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15 Marvelous Tips for Choosing Curtains for Your Home

The various models of curtains complement the decor in different ways. Check how to set them in each environment.

Curtains are capable of making a real transformation in the home environments. Dressing the windows, controlling the light and ensuring the privacy of the environment at home or in the office are the basic functions of curtains, but their power in decoration is as strong as the choice of furniture .

Long, short, plain or printed. Curtains can transform the look of an environment – ​​from basic to bold. Depending on the type of material, it can have different functions to maintain visual comfort inside the rooms.

Below, check out 15 tips on fabrics, lengths and accessories of the most varied models of curtains to inspire you.

1. Define the objective of the curtain in the chosen space

Before starting to look for models of curtains , it is important to know what will be its role in the look of the environment: ensuring privacy, controlling light and external noise or just decorating the space. Choosing the ideal curtain model for the room depends essentially on your objective, so you can define the fabric, size and style.

2. Windows with a lot of exposure to the sun require light curtains

Avoid models of curtains with dark fabrics in the windows where the sunlight index is intense. Even acting as a filter to block out light, dark colors retain heat and increase the temperature of the environment during the day. In these cases, the best choices are curtains in silk, linen, serge or even richelie – all in light shades.

3. Use lightweight fabrics to ensure versatility

If you like to change your room decor from time to time, choosing a curtain that matches different styles is very important. In this case, bet on light fabrics to create current and eclectic compositions, often used in environments with a classic, modern or laid-back look.

The voil, which is widely used nowadays, slightly blocks the entry of natural light and gives an incredible charm to the living room decoration , for example. Silk, a noble fabric, is perfect for a classic and refined composition for any location, especially in the couple’s bedroom.

4. Choose the right fabric if you wash the curtain at home

If you choose to sanitize the curtains at home, choose curtain models made with 100% synthetic fabrics. Natural fabrics should only be washed in specialized laundries.

5. For quick and hassle-free installations

The rod is the simplest option to install the curtain and combine it with any decoration, in addition to ensuring practicality when removing it, whether to clean it or replace it with another model. The tips, in addition to giving the final touch to the composition, ensure that the fabric does not come off the rod.

6. Take care that the sun does not damage the curtain

If you choose to wear darker or more intense fabrics, see if the sunlight hits them directly. They tend to fade in this case, so check its incidence on the window before installing the chosen curtain. If the curtain has the function of preventing or inhibiting the entry of sunlight, make sure that the material is suitable for this purpose.

7. The special touch of curtain shawls

Curtain models with full-bodied or printed fabrics are best suited to serve as a shawl, as they do not compromise the composition or cause fatigue over time. This option also works on the decorative curtain, which is not necessarily covering the window. She composes the decoration on a large unused wall.

8. Neutral colors: freedom in decoration

If your decoration is already defined or ready, choose curtain models made with neutral colored fabrics to have more freedom and ease when setting them in scenarios with colorful elements.

Curtains with neutral colors, such as off-white, white or beige are indicated in these cases, as they will not conflict with the decoration of the environment, being in harmony with any style.

9. To keep the most welcoming environments in the cold

Curtain models made with heavier fabrics or with overlays are great for heating environments in the coldest times of the year, such as autumn or winter.

10. Privacy with bold design

Light and fluid fabrics are great to partially preserve the privacy of the environment without losing the external light or the view of a beautiful landscape. The voil, without the accompanying lining or other fabric behind it, can add a special touch to the decor.

11. Blackout curtain

If the idea is to leave the environment – ​​be it the bedroom , living room or home theater – very dark, investing in blackout curtains can be a good solution to block the entrance of external light and promote sound insulation in the environment.

In order not to overheat the place where this model of curtain will be used, place a solar screen to protect against UV rays in the window, thus, thermal comfort will also be guaranteed.

12. Short curtains in children’s rooms only

A very common question is about the models of short curtains. Thinking about the whole ambiance, the short models usually go well only in children’s rooms, for the relaxed atmosphere, or also to avoid accidents with children.

If the environment has a bench or furniture below the window, the short curtain can also be used.

13. The ideal height of the curtain

Many people are also in doubt about the height of the curtain up. Should it go from ceiling to floor? If the difference between the window and the ceiling is up to 30 cm, explore the entire length of the wall. To ensure elegance and elongation of the ceiling height, leave an excess of up to 4 cm on the bar.

14. Curtain for the bathroom?

Avoid fabric curtain designs on the bathroom window, as they can mold in the humidity. If indispensable, always opt for PVC blinds – also suitable for the kitchen.

15. No matter the fabric: it needs to be pre-washed

Finally, it is important to remember that before making the purchase you need to check if the curtain fabric is pre-washed or has a percentage of shrinkage, so as not to reduce its size when washing at home.

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How to calculate the right curtain measurement

To make the right choice, it is essential to know the exact measure of the window to determine the right amount of fabric for each model of curtain. For those who choose ready-made models, the calculation is simple: add 40 cm to the width of the window and multiply the total by 2 if the fabric is full-bodied (linen, cotton, shantung) or by 3 if it is light (voil, silk ).

See the example : 3.00m (window) + 20cm (right side) + 20cm (left side) = 3.40mx 2 = 6.80m of fabric. It is recommended to leave this 20 centimeters to spare on each side of the window to avoid unwanted glare, wind action or aesthetic impairment of the curtain.

No matter how useful it is, such as blocking the light or adding more personality to the room, curtains complement the look like no other element.

Remember to complement the decor with functional furniture and accessories that make your routine easier.