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18 Lovely Ideas for Decorating With Mirrors

Mirrors are a truly multifunctional decorative element – ​​with or without a frame, alone or in groups, modern or vintage, they not only reflect what is going on around us, they also visually enlarge a space, lending it a touch of beauty.

1- Glue with Frames

Mirrors can jump off the edges of their frames and be glued together to cover an entire wall or pillar. An original idea that can replace, for example, a simple painting or wallpaper application.

2- Huge Mirror

Placing a huge mirror on the floor, simply leaning against a wall, creates an imposing effect in any space and ends up elevating the mirror itself into an object of art and appreciation. Another advantage? It can be easily and quickly transported to another location… perfect for those days when you feel like redecorating.

3- Double Effect

Nothing more wow than doubling the effect of the mirrors, that is, hanging two identical mirrors, side by side over the hall table, the bedroom dresser, or the bathroom sink. For a more relaxed look, opt for two different models.

4- Hide Imperfections 

Use a mirror with an amazing frame to cover up some little-used appliance or to hide imperfections in the walls.

5- Headboard

A mirror that is vintage, modern or with a dramatic frame can perfectly serve as a headboard. Just turn the bed around and pull over; if it is too low, place it on a wooden bench, for example. Another alternative is to also hang the mirror behind the bed.

6- On a Dresser

Displaying a set of hand mirrors or small feet on a dresser, dressing table or console is an elegant way to gather and display a beautiful collection of mirrors.

7- On Ceiling of the room

In addition to being very dramatic, attaching a mirror to the ceiling of a room is an excellent option for small spaces, that is, it will help make them appear larger than they actually are.

8- Unusual Frame

A mirror with an unusual frame can serve as a central focus in a given environment, also taking on the role of delimiting a small corner.

9- New Experiment

Don’t restrict mirror decor to exclusively vertical models – pick up that same mirror and experiment with exposing or hanging it horizontally. The difference can be colossal.

10- Arrangement of Wall

Arranged on an entire wall, a set of exactly the same mirrors can form a very interesting graphic art display; while a set of completely different mirrors will create a more artistic or eclectic environment.

11- Real Frame

Use a large mirror to frame a real scene, that is, place it faces an environment so that its reflection looks like a picture when looking directly into the mirror.

12- Unused Fireplace

Apply a mirror to the bottom (and even the sides) of an unused fireplace to enhance the lighting and space of any living room or dining room. For a cozy and romantic touch, place several candles in front of you and light them!

13- Doors or Cabinets

Glued to doors or cabinets, mirrors can be a surprising decorative note and, at the same time, save space.

14- Hanging Mirror

Instead of hanging another painting over the fireplace, why not try a mirror or several?

15- Bathroom

Line one side of the shower door with a mirror – in addition to instantly expand any bathroom, you gain a little privacy and even a place to see yourself while you get ready.

16- Kitchen

Probably the last place you would think to display a mirror would be in a kitchen! Why not? Hanging horizontally will breathe new life into an old kitchen and is also a great way to cover up tired tiles.

17- In the middle of the table

To create a dramatic and elegant centerpiece, place a narrow mirror in the middle of the table and display small vases of flowers on top of it. You can achieve the same effect with a smaller mirror or with several small mirrors lined up.

18- Window

Create the feeling of having another window in any space by hanging a mirror directly in front of an existing window – it’s also a good trick to reflect the outside on the inside.