23 Ingenious Decor Tricks That Will Positively Change Your Home

You finally fulfilled the dream of your corner, a house to call your own, even if you pay rent. And now, where do you get the dough and decorating ideas?

It is not always necessary to make debts on the card to make the apartment look like you. Then join this selection with great ideas to decorate your home using creativity.

1- Dark ceilings for depth

Painting the ceiling a darker color gives the impression of depth in the room, especially if the walls are light. Use shades of your choice also to share that joy and bring good energy.

2- Little secret for more enormous windows

Instead of placing the curtains close to the windows, as usual, the unique trick for giving the impression of much larger windows is identifying the curtains just below the ceiling. Choose a nice and long piece, as it needs to take up all the space.

3- Different curtain rod

Often, a small detail is a great success in your home. Have you thought about replacing the classic curtain rod with another type of support? It’s worth suspending the fabric using a tree branch, rulers, tightly stretched rope, and whatever else your imagination allows.

4- Framed television

The living room wall is super stylish if you put some decorative comics and also frame the TV. It’s creative and laid back. Choose a nice frame if you need to paint it. Who says you can’t spend hours admiring a good work of art, aka Netflix, huh?

5- Fashionable ties for curtains

Curtains are beautiful pieces, they can be decorative components, and it is worth improvising with them. Abandon bows and pompoms to make ties using belts, bracelets, or jewelry, for example.

6- Wall organizer

This organizer can be placed in any corner of the house. It’s great in the kitchen to store condiments, in the backyard to plant flowers or vegetables; it also serves to improve the organization of the bedroom or bathroom by putting on makeup, a hairbrush… that is, use your imagination the sky is the limit.

7- Origami lamp, it’s not as difficult as it sounds.

You know that old lamp of your mother that you took to the apartment, but now you can’t bear to look at it anymore? Your problems are over.

This lampshade coating is made with that origami we used to make at school as children. The only difference is that the paper should be a little firmer, like cardstock. Just make several, paste one next to the other, and this excellent effect appears.

8- Innovative handles

Are your drawer handles all loose, broken, or no longer there? Check out this innovative idea to make your furniture more stylish. You only need to find the pieces that most identify with you and that adhere to the surface of the table. Use a worm screw to secure them.

9- Mirror to magnify the environment

Use the mirror to create the impression of a larger, more modern environment. It looks like another dimension has been made in the room. If you don’t have a wall available, you can place the mirror behind a sideboard, behind the television, in the back of a bookcase, or cover some furniture.

10- Instruments on the wall

Nothing cozier than a house with our face. Usually, guitars and guitars are propped up in a corner, so why not put them on wall-mounted brackets?

11- Camouflage the cables

To give that essential camouflage to the mess of wires, take a piece of hose in the color of your wall, cut it to length, and place the hidden cables inside. You can also use a piece of PVC pipe, for example.

12- Decoration with exposed threads

For those who don’t want to hide the cables, the solution is to assume them without fear of being happy. Enjoy and make them part of the decor. You will need a staple gun or hammer, nails, hot glue, in short, a lot of creativity.

13- Many different pillows. Many indeed!

The pillows give a different mood and mood to the house; nowadays, it’s easy to find prints of varied themes. Choose the ones that completely suit your style, and don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns.

14- Increased mirror

Using just rope, hot glue, and a round mirror, you can make a beautiful decoration to decorate your living room, bedroom, or hallway.

15- Bedroom Drawer

A drawer helps a lot in the organization of the house. A drawer helps. It helps a lot more. And not to take up too much space, how about a trundle with wheels that slides under the bed? You will need a drawer or “shallow” wooden box, wheels, and pull-out handles.

16- Long curtains are more elegant

If your bathroom is very cramped, there is a way to give the impression of a broader and more airy environment. Bet on very long curtains for the box or windows. The longer they are, the higher the ceiling will appear. And it looks beautiful, huh!?

17- Cheerful and charming switches

We don’t even give that much importance to this detail, but it can be an exquisite decoration piece. You can customize the switches to your style using colored tape or stamped stickers.

18- Paint or draw on a wall only

If you want to be daring in decorating, the tip is to focus on one of the room’s walls. It’s worth painting, drawing, sticking, and even putting on patterned wallpaper.

19- Hide the bed

In some houses or kitchenettes, the environments are all shared (living room, bedroom, and kitchen, all together and mixed). A cool trick, in this case, to increase privacy is to hide the bed behind curtains. Seriously, it’s more stylish than if there was a wall dividing the room, right?

20- Pallets in decoration

The darling of sustainable decor. Know how to reuse pallets, and you will gain very stylish decorative and functional pieces. Use them as a coffee table or throw some pillows on top and make a sofa. You can paint them if you like.

21- Save space without abandoning what is good for you

Just as life is made up of choices, people who live in a small apartment often have to choose which objects stay in and out of the apartment. To preserve space for the bike, attach brackets to the ceiling of a room. In addition to being practical, it will add to the decoration!

22- Vertical stripes elongate

Vertical stripes on clothes give the impression of a longer body, and for the house, it’s not much different. A rug, pillows, or furniture that have a coating or print with vertical stripes cause greater amplitude, visually increasing the space.

23- Bet on low furniture

To make your tiny apartment look like a bit of apezao, get rid of very tall furniture, such as bookshelves and cabinets. Decorating your home with tables and lower sideboards gives a feeling of spaciousness; the environment is much airier.

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