Living Room Design

13 Winning Tips for Decorating With Pillows

Soft, soft, comfortable, colourful, smooth, with or without texture, pillows are a multifunctional decorative accessory. Existing in various sizes and shapes, you don’t need many to renovate an environment – ​​just change places or pillowcases! Find out how to decorate and do it well, using pillows exclusively.

1- Modern decor

In a modern decor, always choose an odd number of pillows, ie 3 or 5 pillows together are visually more appealing than 4 or 6. Additionally, large pillows are prettier than a group of small pillows, which end up distracting you. Look and provide the decoration with visual noise. Shapes should fall back on the typical square and the increasingly popular rectangle; favor fabrics such as cotton and linen, perfect for displaying bold colors and geometric patterns.

2- Classic decoration

For a classic decoration, which requires a certain symmetry and formality, an even number of pillows is ideal and the size must be adequate to the piece they adorn. Classic patterns include florals, damask, cornucopias, checkers, stripes and monograms… but not all at once; play with the combination of colors and textures (velvet, silk…). You can display square pillows with round pillows, as long as they are even numbered.

3- Eclectic style

Do you have a more eclectic style? So the decoration with pillows should reflect this environment: large and exposed in odd numbers (two at one end of the sofa and one at the other, for example) to achieve a relaxed look . The eclectic style is defined by its diversity and eccentricity where, apparently, nothing matches – in the case of pillows, you can perfectly choose a group of five all different in terms of patterns or texture, but make a point of choosing a color that works as the connecting link.

4- Seasonal pillowcases

In summer opt for pillowcases in lighter tones and fresh fabrics In winter, put the pillowcases back in darker tones and warm, cozy fabrics. Just as you can have seasonal pillowcases for the Christmas or Easter season.

5- Complementary Tones

Avoid combining the colors of the pillows with the color of the object they adorn (bed, sofa, chair…), that is, prefer to choose complementary tones that are present in the rest of the room’s color palette. For example: in a living room dominated by orange, beige and chocolate brown, it doesn’t make much sense to decorate with blue pillows.

6- Lush Finishing Touch

In spaces that have been decorated in a neutral and/or monochromatic color palette, you need nothing more than a handful of pillows in a solid, dramatic color to add a lush finishing touch.

7- Different Sizes

Does the bedroom seem to be missing something special? Add a series of pillows to the bed that are complementary in terms of colors but different in terms of sizes. Instant comfort and warmth!

8- Large Models

Do not reserve pillows exclusively for sofas or beds, choosing large models to place on the floor, in a corner by the fireplace, in the children’s room or in a niche reserved for reading in the office.

9- Orange or Red

Cushions can be perfect guinea pigs to test-drive a new color at home, meaning you want to include orange or red in your decor, but you’re not sure if you’ll like it? Start with the pillows: it’s a safe and economical option.

10- Unexpected Places

Be creative and use pillows to decorate unexpected places: placed on a bench in the bathroom, stacked on the floor in a corner of the hallway or on chairs in the kitchen. Why not?

11- Use Differently

Use the pillows as works of art, acquiring unique pieces, hand-painted, adorned with sequins, diamonds, buttons or tassels; stamped with original illustrations or motifs.

12- Earthy Tones

Give your home a breath of fresh air with pillows inspired by Mother Nature – earthy colors (brown, green, orange, red and yellow), without forgetting the floral and botanical motifs.

13- Outdoor Palces

Take the cushions out into the street, using them to make outdoor spaces on balconies, terraces, gardens and patios even more comfortable. Vibrant colors liven up any space out there, and for even stronger impact, choose colors that aren’t commonly used outdoors – like white, black and grey. The advantage of pillows is that the pillowcases come off and can be easily washed!