39 Small Bathrooms for You to Be Inspired

Renovating is always a challenge. And when the environment is small it seems to be even more challenging! There’s always that fear of making mistakes, due to an excess of elements in the same environment or even making a bathroom without personality, isn’t it? And with so many cool product options out there, it’s always good to invest in coatings, stones, lighting, tableware and metals to get an incredible result.

Thinking about this difficulty, I made this post with several small bathroom projects for you to be inspired and create a space you’ve always dreamed of!

A very common question that I see is about the most suitable floor for the bathroom, since it is an environment that has direct contact with water, which can cause slipping. My tip is: avoid polished floors. I know it’s beautiful, it looks sophisticated, but if you can’t use it, don’t use it. A polished floor, when it comes into contact with water, becomes a real soap.

Today there are several matte/satin flooring options on the market, even with a marble look! If you love shine, consider using polished walls and the same version of matte flooring on the floor.

And another common question is about the use of non-slip flooring in the bathroom. The non-slip floor is suitable for uncovered outdoor areas. Where you can go with your VAP (High Pressure Washer) and clean, because that kind of floor sticks a lot of dirt. So only use a floor with this type of finish if you or someone in your family has limited mobility.

Find out now the 39 inspirations for you to have a small and dreamy bathroom:

Small bathrooms with bathtub

1- Marble Floor and Wall in the Box


Bathroom with bathtub, marbled floor and walls and colored wall in the box.

2- White Tablet and Gray Floor

Bathroom with bathtub and white tablet on the wall and gray floor.

3- Subway Tiles and Geometric Floor

Black and white bathroom with Subway Tiles tile and geometric floor.

4- Wooden Countertop

Bathroom with wooden countertop, black support tub and mirror inserts.

5- Hexagonal Insert 

Bathroom with blue hexagonal insert in the box with gray floor and white countertop.

6- Burnt Cement and Red Tiles

Bathroom with burnt cement and red tiles.

7- Gray Hexagonal Insert

Bathroom with gray hexagonal insert, white countertop and wooden joinery.

8- Subway Tiles Coating

Bathroom with Subway Tiles cladding. Niche with mirror on the side

Bathroom with a touch of color and sophistication with Subway Tiles coating. I loved the idea of ​​the mirror with the niche on the side. A creative way to optimize small spaces.

9- Orange with White Ceramics

Bathroom with walls painted in orange with white ceramics.

10- Gold Metals

Bathroom with pink and white cladding with gold metals 

Bathroom with pink and white coating with gold metals. Four different types of coatings were used in the composition and it was very beautiful. We don’t have to be afraid to dare.

11- Colored Bench and Niche

Colored bench and niche with white coating on the walls and marble on the floor.

12- Porcelain Tiles

Bathroom with porcelain tile that reproduces wood and light flooring with porcelain tile worktop

I had the opportunity to help define coatings. She wanted something rustic that brought visual comfort. So a porcelain tile that reproduces wood with a totally uniform off white was used. And the result was amazing.

13- Cement on the Walls 

Bathroom with burnt cement walls and floor with imitation wood porcelain tile

Bathroom lined with cement on the walls and floor with porcelain tiles that imitate wood.

14- White Cladding Walls

Bathroom with black and white tile floor and white cladding walls.

15- Shower Walls

Bathroom with shower walls with Subway Tiles and floor with white and gray floral hydraulic tile.

16- Burnt Cement

Bathroom with burnt cement, hexagonal tile and white tiles on half wall.

17- Small bathrooms is the use of niches

A creative solution for small bathrooms is the use of niches. In this project above, one was used in the entire length of the mirror. I found it very beautiful and you?

18- Small bathroom with niche on the side of the mirror

Another idea of ​​niches in small bathrooms, this one was made on the side of the mirror with the same material as the furniture.

19- Bathroom with floor bench and travertine niche 

Bench with white support tub, floor and niches in Travertine. I loved the idea of ​​the mirror at the back of the niche.

20- Stone clad bathroom and white hexagonal 

Gray stone coating + White Hexagonal on the floor and walls.

21- Bathroom with porcelain tiles that imitate Carrara marble and wooden furniture

Bathroom with porcelain that reproduces marble with a matte finish. Non-glare coatings are more suitable for bathrooms, as they do not cause slipping.

22- Black hexagonal coatings

Black hexagonal coatings with gold metals, it’s a luxury, right?

23- Small bathroom with black walls and gray hexagonal porcelain tile

Another small, dark bathroom model. Dark walls and gray floor in hexagonal shape, golden metals. See how sophisticated dark environments get. No need to be afraid to dare.

24- Bathroom with graphite hexagonal insert and light gray porcelain

Tastefully, this bathroom was all covered with light gray porcelain. She used the same wall products to make the niche and countertop. And the highlight was the hexagonal inserts in graphite color.

25- Bathroom with hexagonal graphite insert, with bench, and, black vase

This project was also used hexagonal graphite coating, with the bench and dark vase. When we talk about creativity, the sky is the limit, right?

26- Bathroom with burnt cement, black cladding, and, suspended vase

Burnt cement with black coating. A solution for small bathrooms is to use a vase with a built-in box in the wall. Today there are several affordable options.

27- Porcelain-coated masonry bathtub

Bathroom with porcelain-coated masonry bathtub, hexagonal marbled coating and bronze metals. Beautiful is not it?

28- Brown filleted lining and the shelves

I loved the idea of ​​the box with the brown filleted lining and the shelves. Bathroom with brown lining in the shower stall, vase and black countertop and wooden shelves.

29- Bathroom with white and gray hexagonal cladding and white furniture

Bathroom with white furniture and wall coverings and gray floor. The two colors of the linings in hexagonal format. This composition was very interesting.

30- Bathroom with burnt cement floor, wall and countertop

Bathroom with floor, walls and countertops covered with burnt cement. I found the idea of ​​the metallic pediment very interesting.

31- An all White Bathroom

An all white bathroom refers to freshness, cleanliness and clarity. This style of clean design I really like! It was covered with porcelain that reproduces marble and the niche and bench in prime white marble.

32- Meter Tile in Fish Scale 

Meter tile in fish scale in green color, white niche, and, bench and round mirror with handle. Bathroom with colored Subway Tiles tile with fish scale layout, light gray floor and white niche and countertop. This round mirror is a pretty strong trend. I’m seeing it in several projects and it looks really cool, right?

33- Bathroom with hydraulic tile in duda senna box

Bathroom with white bench and niche and hydraulic tile in the box. I love tiles and this possibility to customize colors and graphics. Duda Senna made this environment and she uses this type of coating a lot in her projects.

34- Bathroom with burnt cement Carrara marble and black metals from the boutique lab decor

The composition of marble + burnt cement and black metals was a mix of classic and modern style and the result was amazing! I loved the little plants in the bathroom. They always convey warmth, right?

Now I’m going to show you some bathroom projects with the favorite color of the moment. She is called Millennial Pink, Rose or simply Rosa. This tone has been successful for leaving elegant and delicate environments.

35- Bathroom with pink and green marbled finish

Pink goes very well with marbles and other pastel shades. In this project, green was used and it was very beautiful, right?

36- Bathroom with retro pink trim, bronze metals and white Provençal joinery

With retro pink brick, white Provencal-style woodwork and bronze metals. I loved it and you?

37- Bathroom with hydraulic tile and pink furniture gray countertop

Bathroom with Hydraulic Tile with white background and colorful graphics. I loved the gilded metals, the countertop with the gray carved tub and the pink cabinet.

38- Box with Pink Hexagonal Insert

Box with pink hexagonal insert, porcelain floor that reproduces burnt cement and metals and box square in black. Box with pink hexagonal insert, porcelain floor that reproduces burnt cement and metals and box square in black. Premazzi’s Favorite interior design.

39- Bathroom with white pebbles and pink furniture

Pebbles are a good option for lining bathrooms. When installed on the floor, they massage the feet. As it is a natural product and has a lot of grouting, it requires maintenance. But it looks so beautiful that the work pays off lol.

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