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30 Ideas for Porcelain Tile That Imitate Granite

Steeped in history, granilite is linked to many childhood memories and you will probably remember it as the floor of your grandmother’s house. That’s because it was a very common material in the 1940s, covering buildings, halls and houses. But its history began much earlier, back in the 17th century, in Venice, where leftovers and scraps of marble were added to cement by artisans.

Traditional granilite is made from a mixture of white or common cement, sand and water, and stones of different sizes – such as granite, marble, quartz and other minerals. But like most coverings, convincing replicas can be found on the market. The most famous is porcelain, traditionally a wildcard in decoration.

Opting for porcelain tiles that mimic granilite is a great way to embrace the trend, with all the benefits of a coating you already know: stain resistance, low water absorption, almost no maintenance and easy cleaning. To explore this possibility and get inspired, we selected some products and application ideas!

1- The outdoor area

The outdoor area with pergola and modern decor in neutral tones called for porcelain tiles that imitate granilite to cover the floor. Room with granilite floor, sofa, puff and gray armchairs, wooden coffee table, countertop dividing the room with the kitchen, which has gray cabinets and an open wooden ceiling.

2- Contemporary Room

This contemporary room with gray granite porcelain tile takes on a laid-back feel with lots of plants. Room with flooring and a wall covered with granite, wood paneled back wall, room with bathtub.

3- Kitchen with colored granite porcelain, brown cabinets and white walls 

In this clean kitchen, where light tones predominate, the color is due to porcelain floors that imitate granilite, in different sizes and colors.

4- Green Bathroom 

With a half wall in porcelain tiles that imitate granilite, this green bathroom is even more prominent thanks to LED lighting. Bathroom with granilite covering the floor and half a wall, the other half painted blue, black crockery and a glass door to access the shower area.

5- White granite porcelain tile

Combining two long-standing trends, this bathroom was covered with subway tiles in herringbone shape and Eliane Revestimentos’ granite porcelain tile. Bathroom with granilite floor, wooden cabinet with white countertop with two sinks, black taps, subway tiles on half wall and half painted white.

6- Beach Decoration

The porcelain tile that imitates granilite reinforces the beach decoration, simulating sand in this project with a view of the sea. Room overlooking the sea with beach decor with wooden sofas with white upholstery with blue and green pillows, wooden coffee table and granilite on the floor imitating sand.

7- Blue Cabinets

Well lit and with blue cabinets, this kitchen gained even more charm with the granite porcelain floor. Kitchen with granilite floor, blue cabinets with white marble countertop and sink wall and two black stools.

8- Industrial Decor

Granilite can also be adapted to industrial decor! Proof of this is this project that uses a grayer porcelain version, which resembles burnt cement. Kitchen with granilite-coated floor and wall, wooden table with four chairs, black sink counter with wood cabinet.

9- Minimalist Look

While the floor has geometric patterns, the walls of this room were covered with porcelain tiles that imitate granilite. Black and white manages to give a minimalist look to the bold composition. Diner environment with hydraulic tile floors, walls covered with granilite, round tables with benches and plants suspended from the ceiling.

10- Moisture Resistant 

Perfect for use in bathrooms, porcelain tiles that mimic granilite are a much more moisture resistant option than the original granilite. Bathroom with granite floor and wall, glass shower, large wooden cabinet with countertop and white tub.

11- Minimalist Granite Pattern

The porcelain tile with a minimalist granite pattern was the perfect choice to enhance the panel with geometric patterns. Room with black & white paneled wall, porcelain floor imitating granilite, black iron armchair & stool.

12- External Area

This external area was practically all covered with a porcelain that imitates granilite. The pattern is highlighted in sunlight. Outdoor area with granilite floor, with a small garden in the center, wall with wood cladding and other walls covered with bricks.

13- Granilite piece in light tone

If you prefer a more subtle granilite, the Venezia Be Nat porcelain tile is an option that can be applied even in bathrooms and kitchens.

14- Granilite Porcelain

On the other hand, this porcelain floor by Eliane Revestimento refers to the traditional colored fragments of granilite, perfect for a more fun decoration.

15- Confetti Line porcelain tile

Although white cement is generally used as an alloy, granilite can also have a colored background. That’s what simulates this Confetti Line porcelain tile. Bathroom lined with pink granite on the walls and floor, and outside the box a wall and part of the floor covered with white porcelain, black accessories and wooden cabinet.

16- Gray Granite porcelain tile

In this bathroom, the gray granite porcelain tile was used throughout the room, including the shower area. Bathroom with wooden cabinet with white tub, granite floor and tiles, glass shower box and rectangular mirror.

17- Dark Tones

All crafted in dark tones, this black dining room with black and white granilite porcelain has been given a sophisticated look.

18- Living room

Valuing the feeling of spaciousness, this porcelain tile that imitates granite has large dimensions and the grout is practically imperceptible. Living room with large L-shaped sofa with colorful pillows, granite floor, walls with large glass windows.

19- Patterned Granite Porcelain Tile

Fundamental to the delicate result, the colored patterned granite porcelain tile is the perfect marriage with the light woodwork. Bathroom with granite floor and wall of the sink, other walls with white coating, wood cabinet in light tone with white tub, round mirror on the wall with LED background and pendant lamp.

20- Floor and Walls

When used on the floor and walls, porcelain tiles that mimic granilite can be a neutral base, but still full of character. Bathroom with granite floor and wall, oval mirrors with rose tub, rose plant pots, hanging plant pots and white bathtub.

21- Outdoor area with granilite floor, tree with bench around and plants

The use outdoors is also not one of the most suitable for granilite, which can be circumvented with porcelain.

22- Black Industrial Style

In this kitchen, the industrial style is softened thanks to porcelain tiles that imitate granilite. Black diner bench with black cabinets and benches, gilded pendant lamps and granilite flooring throughout.

23- Terazzo line

The Terazzo line granite porcelain tiles have traditional colors and simulate small fragments.

24- Black and White Granilite Porcelain

Pointer’s traditional granite porcelain tile, on the other hand, has some darker spots and reinforces the nostalgic effect of the coating.

25- Yellow Chairs

For those who are not afraid of daring, yellow is always a special touch in porcelain tiles that imitate granilite. Room with a wooden table, two yellow chairs and granilite floor.

26- Small Washbasin

This small washbasin was covered with a porcelain tile that imitates granilite on the floor and on one of the walls, creating the impression of a box. Bathroom with wood paneling on the wall that goes up to the ceiling, other walls and floor coated with granilite and white sink.

27- Countertops

In addition to the floor, porcelain tiles that imitate granilite can be used on kitchen countertops, as it is a much more resistant option than traditional granilite. Kitchen with granite-coated sink countertop, black benches, black cabinets, burnt cement floor and pink walls.

28- Minimalist White Bathroom

What was supposed to be a minimalist white bathroom was completely transformed by the colored granite porcelain floor, applied even in the shower area. Bathroom with granilite floor, half wall covered with white subway tiles and the other half painted white, white sink with wooden cabinet, black glass shower, round mirror.

29- Granite Piece

Very realistic, the Flake line’s traditional granilite porcelain flooring features a very conventional range of sizes and colors.

30- Backsplash

In a more vibrant proposal, in this kitchen, the porcelain tile covering that imitates granilite was used in the backsplash, giving a light and relaxed air to the environment. Kitchen with moss green cabinet, black appliances, wall of the sink with granite porcelain in red tone and porcelain floor in neutral tone.