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Decor Ideas With Stickers for the Children’s Room

Decor ideas with stickers for the children's room

The sticker is a playful, beautiful and inexpensive option to renew your child’s bedroom decor.

The child’s bedroom needs to be decorated with delicacy, good taste and creativity. Parents should think about the combination of colours, the most appropriate furniture for space and the accessories that match the child’s context. On the walls of the environment, it is also worth investing in stickers for the children’s room.

Wall stickers have been in high demand for some years now, after all, they are cheaper than traditional wallpaper and guarantee an incredible aesthetic result. These items make the environment more fun and personalized.

Changing the look of your child’s room can be easier than you think. With large or small designs, the wall stickers transform any room in the most varied colours without weighing down the budget. See some decor trends:

Geometric designs and kids

Geometric designs and kids 1

Geometric designs and kids 2

Geometric designs and kids 3

Minimalism and geometry arrived in the children’s room. Instead of working with colourful and playful designs, parents are customizing the walls with geometric figures, such as triangles and polka dots.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style 1

Scandinavian style 2

Scandinavian style 3

The Scandinavian design seeks to combine simplicity and warmth elements. To express the characteristics of this style on the wall, there are stickers of mountains and tents. Stickers with a cross sign or that simulate little flags are also making a big hit and setting trends.


Traffic 2

It is very common in the boys’ room to find stickers with car lanes, which simulate traffic in the city. The decorative strip with this theme also has space in a cheerful and fun decoration.

Coloured clouds

Coloured clouds 1

Clouds are delicate, playful and have everything to do with the children’s universe. This type of sticker is perfect for those who want to create a very cheerful and colourful environment.

Hot air balloons

Hot air balloons

Stickers do not necessarily need to value characters from the children’s universe. In fact, it’s possible to be more subtle when decorating the walls, as is the case with colourful hot air balloons.



Monkey, lion, elephant, giraffe… all these wild animals can be found on the walls of the children’s room. The tip is to use the stickers to create real scenarios that catch the child’s attention.



Tree 1

The tree sticker suits the children’s room, especially when attached to the wall near the crib. The design can be combined with other decor elements such as photos and shelves.



The mountain sticker does away with the monotony of the white walls and creates real scenes in the children’s room. The games within the environment will become more fun.

World map

World map

In addition to making the child’s room colourful, the world map sticker also stimulates curiosity to see other places in the world and improves geography grades at school. There are many models for sale in specialized stores, as is the case of the piece that highlights the different species of animals in each continent.



Minimalism can be present in a child’s room through the eyelash adhesive. It is subtle, different and resembles the figure of the unicorn, a magical creature loved by boys and girls.

Growth ruler

Growth ruler

Growth ruler 1

Despite the minimalist wave, interactive stickers are still on the rise, as is the case with the growth ruler. You can find it for sale in various models, such as giraffe, rocket, sheep, dog, dinosaur, submarine and kitten.

How do choose a children’s wall sticker?

  • Consider the following statements when choosing children’s wall stickers:
  • The wall sticker should enhance some design that the child likes or bet on something more neutral.
  • The sticker is a creative way to highlight the theme of your room’s decor.
  • Cartoon characters and animals are children’s favourite figures.
  • If the small resident is not yet old enough to express their tastes, then it is up to the parents to define the best designs to illustrate the walls. Stars, butterflies, transport, fairies and hearts are some options that never go out of style. But don’t discard current trends, such as geometric and Scandinavian designs.
  • The decoration with stickers in the children’s room is interesting because the coloured figures improve the little resident’s cognitive ability.
  • The adhesive is much more practical and easier to apply than traditional wallpaper.