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27 Unique Ideas on How to Use Pillows in Decor

Unique Ideas on How to Use Pillows in Decor 1

The pillow can be used to transform any environment and add a special touch to your decor.


In addition to being a great decoration accessory, pillows also bring comfort and style to your home. With different formats, prints and colors, they can add a special touch to the decoration of any environment.

Below, we’ve selected 27 ideas on how to use pillows in decor for you to transform and decorate your home with style and practicality.

1.  Different Prints and Colors


Using different prints and colors can make the environment more cheerful and relaxed without losing style.

2. Different Sizes and Patterns


Blending different sizes with different patterns is also a good option.

3. Printed Pillows


Prints can also be present in more neutral and less colorful environments. Giving just a touch of personality to the environment.

4. Nature into Environment


Cushions can also be used to bring a bit of nature into the environment.

5. Colored Pillows


Don’t be afraid to use color. Colored pillows can transform a once dull environment into a happier environment.

6. Variation of Tones


A variation of tones and undertones mixed with neutral colors can be a good idea if you don’t have such a bold style.

7. Sophisticated Environment


More neutral colors such as white, beige, straw and gray can also give a cozy and sophisticated air to the environment.

8. Earthy Tones


If you want to add a little color but don’t like anything too flashy, try pillows in earthy tones.

9. Fun Phrases


Cushions with fun phrases are a good choice for those who want a relaxed atmosphere.

10. Smaller Pillows


It’s worth investing in even smaller pillows.

11. Tribal Prints


Tribal prints can make a really cool environment too.

12. Harmonious Environment


To create a harmonious environment that highlights your environment, try to be inspired by the colors of other objects that already exist in your decor.

13. Neutral Environments


The same logic holds for more neutral environments.

14. Floral Pillows


Floral pillows and knitting and crochet pillows are great for creating cozy reading environments. Just be careful to match the other objects and decor colors.

15. Furry Pillows


The “furry” pillows are on the rise and look great in environments considered more feminine.

16. Decorate the room


Pillows can also be present in the decoration of rooms.

17. Fun Pillow shapes


Investing in fun pillow shapes can transform your room into a very different environment.

18. Playful Formats


The playful formats go very well with children’s rooms.

19. Common Environments


But they can also be used in common environments to give a more youthful, fun and relaxed look.

20. Different Prints


With the right combination, you can mix different prints and formats without losing the space’s sobriety.

21. Ethnic and Geometric patterns


Inserting a few pillows with ethnic and geometric patterns into your bed can give it an elegant look.

22. Same Tone


Investing in pillows of the same tone but with different fabrics is certainly a success.

23. Cozy Armchair


Cushions can also be used as a decoration detail. In the case above, it was used to make the armchair more cozy.

24. Outdoors


Cushions can also be used outdoors to compose your decor.

25. Floral Prints


Floral prints can be very interesting depending on the color combination.

26. Stylish Environment


But if you prefer a less flashy but equally stylish environment, you can select a color palette to compose the environment.

27. Chair in balcony


With the right chair and some pillows you can even transform your apartment’s balcony.