20 Terracotta Warm Ideas You Should Definitely Try

In different corners of the world, the color of terracotta warriors varies from stone to brown, depending on the raw material: clay. Regardless of the shadow, it symbolizes the strong bond between the house and the earth that has long been used as a building material. Building, building, and then creating a haven of hospitality has always been our primary goal. Nowadays, the colors of terracotta warriors are warmed as interior decoration in the bedroom or kitchen. It appears gently on carpets, curtains, and blinds. The stone-colored cushions are scattered with red braziers everywhere, which is eye-catching. Inspired by our ideas, do not hesitate to invite the colors of autumn!

Clay color: what exactly is it?

The beautiful autumn is full of nuances that form the colors of the terracotta warriors!

In Florence, the color of the terracotta warriors is red, just like the dome of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore (Saint Mary of the Flower) and the city skyline. Near Venice, the color of the terracotta warriors and horses is a stone color, like the shadow of the bricks used to build houses in the area for centuries.

On the other side of the world, in faraway Beijing, the ancient streets of Beijing are covered with tiny light gray tiles, which are fired with clay in a traditional wood stove. This is just a process that has been used for thousands of years and is still valid today.

Today, after long-term research, the manufacturer has reproduced the terracotta colors known all over the world. Since the correcting dose of metal oxides and other clays is added during the mixing process, various colors can be obtained, which inspires every designer to realize his project.

The unique color comes from the iron content of the clay, which reacts with oxygen during the firing process to produce a rich earthy hue. The paint has some variations, from redder tones to light orange to dark brown, consisting of 89% red, 45% green, and 36% blue, with a saturation of 70%.

Is it the color of the Terracotta Warriors?

Although the color of terracotta warriors and horses is popular indoors regularly, it has not stopped heating our houses. In addition, clay-type terracotta ceramics, which can be glazed or unglazed, are used for flower pots, water supply and sewers, bricks, and sculptures.

Since the word “terracotta warriors” comes from Italian and means “terracotta warriors,” it explains the natural orange-brown terracotta color combination used to describe terracotta products.

Is the shadow of the terracotta warriors easy to combine?

Terracotta is mainly a shade between orange and brown, which is warm and warm. Of course, the heat it emits touches our senses, which is why it is so popular. Although this may seem like a difficult task, it can be easily combined with warm colors and materials such as wood in different ways or with cool colors such as blue and materials such as concrete. This produces exciting contrast effects.

In short, the most fashionable terracotta warriors have two shades. On the one hand, it tends to be brown with a slightly pinkish inside. On the other hand, the second trend almost touched orange-red. These shades look very elegant and can be used for the overall look or embellishment with more minor colors: armchairs, sofa cushions, accessories.

For a long time, terracotta warriors have been most closely associated with ceramics tiles, roofs, and potted plants, which you can see on the shelves of the local nursery. But in 2020, this color will appear unprecedented and enter interior decoration and products in a brand new way.

An incarnation of colored clay

As part of an attempt to improve and improve the color of the clay, we are now focusing on this clay or reddish-orange shade. This warm tone plays an essential role in the design, from paint to pillows, from sofas to bedsheets. Therefore, it can be widely used in almost all styles. Whether modern, rustic, bohemian, or organic, we can create entirely new spaces, not just tiles. Whether it’s a trendy restaurant or a bold bathroom, we can walk through the kitchen and scroll to see more rooms we like.

Warm tones

You can achieve amazing interior effects from terracotta tiles on the floor to light brown anchor tiles. The tiles or slabs of the terracotta warriors and horses are treated with matching paint, which is an easy way to give this century-old color a modern style.

Terracotta tiles are fired at relatively low temperatures and are made of molded clay. It includes rough and matt tiles, ranging from o-stone and orange tones to dark brown tones and is usually used for Moroccan-style decoration.

Because it has a wide range of uses, it can be installed in any space indoors, outdoors, living rooms, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and terraces.

Usually, terracotta tiles are used to cover the floor, but they can also be used on the walls, especially as a splash guard in the kitchen. Due to manual techniques, unlike other coverings, it becomes irregular in texture, color, and thickness and obtains a rustic and natural appearance.

Regarding its advantages, it is warm and 100% ecological.

Terracotta wall paint

This warm shadow will never surprise us. To illuminate the floor and the walls and objects in our environment, the mixture of old pink, orange, and crimson provides a flame for the atmosphere. Evoking people’s travel to the Mediterranean region or the shadows of Moroccan Riaz, colors can easily attract themselves on the walls, blending perfectly with other shades.

Whether it is the living room, bedroom, or terrace, you can combine it with white and beige.

Of course, the cocoon sleeve can be “painted” by mixing pink, orange, and brown. If you want to emphasize a point, furniture made of natural materials (such as rattan, rattan, seaweed) can spread and create a joyful atmosphere.

Terracotta curtains and blinds

Since nature and its colors have not stopped imitating the decorative world, the clay palette is timeless. Curtains and blinds are part of the decorative accessories, so you must associate them with the interior decoration.

Whether it is blackout curtains or lace curtains, their role is more decorative than functional. If they adopt the color of terracotta warriors and are in line, the atmosphere will become chic and relaxed. As for velvet, it is devoted to romanticism and cotton, suggesting modernity.

Furniture harmony

It is not easy to choose such bright and dynamic furniture in this color to insert into the terracotta warriors and horses series. At the same time, the saturation of some shadows makes the hue solid and convincing, and it becomes complicated. She is very suitable for confident people, intelligent people and enjoys the comfort of home.

The natural depth of the color is due to the fiery red, the vitality and optimism of orange, and the safety and moderate calmness of brown. Therefore, there is nothing more suitable for living, dining, or bedroom furniture than terracotta color.

In this sense, a saturated sofa can become the focal point of a space, while flower troughs, artwork, or vases are simple ways to make things hot. Try using duvet covers, desk lamps in the bedroom, comfortable lounge chairs in the living room, or throw scattered pillows everywhere to regenerate your space. As for the carpet, there is no doubt that you are walking on the “brazier.”

Which colors are associated with clay colors?

Designers call this color a universal color because it is a natural color and can be quickly and seamlessly combined with the earth palette. At the same time, you need to be careful about loud, aggressive, and artificial colors, don’t try. Its impeccable ally is white, soft pastel colors in the cold or warm range. By combining cream and beige tones, you will successfully expand the space. Due to the combination with green, we have obtained a beautiful and saturated effect.

Combining the colors of terracotta with turquoise, blue, gray or even purple can produce unusual combinations.

Some expert advice

It is not enough to choose a color scheme to create a harmonious interior decoration but to arrange the key points wisely and tastefully.

First of all, if you aim to live in a dull space, buy a complete and saturated terracotta warrior. As the primary color in the interior, you can rely on more soft shadows.

Secondly, if the color dominates the room, it is best to choose decorations and furniture made of natural materials instead of radiating sunlight.

Which style contains the terracotta color?

The different shades perfectly blend the classic or antique style. Bohemian style or modern style, Indian or Egyptian style is more suitable for color. It does not go to the ethnic salon.

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