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Peaks and Ideas for Decorating Your Home Simply and Beautifully!

Ideas for Decorating Your Home Simply and Beautifully!

Did you buy your first house or want to give your current home a new look but don’t know how? Calm! The decoration is not a “seven head”! First of all, think about everything that brings you comfort, warmth, and above all, a feeling of well-being. Remember that interior decoration is very vast and subjective. The important thing is that you feel good about the final result.

Here are some tips and ideas that will help you.

Research, research, research!

Research, research, research!
Color – the most crucial element in the decor

Try to find a source of inspiration to discover your style that most identify, for example, in the area reference blogs, social networks like Instagram or Pinterest.

Make a selection of spaces and environments that you liked and save these ideas in your favorites or an identified folder on your device.

​This first research will look for the decoration concept you intend to give to your space. It can be minimalist, contemporary, classic, vintage, ethnic, or a mixture of various influences. These ideas will be critical when the time comes to decide your decor.

​In your research, you will also discover that with creativity, some of your objects or current furniture can be restored, recycled, and transformed to give a different and original touch to your new home decor.

What color should be used for the new decoration?

Feature a Wall with Wallpaper – Female Teen’s Bedroom Photo

Color is one of the essential elements in interior decoration. Depending on your personality and boldness, you can choose to choose the simplicity of a monochromatic decoration or a mix of complementary colors to create a more comfortable, welcoming, and timeless environment.

​Never forget that the color of the walls must match the finish of the floor and the furniture you have or will buy.

In other words, the color of space must be something well thought out. Think of all the seasons to see if the stain will favor this environment in all seasons, and its use will not be tiring.

TIP: Use a light-colored or white gives the impression that space is more significant.

​You can also choose to highlight just one of the walls with intense color or wallpaper!

What color should be used for the new decoration
Feature a Wall with Wallpaper – Female Teen’s Bedroom Photo

After choosing the color, pay attention to the shades of that same color. For example, a beige has darker and lighter gradients. Color test existing paint brand swatches or buy a trim paint can and paint a small portion of the wall to see how it looks! It should have as a principle “I won’t get tired of this color?”.

What color should be used for the new decoration 1
More neutral colors look good in rooms.

It’s time to choose the furniture!

After choosing the concept and color, you’ll have to think about the functionality of your spaces. This must be done with the bold choice of furniture. Choosing furniture for any room in a house is not always easy; it requires you to know exactly what you want in terms of materials, colors, number of pieces, exact measurements, such as making sure the sofa has the ideal size and that it matches with the style of TV furniture.

In the living room case, try to find furniture that matches the concept you want to give to the decoration of the house. For example, if you have ample space, choose a spacious sofa and a low table for more room. You can also place small objects in bright colors, such as decorative pillows and mats.

​TIP: If you chose to highlight a wall with a different color, use that same color on pillows, rugs, or other decorative elements, for example, on paintings or accessories.

It's time to choose the furniture!
MUST DO – Combine Highlights

It's time to choose the furniture! 1
Use color notes in the decoration

​In the case of decorating a child’s room, you must bear in mind that this space will undergo several changes over the years to accompany your child’s growth. Therefore, opt for more versatile and modern bedroom furniture, and bet on objects with accent colors. These details will help you define a set of decisions you will take and influence your budget.

It's time to choose the furniture! 2
Color notes make a difference – Children’s Room

​In the kitchen, you can choose an island or a large workbench, if space permits. Always take care to opt for kitchen furniture with the maximum possible storage and that, above all, is functional. Sometimes the kitchen is where you spend most of your time after work, so you must decorate this space thinking about its best functioning and dynamics.

It's time to choose the furniture! 3
Kitchen with modern and functional design – House Kitchen

Too much or too little light?

After coloring the walls, lighting is one of the most critical steps in interior decoration.

The challenge is to choose which and how many lamps we should have! Where these lamps should be about space, and what color temperature or light bulbs. NOTE: The light is the main element that influences the environment, giving warmth and comfort.

Good lighting over the dining table is essential, so it is recommended to use a prominent ceiling lamp. If you have chosen a long dining table, the idea is to select a ceiling lamp with several points of light so that the light arrives evenly and is well distributed.

Too much or too little light

In the case of the bedroom, opt for softer lighting. Ideally, choose lamps that can reduce or increase the light intensity. Be careful not to project the light on the head of the bed, as this area requires indirect points of light, which can be resolved with the use of a table or reading lamps.

Too much or too little light 1

Too much or too little light 2
The importance of lighting in bedrooms

In the case of the kitchen, lighting has to be general, efficient, and very bright. It is common to opt for white light; however, choose to illuminate workbenches well: for this, you can add light points.

Too much or too little light 3

In the bathroom, make sure you choose bright general lighting and light in the mirror location. A tip for this environment is to use a lamp with diffused or indirect light close to the mirror, but that does not disadvantage the rest of the space. For example, you can use a ceiling lamp and an LED wall light above the mirror to reduce or increase the light intensity.

Too much or too little light 4


These are just a few tips and suggestions that will be useful to know how to decorate your home.

However, suppose you have difficulties with the colors to use, the type of sofas or furniture to put in the living room, or even your child’s bedroom decoration. In that case, you can always ask an interior designer or a decoration company for professional advice.

Based on your ideas and needs, the help of an interior design professional will help you to clear up many of your uncertainties and insecurities that often arise.

Interior designers are masters of creating comfortable and functional environments and can help make your dream home.