10 Italian Shower With Modern Faucet

A walk-in shower is a modern solution that easily adapts to all bathrooms and offers many benefits to its owners. It can be easily integrated even in very small bathrooms and exists in several versions: fully open, semi-open or closed. Sometimes called a “walk-in shower,” it is accessible and functional for all family members: children, parents, and the elderly. As long as you have the proper pressure or plate, this shower can be safely used by people of all ages.

1- Minimalist shower with glass walls and hand shower

Designers like to work with this type of shower because it fits well with all types of interiors, large or small, modern or vintage. In addition, the Italian shower is not a gem, reserved only for homeowners and modern house owners. With some remodeling, it can be adapted to older interiors thanks to a special set and flat trays. From a maintenance standpoint, an open shower is very easy to clean, especially if it is fully open. Given all these features, we quickly understand why this shower has become so popular among the French!

2- Half board Italian shower with modern pillar and glass wall

When we talk about installing a bathroom with an Italian shower, we often focus on the question of choosing the wall and types of receivers. We know that the Italian shower is characterized by a built-in siphon and a slightly sloping floor, designed to facilitate the flow of water. This space also has a special receiver that is “invisible” because it is built into the floor and most often into the floor. But today there are also ready-to-install receivers that are made of modern materials that are very thin and can be installed in the floor of this type of shower.

As for the walls, the owners can do without them completely or choose a model of semi-open shower with a glass wall or with a solid wall. What about brushes? Are there rules to respect or completely avoid a bathroom with a “real” Italian shower? Would you like to give some kind of mixer or shower, instead of others? So many questions that owners often ask and we will address in the following paragraphs.

3- Built-in Italian shower 

For many professionals in the interior design of bathrooms, a real Italian shower must have a built-in faucet. In fact, it seems to contribute to the authentic appearance of the shower, which is expressed in connection with its past, which dates back to the Roman Empire. But today, a large number of homeowners are also seduced by other solutions, which are characterized by more modern air. And this is a trend that is not surprising. Because, remember, the Italian shower is very flexible and has long won the bathrooms of modern style. So, it also opens shower columns and other elegant accessories and flow.

4- Open shower with built-in faucet

This makes designers more attractive to faucets and built-in faucets. Today, however, you can buy practical and functional mixers that are equipped with a thermostat, hydro massage systems or allow you to save water. The latter option is also recommended for Italian showers because they usually have high water consumption. As for the shower head, it also exists in very interesting versions: light, with the effect of “rain” and of course in very different shapes and materials!

5- Open Italian shower in Zen bathroom

The shower chair also includes several items such as a mixing desk, shower head and shower head. Some columns also have hydro massage accessories that contribute to the well-being and relaxation of their users through a spa effect. Nevertheless, these towers are known to have a significant flow of water, so they should be avoided by those who have a fully open Italian shower. In terms of the look they bring to the bathroom, the columns are considered to be a very aesthetic and modern solution.

6- Deco idea of ​​a shower with a wooden floor

Practical, beautiful and modern, the Italian shower has already established itself in the homes of the vast majority of French people. If the idea of ​​your bathroom seduces you with this type of shower, you will probably benefit from our photo gallery.

7- Italian shower cabin of modern design

8- Modern bathroom idea: an idea for a colorless shower

9- An example of a modern Italian bathroom

10- Italian bathroom decoration with built-in shower

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