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20 Garden Bike Deco Ideas That Need to Be Copied Urgently!

Decorate a garden bike or how to rejuvenate your exterior decoration without spending too much money. This is the subject that we specifically focus on outdoor planning in this publication. With some great ideas and salvaged goods, you will change the appearance of the garden. How to get there? Check out our selection of bicycles and original plant supports used as decorations.

1- Gulin Garden Decoration Bicycle

An old bicycle repainted with fresh colors, some flower pots and exotic flower pots is enough to meet the decorative requirements that have been used. Instead of throwing the bike in the attic, let it restore its original brilliance or let it shine in a dazzling new light! 

2- Retro garden idea bike

Forget about traditional decorative accessories that you don’t necessarily want to see at home! In addition to placing flower pots on the ground or hanging flower pots, outdoor spaces can also be arranged. Decorative garden bikes are the best way to break the monotony that prevails in the garden. With a handful of ideas and a bunch of exciting flowers, your old bicycle looks like precious jewels learned from craftsmanship!

3- Wrought iron garden decoration bicycle

How does a decorative bicycle succeed? Should we repaint with bright colors or is it better to keep the status quo? No one will force you to spend a lot of time refurbishing your bicycle. As long as you know, as long as you put in a little effort and a small investment, you can create miracles! Retro, shabby and chic, rustic or romantic, the bicycle itself is a decorative element.

4- Bicycle decoration garden retro shabby chic

Inspired by the shabby chic style, this decorative garden bike has all the charm to attract followers of the shabby chic style. Placed in the middle of the garden or installed in a green corner, it brings an incredibly romantic atmosphere to all contacts. The rest is a decoration made of seasonal flowers placed in the container of your choice. Ideally, we choose a container that is related to the support style of the receiving container. In this case, you can choose a series of metal pots repainted in snow white or other light colors.

5- Ideas for bicycle decoration flower garden

Another garden decoration bicycle is designed to complement the shabby chic or retro vintage style exterior decoration. It has a rusty metal structure and a shabby chic decorative style, making it a true masterpiece of decorative art. Two baskets sitting elegantly on the back of the front chair enhance its incredibly romantic atmosphere. Copy the idea of ​​filling them with small white flowers and voila.

6- Bicycle decoration garden decoration plant stand

If you can’t get a bleached wrought iron decorative bicycle, don’t despair! It is very possible to make an old bicycle of yours a beautiful support for your flower arrangement. For this, of course you need a pot of white paint and flower arrangements. Then paint your bike in the desired color and finish by arranging flower arrangements.

7- Bicycle decoration garden blue white flowers

Old bicycles are no longer thrown in the trash can. They are prominently displayed in the garden, on the terrace or at the front of the house. We will not skip the method of decorating them, we will increase floral arrangements and add bright plants. Most importantly, we can have fun by decorating them by mixing our favorite shades. It’s like this bicycle has become a support for plants. Equipped with a wooden basket, it can also be used as a plant stand. The bicycle was repainted in light blue and finally used by the green fence of the country house.

8- Bicycle decoration garden strong blue

Boldness is not one of your qualities? Unfortunately, because only by testing a new pep color, your garden decoration bike will become the highlight of your outdoor space. Fuchsia pink, cyan blue, electric blue, tomato red or neon green… as many tonic colors as possible can adapt to your outdoor layout. For the most rustic decoration, use spring tones such as blue or lavender, and decorate your bicycle with a combination of country flowers.

9- Retro creative renovation of bicycle decoration garden

The above is another way to modify the bicycle decoration. The dark clothes of this garden-decorated bicycle form a sharp contrast with the surrounding green environment. Scattered with bunches of branches, the branches are filled with a certain vitality brought by country flowers and small wooden frames.

10- Ideas for bicycle decoration garden flowers

Garden decoration bicycles are decorated with magnificent flower beds, vintage accessories or panels with retro charm, rubbing against the wall, side by side with privacy screens, or installed in the center of the rest area surrounded by shimmering flowers. The decorative bicycle is covered with a beautiful layer of fresh colors to harmonize its surroundings. Sometimes, she prefers to maintain its original look by adding an offensive retro look. The rusty effect finish and a pot of matching paint will become your allies in the deformation of your bike.

11- Bicycle decoration garden decoration ideas

After remodeling and installing a decorative garden bike, you can try to increase its decorativeness. The establishment of factory support is self-evident. But this is not the only way to promote the beautification of outdoor spaces. The decoration of the area where the bicycle is placed must also be reconsidered. Therefore, please allow more space to install a series of pots and plants of your choice. The position of the hanging planter is defined according to the configuration of the space.

12- Bicycle decoration garden ideas lilac pink

Light pink and purple create the most joyful atmosphere! These are the main assets of this decorative garden bike, which is equipped with baskets related to the color of the wheels. The flowers in the basket harmonize the pink-purple duo and accentuate the red light and the freshness of the green leaves.

13- Bicycle decoration garden decoration facade

Love this decorative garden bike and the other two bikes with retro style. These bicycles were ignored by the green flower beds, hanging plants and flowers with various reflections. These bicycles were converted into decorative objects with the purpose of enlarging the exterior walls of the brick houses.

14- Bicycle decoration garden fence decoration wall

This is a great way to display decorative garden bikes. You can hang it on one of your exterior walls instead of displaying it in the middle of the garden. Fences and screens can also hold it, as long as they are strong and suitable for this type of decoration.

15- Bicycle decoration garden gazebo wood

What if you could put a decorative garden bike into another task? For example, transforming a wooden pergola into a key element of exterior decoration? Leaning on a pillar or hanging from a hollow ceiling, your decorative garden bike will be unrecognizable. what do you think?

16- Bicycle decoration garden wheel wall decoration

Will your garden decoration bike quickly break down into small things? Therefore, only its wheels and parts that can be used as exterior decorations, such as handlebars and seats, are used. Paint the wheels with vibrant colors, and then combine them into an art installation, just like the installation used by acrobats in the Great Circus. This multi-colored wheel covering can replace fences or house facades.

17- Bicycle decoration garden plant stand

This garden-decorated bicycle exudes the spring charm of a country house. He repainted in white and orange and did not hesitate to treat himself with the green and rustic colors brought by the flowers covered by green plants and metal baskets.

18- Bicycle decoration garden repainted colors

Does the mural have any secrets to you? Therefore, you may wish to show your artistic potential on the metal structure of the decorative garden bicycle. The iconic work of your favorite painter will undoubtedly know how to help you change your bicycle. If you are proficient in the art of Tie and Dye, you dare to decorate the wheel with gradation of tones to make a fundamental change.

19- Bicycle decoration garden solid wood barrel

Finally, the decorative garden bicycle also takes the form of a remanufactured bicycle made of…solid wood. Choose wisely to enhance the rustic decoration of a chic country garden or a space with old-world charm.

20- Bicycle decoration garden wood decoration

Finally, more than just a garden-style decorative bicycle can make your outdoor decoration look new. Whether it is a classic version or a woven wood grain, it looks good next to a motorcycle made of the same material. To complete your project, please don’t skip decorative items. Half barrels, wicker baskets, hand-planted flower pots…use any effect you can bring to enhance the key elements of the decoration.