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19 DIY Dream Catcher Decor Ideas for Baby Room

Dreamcatcher of DIY baby room-symbolic meaning and importance.  Dream catcher is the English word for dream catcher, and it is a well-known handmade product. A powerful musical instrument whose origin is a Native American tribe. Starting from shaman medicine, dream catchers are now very popular and are used in interior decoration. The dream catcher is designed to hang on windows, doors or walls. It is so decorative that no one can resist. Moreover, since any handmade items are particularly popular today, making a DIY dream catcher is an ideal project to try after the weekend.

DIY dream catcher baby room design base paper

1- DIY dream catcher theme pattern half moon decoration wreath star feather paper

According to American Indian culture, dreams are a medium for communicating with the great spirit. Therefore, it is not surprising that Native American tribes regard the quality of dreams as crucial. Dreams are seen as an expression of the soul’s needs, and it ensures balance. Therefore, the DIY dreamy dream catcher has a restorative effect on the body and mind.

2- DIY dream catcher decoration ribbon pink feather modern baby room

According to the belief, dream catchers should prevent nightmares from interfering with sleep, and only keep the dreams that their dreams are sweet for. When the morning came, the nightmare was trapped in the net and destroyed by the sun. In the center of the sensor, the hole represents the spirit of innovation. The main circle represents the wheels and nets of life. At the same time, their symbols represent the dreams we weave and the movements generated in daily activities.

3- DIY dream catcher original decoration pompons multicolored thread decoration nursery Scandinavia

Regarding the symbolic meaning of dream catchers, some people look at objects in another way. Many people think that dream catchers embody a person’s wishes, desires and goals, not just their dreams. This may explain their glory and commercialization.

4- DIY dream catcher bohemian style decorative placemat feathers

Traditionally, DIY dream catchers are made of rings. Although they are usually round, some Native American tribes still make them drop-shaped. The hoop consists of branches, usually a willow tree. There is a web woven on it, which symbolizes a spider web that will trap nightmares. The feathers around the hoop represent love and tenderness, and their purpose is to collect dreams that pass through the hole in the center of the canvas.

5- DIY dream catcher design original decorative flower feather

As for the decoration of the DIY dream catcher, you can use your imagination and insert a small object into the mesh. A trick not to be underestimated: The object to be inserted must be the object you care about. This is important because it allows the holder to organize their thoughts and keep important things in mind.

6- DIY dream catcher original color pattern

In addition to the undeniable aesthetic qualities, DIY Dream Catcher also allows you to filter out good and bad dreams. It is through the grid that “magic” objects make dreams pass and capture nightmares and anything that might interfere with sleepers on their spider webs. Sensors can help a child understand his thoughts better, and at the same time teach him to clarify his thoughts.

7- DIY dream catcher decoration pastel color baby girl room

Therefore, it is very necessary to make a DIY dream catcher to decorate the child’s room from a very young age. The idea of ​​decoration is really original, everyone can customize DIY dream catcher according to their own preferences. There is only one thing to remember-to make the dream chaser work, it is important to believe in his power.

8- DIY dream catcher design to replace the original pompons

As for the location of the dream catcher, it should catch the first rays of the sun in order to burn away the nightmare once trapped. Therefore, it is recommended to hang the DIY dream catcher on a window or a sunny wall.

9- DIY dream catcher style boho decor baby room

DIY dream catcher originally belonged to Native American art, and now it has become a must-have decorative accessory for baby rooms and adult rooms. A modern dream catcher with a more or less bohemian or fashionable style is really amazing! It is recommended to use fibers that can be finally decomposed to make a DIY dream catcher for children. This is not accidental, because they symbolize the transitivity of youth.

10- DIY dream catcher material necessary drum embroidery crochet pattern

Traditionally, the hoop is made from willow branches or vine branches and is the basic element of the DIY dream catcher structure. You can also use wooden or metal hoops. It is best to get a diameter of 7 to 20 cm. You will need a roll of twill tape, a few embroidery threads and a crochet pattern. In terms of decoration, the choice mainly depends on personal taste. Therefore, we can get pearls, pendants, pompoms, tassels, laces, etc.

11- DIY Dream Catcher Drum Embroidery Wrap Ribbon Twill

The structure of the dream catcher can also be made of embroidery hoop. Therefore, we first cover the hoop (embroidery drum) with the twill tape that must be wound. This step makes the DIY dream catcher more primitive. (Optional) It can remain unchanged.

12- DIY Dream Catcher Sewing Crochet Pattern Green Thread

The next step is to make a spider web for the sensor. There are two main ways to do this. The first, and most complex, is to weave the hoop into a smaller and smaller circle. During the weaving process, you can add pearls and gems as needed.

13- DIY dream catcher making hanging feathers

There are many variants of the basic model. The one above, in addition to presenting a very original and romantic appearance, is also very easy to achieve. In this case, the “spider web” will be replaced with beautiful embroidery. Tie the end of the crochet pattern to the hoop with a bit of green embroidery thread. The color of embroidery thread mainly depends on personal preference. The preferred color can be selected according to the gender of the baby, and can even be associated with existing decorations.

14- DIY dream catcher crochet pattern white decorative feathers

DIY dream catchers are usually decorated with feathers and beads. White or colorful feathers bring a bohemian feel to the dream catcher and inject romance into it. It is best to hang feathers upside down. In order to make the DIY dream catcher more original, it is recommended to change the length.

15- DIY Dream Catcher Decoration Mat Placemat Feather Baby Room White

It is best not to touch it by anyone except the dream holder. If you truly believe in its mysterious power, then this advice cannot be ignored. Before becoming a fashion object, DIY dream catcher is a mysterious object, it has a special power and must be taken seriously. Therefore, it is important to know that dream catchers will not be charged with the same energy if purchased commercially.

16- DIY dream catcher to decorate the baby room

The best part is that DIY dream chasers can be refused to use multiple versions, each of which is more original than the other. This dream catcher is made of hoops and crochet patterns, which is very suitable for retro-style baby room decoration. Walking around with some white feathers and some pearls will make the object look more primitive.

17- DIY Dream Catcher Decoration Baby Room Owl Cushion

In addition to feathers, DIY dream catchers can also be decorated with other interesting decorations. The above version is customized to match other decorations. The feathers are replaced with super cute stitched owls. The little owl is made of fabric and decorated with wooden beads. It is a beautiful decoration that gives the dream catcher a more original appearance.

18- DIY dream catcher moving decorative feathers green mint pink

Making a do-it-yourself dream decoration to decorate the nursery is very useful for the baby to fall asleep peacefully and have a beautiful dream night. We use feather decoration, whose role is to guide a good dream to the sleeper. Dream catchers used in nurseries are usually decorated with soft-colored elements, which help create a peaceful atmosphere that helps relax.

19- DIY dream catcher alternative to decorate granddaughter bedroom

Today, dream chasers are experiencing a remarkable revival of interest. Commercial dream catchers can be seen everywhere. Handmade objects and their symbolism have a decisive influence on fashion, jewelry and interior design trends. Necklaces, earrings, clothes, wall stickers, etc.-they all exude the mystery of dream catchers. These powerful tools from the American Indians have changed in appearance but also in meaning over the years. Therefore, everyone interprets dream catchers in their own way. Some people think it has the charm of good luck, and the importance of loving bears may help describe the future.