Terrace Design

Discover How to Close the Terrace or Porch to Enjoy It in Winter

Transform your terrace, patio or porch with a system that allows you to enjoy the space, both in summer and winter, just by folding or sliding a few panels. It will be a luxurious setting for the landscape. The enclosures are part of the facade of the building and cannot be modified without further ado. To install them you need a license and have the agreement of the owners’ meeting. Some municipalities impose specific requirements. In addition, you should check with your insurer for changes in your home insurance coverage.

Pulling down partitions, changing windows, putting a new floor or renovating the kitchen is worth it. Does it make you dizzy? Take it easy: the experts have come to your aid. Check out this guide to make reforms at home and get the house of your dreams.

When planning the enclosure you need, choose the most convenient door and window opening system to make the most of the space. The usual are sliding leaves, but there are also tilt-and-turn and folding opening models, with panels without profiles that are gathered to one side like an accordion.

  • Transparent ceilings. If you decide to close a porch, opt for a structure with a transparent roof: the feeling of openness and clarity will be greater. The lightweight enclosures, without profiles, achieve a panoramic vision effect without framing each glass. As for the materials, you will find them from fabric to other more resistant fabrics such as PVC or polyester and even some with special treatments that repel heat.
  • Motorized blinds. In the case of a terrace or roof terrace, it is convenient to verify if the construction will support the extra weight added by the type of enclosure chosen. Add kilos if you incorporate blinds, very useful in areas with high sun exposure. Install a motorized system -with control in a single remote- in large windows or in areas with difficult access.
  • Isolation. Advances in technology guarantee correct insulation from cold and heat. The most commonly used glass in enclosures is double, with an intermediate air chamber, due to the thermal and acoustic insulation it provides. Discover the characteristics of ecological windows.


In this image, the sliding windows are removed from their rails to leave the opening open in the summer months. An idea that the Jorkon company included in the project.


Sliding panels have been used here, which ensure the entry of natural light and ventilation. Folding blinds filter the light. You should know that the room will be dyed in the shade of the textile you choose. Take this into account when choosing as any color, except a neutral one, will set the mood.


Yes! It is possible thanks to the use of transparent glass to provide continuity: on the one hand, in the large sliding windows and, on the other, in the terrace railing, made of glass with a metallic structure. Thanks to the system of metal sliding panels, installed on the façade as a building element, a certain privacy is achieved or the interior is protected from the sun without delimiting environments with curtains.


A place where you can escape from the high summer temperatures or enjoy the outdoors without being cold in the winter months. Here a lacquered aluminum structure with sliding polycarbonate panels that open completely has been installed on the ceiling. On the front that communicates with the garden, sliding and folding glass panels have been chosen. All the walls of the enclosure are mobile and without profiles that add weight to the composition.


This space looks up to the sky with a glass roof. It is important to contact professionals who guarantee the safety of the system and the functionality of the opening blades. The glasses must always be high resistance tempered and meet quality standards.


Chill out corner in closed terrace

Here, the old terrace has been turned into a perfect chill out corner with a glass panel.


A gray-painted wrought iron with a glazed roof perfectly covers a porch in the summer, giving it privacy and avoiding direct sun, both in the living and dining areas. To do this, a white awning, by Toldos Aravaca, was placed on the inside of the enclosure. Air currents? Install roller candles on the sides that you will collect on angry afternoons.


Only transparent PVC side panels are necessary to make the terrace a space to enjoy throughout the year. Incorporate a gas stove in the colder months and extend the interior of your home. The roof is covered with a waterproof fabric sun protection awning. This wooden pergola is a custom design for a specific space from the Greendesign firm.