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20 Pallet Garden Furniture Styles for Environmental Protection Solutions

Pallet garden furniture-provide a variety of styles of environmental protection solutions. Pallets are used in the transportation and material handling industries. As a key part of internal and external design, pallets have become very popular. And, if you take the trouble to come across the same idea time and time again, Deavita will show you the best photos in about 20 photos, which are dedicated to garden furniture in trays!

1- Lounge garden tray modern setting armchair coffee table carpet outdoor

With the advancement of design, a variety of trays have been introduced to the market, and it is easier than ever to transfer them to furniture and decorative items. Whether you are curious or ready to start making your first pallet furniture, the picture gallery at the back is expected to be your source of inspiration.

2- Garden lounge tray armchair garden green tray

Pallets appeared in the United States in the 1930s for handling, and pallets have been used in France since the 1950s. Pallets benefit from a solid or slatted wooden surface and can be stacked vertically. Therefore, they are ideal for transporting heavy furniture and loading and unloading furniture. Fixed in the 1950s, the standard format for European pallets was 120/80 cm. Therefore, there are five plates on the top of the Europallet, for a total of eleven plates, which can be recycled after being disassembled.

3- Garden lounge tray swing tray terrace wood

Wooden pallets have excellent environmentally friendly materials and are ideal for making furniture or decorative accessories that combine vintage charm and modern elegance. Pallets are very economical and come in many forms to meet various requirements in terms of quality and strength. The fully recyclable HT heat-treated trays can reduce the health risks associated with chemicals. On the contrary, if it is a pallet marked with MB, it is strongly recommended not to use it because it will pollute the atmosphere of the house.

4- Lounge garden tray sofa garden two-seater wooden terrace

The tray can be repainted, polished or oiled according to the desired effect. Depending on your preference, you can use the entire tray or only certain boards. Therefore, it must be removed or cut beforehand. Pallets are highly appreciated for their versatility in style and function, and have been used in the manufacture of various indoor and outdoor furniture in recent years. The list is very long, and only imagination is the limit.

5- Modern Tray Garden Lounge Blue Yellow Cushion Tray Coffee Table

Why buy furniture when there is a pallet? For decoration and DIY enthusiasts, the pallet is a real construction game. The pallet is inviting itself into decoration and will never stop creating miracles. The idea of ​​do-it-yourself is not just an idea, but the integration of the pallet into the internal design and the external design. For flagship materials for upgrade lovers, they can be used in many ways. Moreover, as far as its most common use is concerned, pallet garden furniture will never cease to confuse and seduce green DIY enthusiasts.

6- Living room-garden-tray mat-rose decoration fern

But why dare to put garden furniture in a pallet? First of all, the price is reasonable and the tray is easy to get. It is common to find them on street corners or near certain construction sites. They can also be found at merchants. The thickness and density of the wood usually determine its cost, ranging from 4 to 20 Euros. For the side size, we can find 3 sizes of pallets (80×100 cm, 80×120 cm and 100×120 cm), allowing you to customize furniture according to your personal needs.

7- Garden Lounge-Tray-Coffee Table-Armchair Garden

In order to make garden furniture with pallets, most of the work is to disassemble the pallets. It is recommended to equip gloves, hammer and pliers to easily remove nails. After unloading the pallet, it must be sanded to smooth its surface and remove any debris. Therefore, to sand, you can use a sanding block or an electric sander.

8- Lounge Garden Tray Sofa Angle Gray Cushion Terrace Concrete Slab

How to recycle pallets after use? It turns out that giving them a second life is easy. Whether it is pallet garden furniture or bedroom or living room decorations, these wooden packaging add a certain charm to the layout. You can make all kinds of decorative and practical objects yourself. There are usually two types of pallets.

9- Garden lounge tray sofa garden corner decorative cushion

Disposable trays usually made of pine or poplar are light in weight. They are also easy to disassemble because they only use staples for assembly. The other is a recyclable tray. Heavier and stronger, they are assembled with spikes and are distinguished by the symbol “EUR”.

10- Lounge garden tray coffee table stool caster

Pallet wood is a real treasure for DIY enthusiasts. Facts have proved that it is more useful for furniture than fireplaces. The use of pallets is almost limitless! From small flower pots to kitchen islands, from simple stools to shelves, there are many possible variations.

11- Lounge garden tray seat small coffee table small wooden terrace

Outdoor furniture is no exception. Pallet garden furniture is both elegant and comfortable, meeting personal needs and space constraints. Large corner sofas, garden armchairs, stools and practical tables-you can freely imagine and make furniture.

12- A guide to garden furniture in pallets, decorating tips, garden furniture

You can refresh the decoration of the outdoor space without spending a lot of money. Is it convenient for you? So, why not start making custom pallet garden furniture? You only need a few pallets and the right tools. Before assembling wooden pallets into furniture, some cleaning must be done. Therefore, please consider sanding them to ensure the adhesion of varnish or paint.

13- Lounge garden pallet bench back cushion table spool

For the manufacture of garden furniture with pallets, the manufacturing and assembly methods vary depending on the nature and arrangement of the furniture. Once the necessary measures have been taken, the pallets must be cut accordingly. The last step is to fix them together. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between two types of assembly.

14- Lounge garden pallet bench garden pallet lacquered mat turquoise white

The first and easiest way is to secure the pallets to each other. You can adjust the size according to the size of the furniture to be provided. On the contrary, if you wish to assemble the boards piece by piece, it is strongly recommended to place the thickest board at the bottom to ensure the stability of the object.

15- Lounge garden pallet bench bench garden coffee table caster terrace wood

The easy-to-recycle and customizable wooden pallets allow the creation of many pieces of furniture, whether indoor or outdoor spaces. With only a few tools, you can make your own pallet garden furniture, which is completely suitable for the available space and overall style. Finally, due to lack of creativity, we will eventually transform the terrace or backyard into a recreation area where we can enjoy happiness.

16- Living room garden tray sofa angle mattress backyard

You dream of enjoying the terrace, but you don’t have outdoor furniture. If you are not good at DIY, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on new furniture, then this is a good solution for you! The right equipment, a little imagination and only a few hours-this is the arsenal of making pallet garden furniture and setting up magnificent leisure areas!

17- Living room garden tray sofa angle mattress decorative cushion

Facts have proved that there is almost no difficulty in manufacturing pallet garden furniture. Whether it is a large corner sofa or a garden bench, the realization of the tray structure is not complicated. In order to make the furniture as comfortable as modern furniture, just add an outdoor mattress and some decorative cushions. The beautiful coffee table allows you to get together with friends.

18- Lounge-Garden-Tray-Dining Table-Yellow Chair

In the summer, what better than lying on the sofa near the swimming pool? To be able to take advantage of this opportunity, you must first have the right furniture. Want to play creative cards? If you are tired of encountering the same ideas time and time again, why not dare to risk making DIY pallet garden furniture yourself? Making your own garden furniture is a solution that allows anyone to imagine and arrange the relaxation in their dreams.

19- Garden lounge bench bench garden coffee table tray white outdoor cushion

Pallet garden furniture, custom benches for the balcony, armchairs arranged around the fireplace or dining table to be installed on the terrace-there are many options for individual needs in terms of comfort, functionality and design.

20- Living room garden pallet concrete block terrace wood

Do you want to make your own pallet garden furniture? Modular, ecological, pallet garden furniture is part of the current decorative trend! Do you like a pallet garden furniture? Have you never thought of replacing outdoor furniture with a tray-style outdoor lounge? If you check