stone decoration in a unique way.

11- Round exterior design, home wood grill 

To add to all this, let’s not forget that weather-exposed steel has the ability to change color. As a result, the appearance of 25- fireplace-wood-exterior-design-modern-garden-grill  25/30 such a chimney is constantly changing. A noble aging that we will appreciate the charm of all stages of evolution.

C- An outdoor design fireplace that also acts as a wood grill

12- Modern round wood 

One of the reasons we choose to have an open outdoor fireplace is that it can often act as a barbecue. In other words, the open fire can also be used for cooking outdoor meals.

13- Grill round fireplace

In the case of Feuerring open fireplaces, this fire function has determined all techniques for fireplace production. In fact, the history of the invention of these round fireplaces is marked by a thorough study of the best shape of a modern grill.

14- Outdoor fireplace, grill, wood, steel fireplace design

Andreas Reichlin, the creator of the Swiss brand, was pressured to realize his first outdoor fireplace model after having unpleasant experiences related to the use of a classic grill.

15- BBQ exterior three home round steel

Passionate about grilled meat, he had a hard time eating. His stomach could not adapt to the process effects of conventional barbecue cooking on foods. That was the beginning of his research on the outdoor fireplace and the ideal wooden grill!

D- A wood burning grill for a unique dining experience

16- BBQ round exterior oven flame wood

The goal of the metal chimney designed by Andreas Reichlin was to facilitate the preparation of fire grills. But she also had to spare us the unpleasant effects of conventional cooking. The result: a fireplace with an outdoor design provides a unique dining experience.

17- Metal home steel round outside grill

Steel grills are designed to speed up the process of preparing meals. Forget the moments of waiting around the fire; The ideal temperature for cooking is reached as soon as the fireplace is turned on.

18- BBQ, fireplace, modern 

19- Modern exterior design grill 

The surface around the fire replaces the traditional grill. This clear invention is the ideal anti-smoking agent produced by burning fat. And then, thanks to the smooth surface of the metal, one is free to prepare many more foods than those that can be realized with a conventional grill.

20- Outside flame wood

This passion for healthy and delicious dishes prepared outdoors has been the source of a collection of recipes adapted to the brand’s home. An excellent complement to those who have contributed to these chimney qualities!

21 Oven outside gutter design

E- A series of outdoor design fireplaces and three barbecue models for all tastes

22- Grill steel round grilling healthy fireplace

What started as a solution to a practical problem has developed into a rich selection of outdoor products. The Swiss brand, thus offers a whole collection of round fireplaces, for every taste.

23- Deco metal, steel fireplace round exterior-design

Three sets of steel chimneys are currently available on Feuerring’s website. The D-series (100, 110 and 120) are inspired by the traditional hearths we have known since ancient times. These models are characterized by a minimum height.

24- Outdoor grill, wood models

The Luna series (40, 50, 60), supplemented by the Luneli model, includes round chimneys of greater height, ranging from 40 to 60 cm. These fireplaces are designed to make the work of the fire easier and to make the barbecue experience even more fun. Finally, there are also models Lunelli (height 40 cm) and Ovum (75 cm). Both models were invented to accommodate small rooms, such as terraces and gardens of limited size.

F- Each fireplace designs its accessories!

25- Wood exterior design modern garden grill

The creators of these homes have not neglected the essential properties of a fire. They offer us a variety of accessories to make the use of these models even easier and more fun.

26- Metal outdoor garden steel stool

Steel stools are made to harmonize with metal fireplaces. They are a great option for those who like to entertain friends. It would be enough to put them around the chimney to spend a pleasant evening near the fire.

27- Pillow, outdoor garden stool and open wood fireplace 

The steel chairs become even more comfortable with pillows made especially to complete them!

28- Modern garden, fireplace a wood accessories 

A cool night? Switzerland knows each other well! That’s probably why they also gave wool blankets to your friends around the fire.

29- Wood furniture, outdoor steel 

Any fireplace and wood grill need a storage space for the woods. Today we can complete the decoration of the outdoor pool with a steel storage cabinet with steel. Discreet, it facilitates the organization of wood and can be installed near the fireplace.

30- Wood exterior cleaning tools 

To add to all this, the brand’s catalog also includes cleaning tools from the designer outdoor fireplace. Their mission: to make the job a little boring after cooking on a burning grill!