Tips and Inspirations to Decorate Gourmet Balcony

The porch or gourmet area is nothing more than a trend in recent years to design a space in the house for leisure and used to receive friends and family in an easy and practical way, and can often even be an extension of the kitchen.

What makes this space so popular and desired is that it combines beauty with practicality and comfort. They are designed to facilitate social interaction and are structured with appliances and cabinets in order to facilitate the preparation of meals in addition to prioritizing the socialization of residents with their guests. And of course, in a very charming and relaxed way!


These are highly valued areas today and can be considered the best space in the house! But how to decorate a gourmet porch not to go wrong? With that in mind, here are some tips and ideas to create the perfect space for you!

What is the purpose of your gourmet area?

Before starting any project, you must ask yourself, what do you expect from this space and what is your objective to enjoy it. In the case of gourmet balconies, you should think about whether you want to create a structure focused on cooking and entertaining friends? Do you want to prepare barbecue? Or would you just like a space to receive a few friends in a relaxed way?

Abuse of practicality

Choose multifunctional furniture , with multiple compartments and shelves for easy space organization! It’s always important to think that, when using this space, you don’t want work or mess when receiving your guests.

In smaller spaces, use and abuse the walls , ceilings and empty spaces! And don’t forget, the more organized and practical the space is, the better it is for you to receive!

How to decorate gourmet porch

Gourmet space decoration can often generate several doubts! How should I decorate it? What is the best arrangement of furniture? What style of decoration should I follow?

Harmonize the space with the rest of the house/apartment

Combining the decor of the gourmet area is essential for harmony throughout the house. You can add more colors, or make the space more sober, but always respecting the style of decoration you’ve chosen for your home!

Enjoy natural lighting

As it is an environment with the objective of bringing comfort and warmth, lighting for the space is very important! During the day, take advantage of natural lighting, while at night, opt for comfortable lighting: light with more yellowish tones may be the best option! Indirect lighting, such as pendants , or chandeliers that highlight furniture, paintings or even works of art.

Decorate with plants

In this type of space, plants are great allies! A small vegetable garden or a vertical garden creates a relaxed atmosphere and brings that feeling of being outdoors to the space, but of course, without exaggeration!

Use the boards as allies

The decorative frames for gourmet area are great allies! It’s an easy way to create a light and relaxed atmosphere! Regardless of the available space, it is possible to create a very nice and special place, and paintings can be a great trick for that!

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