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25 Asian Outdoor Design Ideas

The traditional Asian design is known for it’s unique features such as the roofs on the houses that differ from normal roofs as well as other things such as accents, for example the dragon heads and tails that you can find on almost any building in the Asian style that is build following their tradition.

But, we are not looking for any dragons’ heads and tails in our collection of 25 Wonderful Inspired Asian Outdoor Design Ideas in which we are going to show you a variety of Asian landscape designs from which you can pick out small features that you like and get ideas from them in order to create something similar for your own backyard landscape.

All of the pictures in this collection of Asian landscape ideas have something in common, and that is that they all have some sort of Asian features on them, but they stray away from the traditional Asian design. In fact, these designs are more of a contemporary version of the traditional Asian style. Enjoy!

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