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Unique Design Ideas With Colored Doors

It is famous for people to opt for doors, windows, and floors with neutral colors because they are afraid of taking risks in colors and not harmonizing with the decor and regretting it.

However, the desire to choose a color to highlight the room can be more significant, and people often give in to the multicolor. How about daring the colors on doors? That’s right. A good option is to use the color you prefer on doors instead of using decorative objects, furniture, and walls.

Main doors and bedroom doors are chosen to replace traditional colors with colorful ones, but it is also possible to opt for kitchen and bathroom doors. Bright doors match modern, contemporary, and even classic style designs.

Eucatex, a superpartner of Revestindo a Casa, has a complete line of products and has doors. The Ecuador collection has several door models that meet different project needs.

I found the Eucaprimer line very lovely, which is supplied with primer paint, a characteristic capable of providing superior quality to the final product. Ready to receive painting with conventional colors on the market, the doors of this line have reduced the consumption of paint and labor time.

Check out some colored door ideas below to get inspired.


The geometric paintings make the environment more fun, modern and you can use your favorite colors and do something exceptionally personalized.


The environment with the yellow entrance door, wooden floor, burnt cement walls, and brown armchair.

Room with a yellow door, white wooden floor, a wall with many colored pictures, and small black and white cabinets.

The environment with a yellow door, a wooden floor, and a white wall.

Colored doors arouse curiosity for what’s inside and show creativity and dedication to the decor.

That’s why the color yellow for the front door of the house and rooms is an excellent idea because the color conveys good energy and liveliness in addition to being a guarantee that your home will be full of style.


The entrance has a royal blue door, a wooden floor, and a wall with wooden shelves with drinks, glasses, and minibar.

Entrance hall with serene blue door and walls and gray floor.

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Indeed, the colors used in the decoration say a lot about the personality and sensibility of the house’s residents.

Royal blue, for example, provides a pleasant, peaceful and serene environment. The main objective of the blue color in the decoration is to refer to the sea, bringing peace and good spirits to the environment.


Room with dark gray wall and door, wooden rack, TV on the wall, light gray floor with soft rug and frame positioned on the floor.

Room with gray door and white walls.

The gray color is often associated with uninteresting things and dull moments. It is normal to think of color as neutral and traditional.

However, nowadays, gray is seen as a modern color in the decoration, bringing elegance and sophisticated proposals. A good option is to paint the wall the same color as the door, leaving the environment uniform.


The environment with gray walls, a wooden floor, and an orange door.

House facade with orange door, green wall, wooden deck, and decorative plant pots.

House facade with orange door, gray walls, and garden.

The color orange is not very common to use when decorating the house. So if you are thinking of giving it a unique touch, betting on orange, without a doubt, is a good option.

Orange means joy, success, prosperity, and vitality. It’s a warm, vibrant color, and it’s often chosen by good-humored people who love challenges.


House facade with light pink door, white walls, and potted plants on the step.

Room with light pink door, gray and white walls, soft gray floor with black and white rug, white sofa and chair, wooden rack and TV on the wall.

Front of a house with a pink door and pink plants composing the decoration.

Room with a light pink door and light blue walls, wood floor, blue sofa, and white chair.

When we think of pink, we automatically associate it with femininity, delicacy, and romance. The color is widely chosen for decorating girls’ rooms. However, these days, many homes are opting for the color of the main doors. Notable, isn’t it?

Pink has calming and calming effects capable of awakening empathy. In addition to alleviating feelings of abandonment, neglect, anger, and resentment.


Rustic atmosphere with wooden floors and walls and a green door.

A lobby with a dark green door, white walls with colorful designs, white floors & a wooden desk with a red chair.

Kitchen with a burnt cement wall, green door, white porcelain floor, white tile-covered countertop, wooden countertop with benches.

Front of a house with a green door, dog, lying on entrance and garden.

Without a doubt, besides being a beautiful color, green refers to nature. It is increasingly present in the decoration of houses and apartments. Color is synonymous with balance and hope.

A great option is to bet on the color of main doors, doors that give access to gardens and backyards.


Room with a purple door and wall, wooden furniture with a vase.

The environment with a purple door, a wooden floor, a purple flower vase, and a dog was lying on the floor.

Facade with a purple door and brick wall.

Surprisingly purple has gained space in decor these days. It is an excellent color related to creativity, tranquility, and calm.

The good idea is to use color on main doors, especially in more rustic styles.

Above all, it is a color that can also be used on doors and walls, leaving the environment uniform. Even if it is a solid and dark color, it does not carry the space. A tip is to bet on decorative objects with more neutral colors.


The room has a red door, wood floor, brick wall with many decorative paintings, and a wooden chair with red upholstery.

An environment with maple doors, wood floor, and white walls.

A room with a brick wall, a white sofa with pillows, a red door & a rug with a colorful geometric print.

An environment with a red door, white walls, and wood floor.

Red is a solid and striking color that often causes a particular fear of using it in decoration because of the perceptibility it can provide.

For doors, color is used a lot. It also fits into any style of decor; red has an immensity of tones.

Finally, it is possible to opt for stronger and purer reds, even shades more similar to burgundy and burgundy. The tip is to choose furniture and decoration objects with more neutral colors in environments with red doors.