Living Room Design

25 Graceful Living Room Ideas for Decorating Your Home

Even for those who have little space to decorate, a well-planned and decorated living room sets the condition for the rest of the house! And as there’s no shortage of fantastic living rooms around the world, we’ve separated 25 room decor ideas to inspire you!

1- Pictures on the living room wall

Walls full of paintings are impressive, aren’t they? They add charm and an extra touch to any space. Whether it’s a bit of a large room, it is essential to know how to use this technique to your advantage. If you need any tips on how to use frames in your home decor, click here.

2- Decorative stairs

Smaller rooms can be just as comfortable and cozy! Ideas such as the decorative staircase and the puff as a side table left the room full of personality.

3- Coffee tables as allies in decoration

Coffee tables are great allies for decorating a living room! Positioning books, flower vases, or decorative objects, add value to any room!

4- Color dots around the environment

White palette with color details that give a special touch and make a big difference in the decoration: Cushions, blanket, frame, and chest in blue color creating harmony and balance in the environment!

5- Integration of spaces

For smaller environments, a great idea is the integration of spaces. The kitchen separated by the counter and the colored chairs made the area very functional. In contrast, the sofa combined with the covering of the chairs in the dining room created harmony and synergy in the space!

6- Library in the living room

Library in the living room, why not? Combining the black bookcase with the gray and white furniture, the architects created a pleasant space for those who want to enjoy a good read!

7- Gray base with color details

The gray base with colors on the pillows, side table, pictures on the wall, and the guitar decorating the room give personality and style to the environment! Applying details of the residents’ tastes is a great idea to make the space unique!

8- Bench in the living room

A great way to decorate your living room is by putting benches in your decor! They are a way to take advantage of space, placing extra seating in the room discreetly and elegantly!

9- Coffee table incorrect size

As the sofa is large, the large coffee table is ideal for everyone in the room to get comfortable, whether placing their feet on the table or supporting glasses and utensils! The choice of the light palette left the incredible view in evidence, while the touches of blue in the decor added touch to it!

10- Frame as a highlight

An L-shaped sofa is an excellent option for those looking for comfort and convenience in the living room! The black wall was highlighted with a single large central frame, being the center of attention of the environment!

11- Puff as a coffee table

Frames supported on the wall are a trend and an excellent option for those who have a rented apartment and don’t want to drill into the wall! The puff serving as a support for books and accompanying the coffee table increased the decor of this room! A creative and different idea as inspiration!

12- Dark palette in decoration

For lovers of darker environments, this room uses and abuses the color blue, leaving the climate soberer without losing life and bringing a lot of personality to the space!

13- Neutral palette with color details

The brown color in a more vivid hue on the sofa took over with the gray background and warmed up the space! The details in wine on the blanket and the bench added an extra touch to the environment!

14-Vintage style in the living room

The gray and pink color palette created a more vintage ambiance in this environment, making the space very cozy and welcoming! The windows provide plenty of natural light, enhancing the environment!

15- Nature being part of the decoration

This environment on display at Casa Cor SP 2018 is simply outstanding! The imposing tree in the middle of the space is the center of attention, exuding personality and originality!

16- Colored fixtures

Colorful lamp in the living room, why not? They make the space happier and more stylish without a doubt! Even more when it is in complete harmony with the rest of the environment!

17- Harmony in integrated environments

The delimitation of the environments took place through a small step and the change of color on the ceiling of the spaces! The sofa and cabinet took the same tones as the kitchen, an excellent idea for those who integrate environments harmoniously and coherently!

18- External and internal in harmony

Lovely room and fully integrated with the outside area through the large glass doors that separate the spaces! The armchair and puff create more seats for visitors, facilitating leisure time with friends and family.

19- Toybox as part of the decoration

An excellent idea for those with children is to organize the toys in the room in a toy box like the one in the photo! The puff as a coffee table appears again as a great idea, and the tiny plants renew the environment!

20- Carpets as protagonists

Patterned rugs always add an extra touch to any living room, primarily when the room is composed only of a neutral color palette, with the rug as the main highlight of the space!

21- Industrial style in decoration

Industrial-style rooms are excellent. The bricks, concrete, and exposed piping set the tone in this space, while the brown leather sofa was the final touch to make the environment stylish and personal.

22- Modern neon decoration

How about putting a neon sign to give the living room a cool and modern look?

The geometric carpet and the decorations on the coffee table, such as the sculpture Bicho Caranguejo by Lygia Clark, help compose the contemporary environment.

23- Copper in the room decor

The copper-colored decor is elegant and modern and has become a highlight in the decor! With moderation and in the right measure, they can be used in furniture or decoration, from more oversized products such as a coffee table and lamps to small details of the environment, such as accessories and decorative objects.

24- Mirrors as great allies

Mirrors can be great allies in decorating a room! They help to expand the environment and make it even more beautiful and elegant! To check out more suggestions on how to enhance the decoration with mirrors, click here.

25- Delimitation of spaces with cobogó

A great way to separate spaces is also with the use of cobogós! Blue is highlighted in the neutral color palette in the decor, and some copper details also catch our attention!